Aligning Marketing and Sales for Increased Revenue

Misalignment between sales and marketing is an age-old issue that most organizations still struggle with. While these two teams may not always agree, it’s imperative to get them aligned if your business hopes to increase revenue and accelerate growth. Industry research shows that those who pursue revenue-driven marketing and sales alignment improve their Return on Investment (ROI) by up to 20 percent.

Essentials of Marketing and Sales Alignment

It isn’t surprising that the drive to get marketing and sales teams to work together often runs into difficult roadblocks. For decades, the two have pursued different goals with contrasting strategies. Marketing campaigns tend to focus on generating and nurturing leads over time. Sales teams move at a faster pace, looking to find quick and personal solutions for leads or customers. The sales team looks to marketers to give them the information they need to make a sale today, not somewhere down the road.

Putting Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

Inbound marketing developer HubSpot refers to marketing and sales alignment as “smarketing” and they’ve written extensively on how marketing and sales teams can efficiently work together. Other experts have weighed in on this topic as well. Here are some of the ways believed alignment barriers can be broken down, so companies can better move forward.

Revenue driven marketing and sales alignment does not have to be complicated. Companies who manage to do it successfully understand that the way people buy has changed so they, too, must change the way marketing and sales work together. It’s worth the time and effort it takes, as taking marketing and sales from disconnect to alliance can mean the difference between mediocre and stellar sales.

Get more return on your marketing spend.