What Are the Benefits of a New Website for Your HVAC Company?

In an industry as competitive as the HVAC space can be, it’s critical that you have a website that is consistently driving leads and helping you grow your business. If you own an HVAC business, you likely already have a website set up in hopes that potential customers will find you and take the necessary steps to schedule service and become a customer.

We know that the benefits of creating a website for your company are virtually endless, but if your website was created many years ago, you might not be seeing the results that you’ve been looking for. When this happens, it’s time to take a good hard look at your HVAC website.

In the most recent blog from Valve+Meter, our marketing professionals discuss the benefits of creating a new website for your HVAC company, as well as how to turn it into a highly valuable lead-generation tool.

Benefits of Creating a New HVAC Website 

As a rule of thumb, websites should be rebuilt about every three to five years along with intentionally maintaining and optimizing it in an ongoing process. Here are some of the main benefits of building a new website for your HVAC company.

Heightened Mobile Friendliness

Older HVAC websites often struggle when it comes to their levels of mobile friendliness. In today’s world where over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, you simply cannot afford to have a website that isn’t optimized for mobile viewers. If your website is hard for mobile viewers to navigate, they’ll simply move on to another HVAC website that is optimized for their device. 

Enhanced Security

Older HVAC websites can often be hosted on less secure platforms that are more accessible to hackers. Platforms such as WordPress, for example, offer far more secure software than older platforms are able to. Additionally, a variety of security plugins are available to further enhance the overall safety of your website.

Improved Look and Feel

The overall look and feel of your website is far more important than you might think. If your website looks and feels old and outdated, a potential customer will likely lose interest in your HVAC company and not return to the site. In fact, studies show that 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on its website.

Upgrading and modernizing your website can greatly improve your company’s credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Ensure that your website is upgraded and easy to navigate to help customers take the next steps in their journey with your HVAC company.

Enhanced Speed

The speed and load times of your website are critical to the overall success of the site. The longer it takes pages on your website to load, the more likely that visitors will leave before even seeing the page. Low speeds and high load times are two of the biggest factors that contribute to high bounce rates. Creating a new website on a faster and more modern platform can greatly improve the overall speed of your website.

How to Get More Leads from Your Website

The best HVAC websites produce significantly more leads. If your website isn’t producing the leads for your heating and air conditioning company that you’ve been expecting, your first step might be to take a look at the site and determine if it should be replaced by a newer website. If you’re happy with your current website, ensure that you’ve performed conversion rate optimization (CRO) to fully take advantage of your site’s visitors once they’ve made their way to your website.

Performing conversion rate optimization will help your visitors take the necessary next steps toward becoming a customer. Whether the next steps for your customers are to sign up for emails or to schedule service, ensure that the pages on your website are optimized for the customer’s journey. 

Contact Valve+Meter for Web Development Services

We know how important having a strong website is to your HVAC company. If your existing website isn’t performing as it should, or even if you don’t currently have a website for your heating and cooling company, get in touch with Valve+Meter today. Our web development professionals would love to speak with you about the exact needs of your HVAC business, including services for HVAC website design.