Customer Testimonial

Doc Dancer

Home Services Marketing Produces Transformational Growth


“Doc” Dancer has proudly served the greater Fort Wayne area for more than 75 years. While they have been a trusted and experienced partner in the area, “Doc” Dancer partnered with Valve+Meter in mid-2019 to ensure they were approaching digital marketing in the best possible way.


V+M worked with “Doc” to ensure they were doing everything possible from a digital marketing perspective and wanted to ensure their brand was being represented properly. “Doc” also wanted to make sure they were competitive digitally, as they felt they had groomed the older demographic in the Fort Wayne market, but were possibly falling short with the younger demographic. After evaluating their business during the ThinkFirst, V+M implemented a full digital marketing strategy. This included a more aggressive and expansive paid media strategy, building a new website with a focus on SEO and Keywords, and routine email marketing to their customer base.

“Doc” Dancer is a trusted home services company in the Fort Wayne, IN community for years and they came to Valve+Meter wanting to gain traction with the younger demographic in the area. Valve+Meter’s strategic marketing process, called ThinkFirst, resulted in a scalable and repeatable marketing program that would include a new website build and an aggressive paid media strategy to provide profitable results.

Solution & Results

Our first solution was to build “Doc” a new website. Their previous site was out of date and struggling to rank online. After Valve+Meter built the new home services website, we saw immediate growth results including a 366% increase in market visibility and a 300% increase in first-page keyword rankings in the first year alone. Valve+Meter also implemented a new paid media strategy, including new AdWords campaigns and an increased focus on Google Local Services.

With their new digital marketing strategy in place, “Doc” Dancer continues to experience significant growth. In “Doc” Dancer’s first year with Valve+Meter Performance Marketing, they received a 366% increase in market visibility, $1.4 million dollars in marketing attributable revenue (MAR), $17:1 return on marketing spend (ROMS) and experienced a 24% growth rate year over year. Read more about “Doc” Dancer’s transformational results below.

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