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Performance marketing identifies the most effective strategies to increase the flow of leads into your sales pipeline and drive revenue.

At Valve+Meter, we are founded on serving our clients with actions that can be measured, repeated and scaled.

Open the valves to gain control over the flow of leads into your business. And meter the rate of marketing spend to drive your operations.

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If you are daring, restless, and curious, Valve+Meter provides marketing solutions to satisfy your ambition.

No one really wants more marketing. We want our phones to ring, our leads to convert, and our brand to grow. Marketing is the mechanism to make that happen. But, if you are still determining the impact of marketing on your business, then it is time for a revolution.

Valve+Meter was forged in the frustration that most companies don’t know how to buy marketing. Likewise, most marketing agencies provide off-the-shelf products, forcing your business to fall in line. 

Your business is unique, and the goals of sales and operations should determine marketing strategies. Valve+Meter was founded in 2017 to deliver customized solutions and transparent reporting to businesses. 

When data drives your marketing campaigns, you clearly understand the impact on sales, operations, and financials. Valve+Meter refuses to accept convention and settles for ordinary methods. 

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Who is Valve+Meter?

Your business is more than financial statements and balance scorecards. People and values are the foundation of actual performance and growth.

Valve+Meter utilizes a long-term approach to marketing enriched by our core values: think, love, serve, transform, and be just. ThinkFirst applies our innovative strategy to create meaningful results for our partners.

At Valve+Meter, there’s no limit to your potential growth. With our individualized marketing strategy, your company can grow exponentially and expand its influence throughout your marketplace.

In short, Valve+Meter is a team of revolutionary thinkers inspired to deliver tangible results. We learn your core mission, research all available data, and deliver an out-of-the-box marketing campaign.

Google Users 246M
In the United States, there are 246 million regular Google users.
Searches 9/10
Nearly 90% of all consumers perform a search to make buying decisions.

The Future of Performance Marketing 

By conventional definitions, marketing is the process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging the value of a business. 

You develop a product or service. You must connect with these audiences and present a practical demonstration to reach customers, clients, partners, and society.

For centuries, traditional media formed primarily around this need. Print advertisements, door-to-door sales, cold-calling, direct mail, billboards, radio, television, and eventually banner ads on websites aimed to pique the interest of consumers. 

Without attributable tracking, traditional marketing formats primarily rely on anecdotal evidence. Even as conventional media built a vast infrastructure of platforms for advertising and marketing, businesses often viewed marketing as an expense. 

In recent decades, digital marketing has dramatically improved the ability of marketers to reach target audiences. Pay-per-click, search engine optimization, retargeting, and remarketing tools measure a lead from the source through conversion. Understanding the return on investment is key for any marketing.


Valve+Meter includes leaders across a broad range of experiences, including enterprise businesses, small businesses, and entrepreneurial startups. Our wide-ranging perspectives clearly focus on building a better marketing model. 

Many performance marketing models define data-driven marketing as attributable marketing. As a marketing company founded by business leaders, Valve+Meter understands long-term revenue growth relies on repeatable and scalable techniques. 

Our processes and structures design custom marketing campaigns for our partners. Every strategy is measured and analyzed. Successful marketing efforts are repeated. When a technique fails to deliver results, our analysts adapt and test new methods. 

In a landscape dominated by fracturing digital media and conventional media undergoing radical transformation, Valve+Meter constantly studies, hypothesizes, and tests new ideas to reach audiences across all channels, platforms, and the next horizon. 

When you partner with Valve+Meter, as a strategic partner, we’ll nurture your business, love it, and treat it as if it were our own. 

Whether you crave disruption or seek a team dedicated to your best interests, Valve+Meter provides a fresh perspective on marketing your business.  

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