Storytelling Extraordinaire

Public relations can be described as the art of storytelling. If you do not think you have a story to tell, maybe you need to look at your story through a different lens.

One of the most damaging things to hear any business owner or executive say is that they don’t have a story to tell. Simply put, that is false and YOU are the story.

Business owners, CEO’s and many executive leaders will often find themselves overloaded with daily decisions and managing a team. The last thing on their mind can be how to tell their story or if there is even one to tell.

Gaps like this, in your business are where having a storyteller can be the bridge to new adventures.

Effective PR departments, personnel and campaigns all have a well strategized, targeted and crafted message to get across. This is one of the most important facets of the entire public relations world.

So, what are we saying here? From the outside looking in, PR professionals are able to identify stories, others may overlook in day-to-day activities and routines. Underneath the organized chaos of business, lies your story…a great narrative waiting to be sculpted into a work of art. Sometimes you have to dig through the layers to find what’s been hiding all along.

If we take a fleeting look at King Arthur and his knights, like Camelot, they sat with him at the round table as commanders in their kingdom. They swore to uphold their position at the table and were held to the highest standard. The legend of King Arthur and his round table intersects with today’s business leadership teams. More specifically, today’s entrepreneurs are King Arthur, the public relations and marketing teams are the knights of the roundtable, with secured spots at the table helping to grow, develop and cultivate their company.

In the PR business, the key to prosperous storytelling includes reaching, educating and creating awareness with quality placement of content. Along the way, both the marketing and PR departments will fuse together proper search engine optimization (SEO) and overall execution of the initial strategy. Here, we find why a storyteller should have a seat at your table.

The hopeful result of intertwined marketing, PR and advertising departments will often find the company’s story highlighted or featured in the news. Your next big client could be at their office, at home on their couch or walking the downtown streets when they come across your story in the media or on a local network news channel. What could this mean for your brand, company and team’s future?  

Don’t continue to tell yourself you don’t have a story, it is not true and it is bad for your business.


Thano Genos
Thano Genos
Director of Public Relations

Thano Genos is the Director of Public Relations at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing. He is a veteran who served as a photojournalist in the Marine Corps, deploying to Operation Iraqi Freedom in Fallujah, Iraq. Thano, who was born in Greece, has traveled the world capturing stories through photography and written word. He and his Yorkie, Jameson, currently reside in Fishers, IN.