The Secret to Responding to and Closing HVAC Leads Faster

Closing HVAC leads faster can translate to quicker sales wins, and in the HVAC industry it also means gaining a new potential customer who would most likely require repeat service.

So the question is how an HVAC company can tap into the potential of their business by closing leads and converting more clients?

Valve+Meter Performance Marketing knows how closing leads can boost company revenue and how making a few small changes to the way you respond to your HVAC leads can help you close more leads and acquire more customers.

How to Respond to HVAC Leads

How you respond to your HVAC leads will have a direct effect on whether or not you close those leads and acquire a new customer. The first and most vital thing to do with your HVAC leads is to respond to each and every one you receive.

Responding to the original lead will be the first interaction the potential customer has with your company and seizing on each opportunity can be the difference between a full workload for your technicians and idle trucks.

Respond Quickly to Close More HVAC Leads

A quick response is essential to closing more leads. Your callback response to a lead should be no more than five minutes after the original call. You are 22 times more likely to close a lead if you make contact within five minutes. [Click to Tweet This]

Each minute you exceed the maximum response time you are decreasing your rate of conversion down by seven times when trying to get a lead to respond in the first hour.

The fact is, most consumers will make their final decision by vetting multiple companies, especially when looking for an HVAC company for a new installation. This means they are likely to reach out to the next company on their list shortly after contacting your company.

By contacting each lead with quickness, you show prospects the importance of earning their business before they contact other companies.

If you are a small business, take advantage of technology by implementing lead follow up with field technicians on their smartphones. Remember, when you provide a quick follow-up you will gain the best opportunity to close leads.

Create a Follow Up Process for Closing HVAC Leads

Establishing a protocol for lead follow-up will help ensure you get the vital information you need. A step-by-step process will create consistent contact until the lead is converted and will prevent you from losing out on a lead.

Create your process using the following steps to keep a steady flow of communication with your customer. This lets them know their business is important to you and to keep your company top of mind.

  1. Responds with a follow-up call in the first five minutes – Make sure to have a scripted follow-up procedure, which allows you to communicate the essential points about your company and gather the necessary information to answer their inquiry.
  2. Leave a scripted voicemail – Utilizing a scripted voicemail to thank the customer for their call and provide them with the best contact information. Make sure the script is friendly and you personalize the message so the lead gets an authentic response.
  3. Follow up with an immediate text message – Start with a friendly text to provide the lead with additional ways to contact you if they need service or more information. Always make sure the text is monitored for responses and follow up on questions or responses. Your messages should be a combination of both information and customer outreach.
  4. Follow up with a scripted email – Once you have left a text message and voicemail, follow up with an email. This will provide the prospect with multiple ways they can contact your company and assures they have all the contact information they will need.
  5. Same day callback – If you have made contact with the customer in the morning and have not received a response, you then should follow up with an afternoon call.
  6. Twice-day callback – Continue to follow up with your HVAC leads twice a day for the next three days leaving a voicemail each time, complete with callback details. Be sure your message is friendly, upbeat and letting the customer know you want to provide the products or services they need.

Best Practices for Closing HVAC Leads

When responding to HVAC leads, use these best practices to help you provide the best follow-up. Gather the necessary information and create a welcoming and helpful environment inviting to prospects. When responding to leads you should always:

Take HVAC Leads to Conversion with Valve+Meter

If you suspect your HVAC leads response is preventing you from successful lead conversion, it is vital to determine where your team is falling short. Do they struggle with their response time? Are there problems with their approach to the responses? Are they not providing enough follow-up?

Once you have identified the problem with your HVAC leads response, you can work toward creating a better solution by implementing the tips above. Learn more about how to improve your conversion rate when you contact Valve+Meter.