Outbound Marketing – Cold calling is certainly not dead!

If you’re looking for ways to engage with leads in a predictable fashion and boost your sales, look no further than a process oriented, outbound call center.  One great benefit of call center services is it helps clients be more cost effective in generating leads. The purpose of outsourcing call centers is to cater to potential customers and serve the client. Here at Valve+Meter we pride ourselves on communicating with our clients to provide qualified, nurtured, targeted leads.  We do that while upholding our client’s brand and messaging as if it were our own.

Outbound call center services make calls to existing and potential customers on behalf of our clients. Outbound calling can provide information and brand awareness to potential customers, while attempting to gain enough interest to move forward in the client’s sales process. You can even use an outbound call center for fundraising calls and customer retention calls. Customer care is very important to a business’ success and future growth because outbound calls from a center, widen your customer base through lead generation, research and product promotion.

The immediate impact a call center can provide to a client makes an outbound marketing campaign extremely attractive to potential partners.  When you can generate leads for a business in a predictable manner, along with the ability to measure the results, there is no reason a business owner would not enjoy the benefits of a system that consistently fills a sales pipeline with qualified individuals and organizations.  With the right hiring, managing and coaching, call center services can help increase the profits of your client’s business. In fact, call center outsourcing can bring about an increase in all the aspects of your business, in terms of quality, performance and productivity.


Michael Williams
Michael Williams
Vice President of Outbound Marketing

Michael Williams is a committed sales leader with strong instincts and a drive to use his professional experience to help others become better. His emotional intelligence makes it easy for him to connect with employees, customers and clients. His analytical nature helps him to improve himself and to think critically about systems and processes with an eye to maximizing and improving them as well. With over 18 years experience in the outbound marketing field. Michael focuses on expanding his influence and knowledge to other individuals, in-turn creating some of the most talented salespeople in the industry.