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Thano GenosDirector of Public Relations


    What do you do at Valve+Meter?

    Crafting words into messaging to tell a story about a business is the majority of my daily routine. And, it is anything but routine. Finding the stories most wouldn’t think twice about is what I enjoy. Telling the public about the great things our clients are doing to help bring awareness and business growth to their brand is part of what it means to be a public relations professional here at Valve+Meter. Additionally I get to use my knowledge in marketing and content creation to help curate ideas for our clientele to have original content on trending topics in today’s society.


    What is your background and experience?

    As a seasoned professional in the marketing, communications and public relations workspace, I have represented multiple different types of brands including startups and multi-million dollar companies has created a well-versed ability to identify and understand the right strategic and tactical abilities to help grow a brand, company and overall business growth.


    A few of my career highlights include my work in the United States Marine Corps as a non-commissioned officer, where I served in Iraq as a combat correspondent. I had the honor of telling the stories of the young men and women who were on the front lines fighting for their country. I was also a business partner of an international public relations firm, where I worked with and represented clients ranging from tech startups, to multi-million dollar utility companies as well as businesses from ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank.


    I have earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Marketing & Public Relations, MBA in Marketing, and a Certificate in Digital Marketing.


    What is it about you that makes you uniquely positioned to excel in your role?

    My time serving in a war zone having to focus on telling the story of young men and women facing challenges most never would image prepared me to handle nearly every situation I would ever face in the future. Having learned how to communicate effectively, quickly and with intentionality is a trait I take into every task in my professional and personal life.


    What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of work?

    I love fishing, traveling, photography and working with my community. I’ve been on leadership teams at organizations like the Veteran of Foreign Wars in my local communities, volunteered at local VA hospitals and spent time on the streets telling the story of homeless veterans to create awareness about the challenge they face. Most of all, I love spending time with my girlfriend and her two foster children attending their sporting events and taking them on new experiences.


    What is your dream travel destination and why?

    My dream travel destination is one most would fall on the floor laughing at if they heard it. I want to go to Antarctica to see the emperor penguins. I’ve been blessed to have traveled to many countries on many continents and this is one trip staying on my bucket list until I get the opportunity to visit the Antarctic Peninsula.


    I’m hoping someone gets me the trip for my birthday one year (January) when it’s warm down there, topping out around 30 or so degrees fahrenheit.