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The real job of email marketing is to speed up your sales cycle–to accelerate the movement of prospects from one part of the sales funnel to another. Email has been around for a long time, and sometimes marketers think of it as a “checkbox” tactic. We do not. We’re confident that the results our email marketing services team delivers will provide lift to all of your campaigns.


More than 90% of consumers check their email every day. It’s a highly personalized, mature channel that you can completely own. Because email marketing and marketing automation provide such strong ROI for our clients, we include it in most our our ThinkFirst engagements.


Email marketing, lead nurturing and marketing automation are frequently a part of our core tactics we implement. If you’re ready to talk about how we think about marketing, strategy, and execution, let’s get together and share our stories.


Email Marketing Strategy

The first step in developing a robust email strategy is to understand your buyer journey. We want to know why customers buy, what the stages of the sales process are, obstacles to selling, differentiators and benefits, and much more. We also will dig into any previous data around email marketing, secret shop competitors, and learn everything we can.


Next, we want to know the jobs you expect email marketing to accomplish. Customer acquisition? Retention? Increased close rates? Brand awareness? We want the channel to perform to goals, so we shape the strategy to meet our KPIs. Our email marketing services team knows how to get the results you want.

email marketing strategy

Email Collection

Building a mechanism to develop and expand your email list is highly important. We work with companies to create newsletter subscription forms, landing pages, pop-up reminders, and other campaigns to increase the number of subscribers on your lists. We also help with form design so that all leads are giving you permission to send your valuable content to them.


We believe in permission-based email. A smaller, higher quality list will deliver more results than batch-and-blast campaigns to people who don’t know who you are. The consequences of spam are too high to use this as a valid tactic.

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Email Marketing Services

Welcome Emails

First impressions matter. A welcome email is often the first exchange between you and a subscriber. It will set the table for all future interactions.

Drip Campaigns

The first message doesn't always work. We believe in sending multiple messages--drips--over time to increase conversion rates.

Email Newsletters

Great newsletters, delivered on a regular cadence with valuable content, help to keep your brand and message in front of prospects.

Triggered Emails

Automatically send messages that are timely, personalized, and relevant to prospects based on actions they take (or don't take).


Win-back campaigns help you clean up your lists, bring back inactive subscribers, and increase your brand relevancy.

Cart Abandonment

Three out of every four shopping carts get abandoned without a purchase. Bring back your shoppers for more revenue.

Campaign Creative

Great emails have three main components: a subject line, the content, and a dedicated landing page. As part of the campaign creative process, our email marketing services group considers the subject line, the from name, the mix of graphics and text, types and frequency of CTAs, messaging style, and timing. (We also test many of these variables as the campaign progresses.) Depending on your industry, more than half of your emails will probably be opened on a mobile phone, so pay special attention to mobile optimized, responsive emails.

email campaign creative services

Email Optimization

Once we build the strategy and campaigns, we build upon that foundation. Testing is at the core of our culture. We constantly ask ourselves how we can do better, and test against those hypotheses. Should the subject line include personalization? Should it ask a question or make a statement? Should we include a known name or the company name in the from line? Does plain text work better than a designed email? Should the email be long and full or content or short and to the point? What’s the best call to action? Where should we put the CTA and how often should we repeat it? What time of day and day of the week works best for each send? We ask the questions because results matter more than anything else in email marketing.

email marketing optimization testing

Reporting and Analytics

Because email marketing is a mature channel, the reporting from email software is typically robust. You can’t optimize if you don’t measure, so we believe in measuring and tracking as much as possible. This means keeping an eye on open rates, total opens, hard bounces and soft bounces, clicks, unsubscribes, conversions, social shares, and spam reports.


All of these metrics are important leading indicators but more important is keeping our eye on the ultimate goal: campaign lift. Email marketing services should ultimately decrease latency in your funnel and increase conversion rates from stage to stage. If we can accomplish both of these things, you’ll end up with more revenue, faster.

email marketing testing and measurement