Christopher Edge

web developer


What do you do at Valve+Meter?

My day to day at Valve+Meter consists of maintaining site reliability, building new websites and improving our legacy sites.


Tell us about your background and experience

I started getting passionate about coding when I was in 7th grade. I would sneak out of my art class to the library up the hall to go and code little fun programs for my friends. Ever since then, I have been enamored with coding. I have been working as a web developer in marketing agencies since 2014, creating conversion-first websites to reach our client goals.


What is it about you that makes you uniquely positioned to excel in your role?

What sets me apart as a developer is not only being analytical, but being strategic. I pride myself on being able to have a strategic plan when it comes to tackling a website and being able to plan ahead to see what the client may need in the future so we can make sure our websites are extendable and easy to maintain.


What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of work?

I really enjoy hiking and going for long bike rides when the weather is nice. When you look at a screen as much as I do, it is good to take some time to disconnect by going out into nature.


What is your dream travel destination and why?

My dream travel destination would be to go to Germany. My parents went there in the ’80s and took a bunch of videos of the countryside and cities, like Wiesbaden. I grew up watching those on our VCR, and I grew to love how beautiful Germany is. I ended up taking almost eight years of German classes in high school and university because it is my dream country to go visit or possibly live in for a short time.