Outsource Your Demand Generation Strategy. Get More Appointments.


We all know sales leaders want to maximize the time their team members spend with solid prospects. We also know an outbound B2B appointment setting program is the pathway to scalable, predictable revenue. But many companies aren’t ready to start or scale these demand generation programs, either because they lack the knowledge or the resources.


Let Valve+Meter create and scale your outbound B2B appointment setting program for you.


We engage with your existing sales team and secure meetings with decision makers in your prospect organizations. We can also help you uncover new verticals through our data-driven audience building program.


Valve+Meter’s B2B appointment setting services utilize a US-based team of highly experienced prospectors. Our team uses a blend of research techniques, technology, audience segmentation, training, consultative selling, and testing to make sure your team will have more opportunities to sell to the right prospects.


If you’re ready to set more qualified appointments as part of a broader strategy to generate more revenue for your company this year and beyond, let’s get started on a conversation.


Our Demand Gen Process

We utilize a proven methodology for setting qualified B2B appointments for your business. We learn about your business (through our ThinkFirst process). We build audiences of prospects using data and insights, and then we build a strategy to reach those specific buying groups. We build emails, collateral and scripts and train our team on your business. Then we test, launch, test some more and scale. It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly complex. The end result is qualified appointments in front of your sales team.

Valve+Meter B2B Demand Generation Process

Prospect List Management

As part of our ThinkFirst process, we look at your company, your industry and your place in it. We examine where you’ve been successful and where you might be successful. We talk about your goals for growth. Out of that, we build personas to inform our audience building process. We source the correct data for your program using industry (NAICS/SIC codes), technographics, geography, revenue, employee data, titles and dozens of other criteria. We know things change, so we test these initial prospects and iterate against the lists to ensure our team delivers for you.

B2B List Building Process

B2B Appointment Setting Strategy


We always call, but should we use email, mail, and digital?


How many times and how often should we attempt contact?


Where in the organization do we start with our campaigns?

Objection Handling

What will we hear and how will we respond?

Lead Distribution

How are appointments scheduled and distributed?


What are the leading and lagging indicators of success?

Campaign Development

Many of our B2B lead generation campaigns use multiple channels, orchestrated together to achieve a desired outcome. As we launch, we develop multiple scripts and objection handling documents for our business development representatives (BDRs). We also utilize email marketing, either using artificial intelligence (AI) for prospecting or workflow cadences to improve lift. Our focus is on using the right combination of tactics to meet our clients’ unique goals. This can include direct and dimensional mail, targeting display advertising and other tactics to put the right message in front of the right prospects at the right time.

Valve+Meter B2B Campaign Development

Training and Testing

Our team has broad experience across many industries. We start by picking the right people for your specific B2B appointment setting campaign (drawing on past experience and ability). We’ll role play with the scripts we’ve designed, train the BDRs on your industry, your products, objections and goals. Then we begin testing to a small group of prospects, to determine if the pitch is resonating, if we’re reaching the right people at the right rate, and if our hypothesis KPIs are correct. Once we’ve satisfied our requirements, we immediately begin iterating.

Valve+Meter B2B Appointment Setting Training System

Campaign Launch

With the data from training and testing, we start with the end in mind. We work backwards through your sales funnel so we can target the right number of prospects to meet our goals. Most of our clients have an unlimited appetite for marketing that works, but we set minimum, primary, and visionary goals for how the B2B appointment setting campaigns will perform. Finally, we launch the program into a broader set of prospects and begin watching the data.

Valve+Meter B2B campaign launch

Scalable, Profitable Growth

Every business has a different life cycle in terms of closing deals. We take this into account as we examine leading indicators for success of your B2B appointment setting campaign. As long as we continue to see that each incremental, metered unit of growth makes financial sense for your business, we’ll most likely ask to open the valve and scale the campaign.