Performance Marketing

When I first heard the term, Performance marketing, it didn’t quite stand out to me. Afterall, what type of marketing shouldn’t perform? So, how was this a unique identifier?

After some time in my new career, what I quickly found out is that this term carries a lot of different meanings. What is the genuine intent and why does it matter?

I’ve heard many business owners talk about their experiences with marketing agencies in the past and the heartburn they’ve experienced. Each described a lack of synergy between the tactics that they were being told they ought to pay for and the objectives of the business itself.

Many described the experience as transactional and feeling as though they were throwing expensive spaghetti against the proverbial wall in order to see what would stick. Others told me they have spent considerable time and resources for marketing in their careers, but couldn’t say what worked and what didn’t.

As I heard these experiences it seemed to me as though many came to accept that this was just how it was between a marketing agency and a business. That brings me to why I love what I do.

At Valve+Meter, performance marketing pertains to more than just a pay for what you get methodology. For us at Valve+Meter, it is an approach that relies heavily on continuous learning through research and testing. We allow the data to tell a story and influence the direction of purchasing decisions, instead of a vendor. In short, it’s a responsible approach to marketing and releases a business from the constraints of the traditional lackluster approaches to marketing.

This discipline promotes trust and respect back into the relationship between a business and a marketing agency. Something that has been long lost.

At first, the businesses I worked with are wary in fear that they might just be buying a fancier bottle of snake oil. But then, the discovery process begins and it’s as if they have put on glasses for the first time and they begin to see what has been and what could be as a result of responsible marketing.


Curt Merlau
Curt Merlau
Vice President of Sales

Curt Merlau is a Vice President of Sales within Valve+Meter Performance Marketing. He brings to the team a passion for transformative growth from his experience with strategic development acquired as a leader in the non-profit sector and his formal training in educational leadership. He and his family reside in Bloomington.