How to Develop a Marketing Plan for Your Industrial Machinery Company

Companies in the industrial machinery industry face a number of challenges that many other companies might not have to deal with. Because industrial machinery companies have a very specific target market, it can be difficult to find the customers that you’re trying to reach. In the latest blog from Valve+Meter, we’ll discuss how to develop a marketing plan that will provide your industrial machinery company with scalable growth and exceptional results.

Clearly Define Goals

After you’ve put a marketing plan in place and you’ve begun to execute the digital marketing strategies, what do you envision the results looking like? Before you create a marketing plan, it’s important to ensure that the goals of your organization are clear and concise across all members of the organization. Define amongst your team what a successful marketing plan looks like to you.  

No matter the number of leads you’re looking to gain, or the number of sales that you’re intending to make, it’s important that everyone across the organization has a realistic idea of what to expect from your marketing plan.

Put Digital Marketing Practices in Place

After you’ve clearly defined your goals, begin to put digital marketing practices in place.

Perform Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and practices are a great first step in getting your website in front of potential customers. SEO involves performing keyword research, implementing relevant keywords into your website’s copy and content, backlinking, creating redirects from broken pages, and more.

By putting SEO practices in action, you’ll help Google and other search engines realize that your website and all of its pages are relevant to your target audiences. The more relevant that search engines believe that your content is to the ideal customers, the more likely they are to rank your content for relevant search queries.

Utilize PPC Strategies

While SEO is an effective way to find long-term success, pay-per-click (PPC) strategies are great ways to get quick wins and bring more traffic to your website immediately. While PPC can become expensive, it allows you to immediately show up for search queries that might otherwise take months or years of SEO work.

To create an effective PPC campaign, make a list of keywords that you want to show up in the search engine results page (SERP) for. Set a PPC budget to properly allocate enough money to each keyword. From there, write your PPC ad, decide which landing page you want to link to, and set up your campaign in Google AdWords.

Perform Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the process of ensuring that each of your pages helps your visitors take the next step in their customer journey with your industrial machinery company. Whether you want your visitors to sign up for emails, or you want them to reach out to you for more information or a product demonstration, ensure that your web pages are designed in such a way that they end up taking the next steps.

Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Finally, creating an email marketing strategy is a great way to keep your visitors engaged with your company and aware of any new industrial machinery products or discounts. Provide visitors with incentives to sign up for emails, such as product discounts. After they’ve signed up, you can provide them with more information about your products and services to help them make an informed decision.

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