Why Is Backlinking So Important?

If your company has been researching ways to increase your website’s traffic and visibility, you’ve likely heard about link building or backlinking. It’s an important part of SEO that plays a crucial role in helping your content rank well.

In the latest blog from Valve+Meter, we’ll discuss what backlinks are, why they’re important, and how you can gain more backlinks to your content. 

What Is a Backlink?

Have you ever read a blog or another piece of content and saw that one website is linking to another? That is a backlink. When another website links out to a piece of content on your website, you’ll receive a backlink.

Think of backlinks as a referral from one website to another. Google uses backlinks to decipher which pieces of content are the most helpful and valuable to what a searcher is looking for. The more backlinks that a piece of content receives, the more valuable that Google believes the content is.

However, a backlink’s value doesn’t stop at the specific blog post or piece of content that the link is referring to. The more backlinks that your overall domain has, the more trustworthy that Google will believe your entire website is to searchers.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Let’s say you’ve written a new piece of content and you found a helpful guide that you think your readers would benefit from. If you link to that guide from your content, it will tell Google that you found the guide valuable. 

The more backlinks that the guide receives, the higher that Google will rank it within the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Google wants to help searchers find the information that they’re looking for as quickly as possible, so when a piece of content receives several different backlinks, they’ll believe that the content is more valuable to what the searcher is looking for. 

While creating and optimizing high-quality content is certainly important to increasing traffic and visibility, so is implementing backlinking strategies.

How Do You Get More Backlinks?

Create High-Quality Content

Not all earned backlinks require additional work beyond the actual creation of the content. Sometimes, creating high-quality content is enough to receive many backlinks. When this is the case, you’ll notice websites naturally backlinking to your content. Using a link monitoring tool, such as Moz can help you monitor your website and track any naturally occurring links.  

Perform Outreach

After you’ve created a high-quality piece of content, make sure to tell others about it. Find websites that are already backlinking to content that is similar to the piece you just created. Sending them a quick email encouraging them to look at your content can be enough to get them to switch their backlink to your content. 

Monitor for Broken Links

Over time, backlinks can send readers to a 404 page if the content has been deleted or if the URL has been changed. If you’ve found a piece of content that you’d like to link to your website, check the existing backlinks on the page. If any are broken, reach out to the website and let them know about the broken link. Provide them with a quick and easy solution in the form of a link to your similar content.

Directory Listings

There are many directories that offer backlinks to your website. Your local town’s Chamber of Commerce, for example, likely has a business directory that you can add your business to. Adding your company to other high-domain directories, such as Google My Business, will provide your website with a valuable backlink.

Contact Valve+Meter for Link Building Services

While incredibly valuable and important to your overall SEO strategy, backlinking is a time-consuming process that, despite your best efforts, may not always result in success. Let Valve+Meter take link building off of your plate. Our experienced professionals have extensive knowledge and access to the best link building tools available. For SEO services that your business can depend on to provide transformational results, contact Valve+Meter today.