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What Can Outsourcing Lead Qualifying Services Do For Your Business?

Understanding lead quality is pivotal. Let your sales professionals focus on closing qualified leads with our data-focused sales qualifying process.

Discover how Valve+Meter’s data-centric methods ensure effective lead qualification and underpin sustainable growth.

Data-Driven Services

Lead Qualification Process

Great companies move beyond lead generation and develop a process to qualify leads. Unqualified leads that don’t match your company’s criteria are a waste of money, time, and resources for your marketing and sales team.

Lead Qualifying Cycle 90 Days
In complex sales cycles, it takes 90 days between the first dial and the first appointment.
Calls 13.5
The average number of calls to set a B2B appointment is 13.5.

Why Outsource?

We Find You Qualified Leads

At Valve+Meter Marketing our lead generation services marry the most effective methods of attracting leads and engaging prospects during a lead qualification process.

To improve conversion and strengthen your company’s sales pipeline, lead qualification services thoroughly analyze prospects to verify where they are within the sales funnel and whether they’re worth pursuing for your highly skilled sales reps.

Not all leads are created equal and qualifying sales questions separate high-quality prospects from cold leads. Our team uses data to qualify leads and optimize a custom lead generation service for your business.

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Conventional Lead Generation Versus Performance Marketing for Sales Qualified Leads

One of the most-important elements that distinguishes lead qualification services is the marketing methods used to attract leads. Every marketing campaign begins with lead generation. At the most basic form, an open sign and a sales representative are marketing.

Good companies design internal business development teams and engage professional marketing teams to attract potential customers.

Great companies apply math to marketing to find the most effective strategies and methods.

The most conventional and recognizable methods of generating leads include:

Traditional Advertising

Historically, print ads, radio ads, and television ads have been used to attract large audiences. These conventional marketing methods function to trawl impressive audience numbers catching a wide range of leads that might suit your product and service.

These methods are largely based on expensive assumptions. Your ideal buyer must first be within the audience, then be enthralled with your singular advertisement.

The wrong marketing method or the wrong marketing tool misses your target audience. While traditional media advertising efforts look impressive by reaching broad audiences, the return on marketing spend is poor. Specifically, expensive television ads do little more than fuel the ego of a business by glamorizing owners, products, or services.

Far more crucial than reaching broad audiences is finding qualified sales leads for your sales teams. This demands data and expert performance-based marketing.

Online Advertising

Within performance marketing, metrics inform your decisions. Online advertising allows businesses to follow metrics. Online marketing strategies like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are far more data-driven and thus, less capital is required to attract leads.

Especially for nuanced products and nascent businesses, PPC helps to hone in on the specific interests and demographics of your most responsive audiences.

Expert marketing teams use PPC, retargeting, A/B Testing, and other metric-driven tools to design the most effective advertising. These steps require time and talent that may be overlooked by many businesses.

When a business deems a digital campaign successful by the quantity of leads, you often overlook some pain points. A high number of poorly qualified leads can overwhelm sales reps and due to this clogged sales pipeline, qualified leads are lost. For businesses wherein sales cycles are longer than a single contact, PPC and sales teams must be carefully managed to work in unison.

Content Marketing

The most evergreen strategy is creating content for your website and print materials. This is most commonly defined as content marketing. Creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and search engine optimized (SEO) content both attracts qualified leads and keeps them engaged through the buyer’s journey.

Although this high-quality content targets a clearly defined audience, this a long-term strategy requires considerable time to scale, consistent improvements, and ongoing focus.

There must be remarketing tools in place to invite visitors to stay engaged with your product and services. That is, to achieve growth in a business faster, content marketing is often used in conjunction with other lead generation methods like PPC and lead qualification services.

Email Marketing

As a retargeting method, sending personalized emails to potential customers helps generate leads. When properly operated, email builds enthusiasm and nurtures brand awareness. In the right industry, email marketing is an effective tool to aid in the sales decision process and follow-up after initial contact.

Like content marketing and paid online advertising, email marketing delivers a brand-specific message designed to your ideal buyer. One of the weaknesses of these methods is the lack of customization.

While a sales representative can quickly answer questions and adjust a sales pitch to suit the specific needs of each unique prospect, advertising cannot be individualized.

Networking and Referrals

Actual contacts can receive individual messaging. Peers and existing customers have long been the best advocates for businesses.

Prospects that emerge from follow-up and relationship-building help businesses grow, but this requires stable sales teams, time, and resources. Referrals, networking, and partnering with other companies typically improve conversion rates and reach the key decision maker but not all businesses can wait on a slow sales pipeline.

Effort 34%
Professional sales representatives spend 34% of their time speaking to prospects.
Time 3/4
Nearly 75% of professionals lose time each week due to unnecessary or canceled meetings.

What Is Lead Qualification?

Data-Driven Strategies Designed For B2B

In terms of performance marketing, lead qualification is the application of math to your marketing decisions. Specifically, all fruits of the lead generation process including online advertising, content marketing, email marketing, networking, and referrals appeal to buyers at all levels of the sales funnel.

The lead qualification process culls key decision-makers from low-quality leads and vets their position within the sales funnel.

Eliminating Inefficiencies

When you disqualify leads early in the qualification process you eliminate a major pain point for sales teams. Qualifying leads puts an end to your delivery of a spectacular sales pitch to the wrong prospect.

Qualification is the process of judging the likelihood that a sales lead will purchase your product or service and become a long-term customer.

The overarching goal is to reduce the wasted effort of your company’s sales teams by filtering out poor-quality leads.


To determine who is a qualified lead, Valve+Meter designs your ideal customer profile (ICP). Our lead qualification specialists analyze all leads that emerge from marketing efforts including PPC, SEO, email, and other campaigns.

Our lead qualification services gather as many insights and as much data as possible about the prospects.

Expedite Sales Process

If our analysis indicates a qualified lead, our specialists transfer it to your sales representatives.

Outreach from one of your company’s sales representatives entered into a customer relationship management (CRM) system gleans more useful information from the prospect. Data, such as what the prospect’s needs are, their budget, and their timeline guide remarketing strategy.

Our lead qualification services, like all Valve+Meter outbound marketing, aim to reduce time waste, improve close rates, and optimize marketing spend. Whereas the role of your sales representatives is to delight customers, our role is to attract leads and keep prospects engaged with your brand until they are ready to buy.

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Why is Lead Qualification Important?

Accelerate The B2B Sales Cycle

Most conventional businesses view marketing as an expense. In large part, this is due to the cost of traditional advertising models.

Without a process to target, contact, and qualify prospects, your representatives will lack the tools to move leads through your sales process. Lead qualification services find and manage leads for your sales and marketing team. This saves your company time and resources that would have otherwise been wasted on low-quality opportunities, allowing you to only focus on and prioritize the best leads that fit your company’s criteria and offerings.

All of Valve+Meter’s marketing services are teachable tools. Often when it comes to lead generation, businesses believe they are simply outsourcing what they could do in-house, but at Valve+Meter, our clients continue to own everything we build. In essence, we operate as an extension of your business. Ultimately, few businesses have the capacity for complete outreach, paid marketing, and content marketing teams.

By partnering with Valve+Meter, you gain access to all of our services immediately.

Results For Data-Drived Decision-Making

Expert Strategies Drive Effective Results

Accessing a wealth of marketing resources at Valve+Meter, businesses gain a new perspective on marketing. When money is invested only in the most-effective campaigns, marketing becomes an asset that releases the potential stored within your sales and operations.

Instead of spending resources and energy on poor-quality prospects, lead qualifying services uses two proven strategies to find your sales team better leads: BANT and GPCTBA/C&I.

Challenge 34%
34% of salespeople regard lead qualification as their main challenge.
Strategies 72%
72% of professional sales representatives say setting clear objectives is the key to setting meetings


Budget, Authority, Need And Timeline (BANT)

This proven framework begins with a discovery call wherein sales reps follow BANT methodology. These communications are conversational and friendly but core questions distinguish highly qualified prospects for your team.


Before moving into any sales process, we verify the lead’s budget aligns with your product and service.

High-quality prospects at the top of the sales funnel or near the middle can be processed for follow-up, appointment setting and even email marketing campaigns.


There are many points-of-contact in most businesses. Lead qualification services ask where each position falls within the organization and who else will eventually be involved in the buying process.

Valve+Meter identifies all decision-makers within the process for future prospecting and nurturing efforts.


Can your product or service solve the specific pain point for the unique lead?

The lead qualification process determines the specific need of the prospect and verifies your brand is a viable solution.


In order for the lead to become qualified, you must know when they are looking to make a purchase. Every sales cycle is unique but you don’t want to lose high-quality leads due to negligence. By asking this question, hot prospects at the bottom of the funnel can be immediately sent to your sales team.

Lead Management 79%
79% of leads never convert to sales.
Objectives 85%
85% of B2B companies name lead generation as the most-important marketing objective.
CRO 25%
Less than 25% of professional marketers have a hard time calculating conversion rates.

More Than GPCTBA/C&I

Goals, Plans, Challenges, Timeline, Budget Authority, Negative Consequences, and Positive Implications

A more robust framework for a lead qualification service is a very large acronym. But GPCTBA/C&I helps lead qualification optimize the sales process, especially for longer sales cycles and complex B2B sales.

This model puts the sales rep in more of an advisory role. They need to be informed about not just the product and services they’re offering, but also what the prospect’s business model is, their goals, and how your product or service can help with the company’s larger picture.

During the GPCTBA/C&I method, lead qualification reps touch on the following questions.


What are the company’s goals?

Our lead qualification representative seeks to understand the prospect’s business objectives and aspirations.

What are your target audiences aiming to achieve in the short and long term?

By understanding these goals, sales reps can better align their solutions to support these targets.


Are there proper resources in place to achieve these goals?

Is there a plan in place as to how the goals will be met?

Recognizing these plans helps sales qualification by identifying how your offerings can fit or improve the needs of your prospect.


What are the company’s current challenges that are preventing it from achieving the mentioned goals?

Understanding the challenges a prospect faces is crucial.

By recognizing these challenges, sales qualification BDRs can position your products or services as a solution, helping the prospect navigate their pain points.

We are also able to disqualify poorly matched candidates so your internal team can focus on qualified leads.


To determine the position within the sales funnel, what is the timeline for purchasing the product or service? This also establishes the best remarketing methods including longer content marketing and email marketing strategies.

This helps your internal sales reps prioritize leads and align your solutions with the prospect’s urgency and schedule.


Instead of focusing on price, our process queries if there’s a budget that is already being used for the current problem.

How much has your prospect allocated to overcome their challenges and realize their goals?

An understanding of this ensures that proposed solutions are financially feasible for your leads.


This step determines the hierarchy within the client’s business. Does the lead meet the decision criteria? If not, we determine how to contact decision-makers within the business or board.

The majority of businesses have multiple decision-makers within a hierarchy. Recognizing these individuals aids in tailoring the sales approach to the right audience.

Consequences and Implication

Determining what the consequences of not solving this problem are and what hitting their target goal can mean for the prospect both professionally and for the company.

Our experts assess the ramifications of action (or inaction) with your prospects.

What would be the consequences if the prospect’s goals aren’t met, challenges aren’t addressed, or if they don’t implement a solution?

Conversely, what are the positive implications if they do?

By highlighting these outcomes, our team helps to identify where leads are located within the buyer’s journey.

What The Data Shows

Our Lead Generation Agency Focuses On Your Success and Growth

Valve+Meter is a lead-generation agency built to focus on prospects and outcomes that grow your sales opportunity pipeline.

Our lead qualification service works with B2B companies on optimizing sales-qualified leads and prospecting campaigns to drive growth.

We combine inbound marketing strategies with account-based marketing to build a repeatable, scalable lead qualification machine for your sales team.

Make a Plan 65%
65% of B2B brands lack a clear lead nurturing strategy and process.
Inbound vs. Outbound 1/2
Sales representatives disqualify nearly half of all inbound leads.

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