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Turn Your Leads Into Customers  

Many times, despite a company’s best efforts to improve their sales numbers and reach more potential clients, they’ll find themselves struggling to attract new customers.

Instead of continuing to run into dead ends, companies can use sales strategies that are newer in an effort to boost the overall sales process. One of the most popular avenues to do so is developing high-level sales collateral to move potential customers through the sales process.

If your company needs a boost in sales, don’t hesitate to reach out to the performance marketing team at Valve+Team. Our effective sales collateral service can get your sales pipeline back on track and create a sea of new leads in no time. For more information about our sales collateral service, contact Valve+Meter today.

Leave Lasting Impressions

So what exactly is sales collateral? Sales collateral is anything created by a company that it can then send to leads to improve sales. It’s important that the collateral contains information that will help prospective customers understand more about the company that they’re buying from.

Types of sales collateral include any items such as brochures, white papers, or newsletters that help your company’s sales team close more deals quickly by offering valuable information that can help potential customers make an informed buying decision.

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Sales Collateral We Produce

The marketers at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing have a proven track record of producing sales collateral that works! We have a talented team of marketers – including some of the best writers, graphic designers, and sales and marketing strategists in the industry – to provide you with collateral that will have prospects and leads jumping on board in no time.

Some of the sales collateral we’ve produced for our clients include:

Case Studies

Using a data-backed case study can be an extremely efficient tool in selling your brand, products or services. Case studies can be much more effective than traditional sales collateral because you have the ability to persuade leads with thoughtful storytelling about your product or services. A study can explain common problems that the reader, or sales lead, connect with and provide a detailed resolution of how your business fixed this very same problem for other customers in the past. Studies allow you to position prospects as the hero and you as the business that can solve all of their problems. During a case study, you outline the journey from start to finish – leaving no stone unturned in how you solved the problem.

Print Materials

Even in today’s digital world, print isn’t dead. In fact, it’s still a great method to showcase your business and its services. Marketing brochures can be manufactured at a low cost and be easily handed out to prospects. Brochures can include useful information about the benefits of what your business offers and why prospects should consider buying from you.

Sending letters and direct mail postcards to leads or new customers are also a smart way to help more eyes find your business and keep it top of mind.

Product Documents

If you sell innovative goods and want them to reach more leads, consider developing a product document. Product documents contain all of the requirements of a certain product and explain how it works and can benefit prospects. 

Website and Blog Content

Blog and website content is another notable and important method to attract more visitors to your site and promote your brand. Well-written posts on industry news and new and existing products are a great way to inform your website’s visitors about what you offer, while showing that you’re a leader in this space.

Blog or site content also provides sales leads with valuable information about your goods and services without using sales lingo and language. With informative posts, you can discuss topics in depth. Sending prospects relevant posts is a good way to keep in touch.

How Our Collateral Adds Momentum to Your Sales Process

Adding collateral to your overall sales strategy provides leads with more information about your business and the services that it provides. Not only will this help produce more sales, but it will also speed the process up.

Marketing collateral is especially important for small businesses that are looking to find an advantage over their competitors. Some of the benefits of using marketing collateral include:

  • Explaining more about your products and services and why they’re better than the competition’s.
  • Boosting your company’s brand, reputation and credibility.
  • Providing an effective method for your sales team to explain your goods and services. In other words, it’s a great sales tool.
  • Providing you with an edge over competitors.
  • Telling your company’s story better than a sales rep might be able to.
  • Creating awareness for your company.
  • Reminding prospects about your products even when your sales team aren’t promoting them.

Contact Valve+Meter, and Let’s Get Started!

Sales collateral from Valve+Meter provides more information about your products and services to your clients and increase overall sales numbers. For more information about how Valve+Meter Performance Marketing can help your company improve its sales pipeline with sales collateral, contact us today.

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