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Google is arguably one of the leading digital marketing channels available for consumers. Within the search, there are two different results: organic and paid results. Getting clicks and traffic from the organic search realm is more of a long play, while Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can produce results that are more immediate and can be changed minute-by-minute. PPC advertising can also fill gaps during slow times, allow for more offer testing due to quicker results, and be more customizable according to a customer’s search intent.

Valve+Meter provides PPC management services – for Google Ads and Bing Ads – to generate immediate and profitable results to drive to your business’ revenue goals.

Why Consider our PPC Agency

In today’s search marketing world, the content of a user’s query can be influenced heavily by how a user speaks, particularly if they use speak-to-text services available on mobile devices. Because of this, Valve+Meter casts a wide net when first developing and then launching a customer’s PPC campaign by focusing on broad keywords or geography in order to discover how a customer could search for your product or service. Within these initial tests, we then analyze search query results based on what is and isn’t related to your business and create keyword negatives to eliminate your search ads from showing up in searches not related to the services you provide.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Being found via the correct keyword searches is the first step in the journey to produce customer revenue for our client’s businesses. The second step is to have your paid search ad stand out from the competition when you are shown in the potential customer’s search results. Valve+Meter believes ads should not only provide compelling copy related to the user’s query, but also provide the user with a specific reason to click on your ad, specifically an offer a customer searching for a specific good or service would find attractive enough to seek further information.

Increase Conversion Potential

Once a potential customer clicks on your PPC ad, the next step is converting the prospect into an actual customer by getting them to raise their hand and indicate they are showing interest in your good or service. Valve+Meter focuses on landing page design based on industry standards and our previous in-house testing done on conversion rate optimization. These PPC landing pages should specifically be pages that provide compelling text and offers and also are designed to clearly indicate to the potential customer what should be their next steps once arriving on your page. Those next steps could be to make a phone call to speak about your services or submit a form allowing you to reach out to that customer to advance them deeper into your sales process.

Our Pay-Per-Click Strategy

PPC marketing gets more complex month after month. We start with proven strategies and add the human element to consider all of it to identify your best course to maximize profitability.

test and scale marketing tactics


Every campaign has a process beginning with an account audit and competitive research. We monitor and track competitor’s ads and ad copy, along with continuously adjusting your ad copy to increase click-through and conversion rates.

ppc marketing agency services in Indianapolis


From landing pages to keyword adjustments, we’re here to move your team forward. We continuously monitor and manage Exact, Phrase and Modified Broad match keywords in conjunction with minimizing wasted ad spend with negative keyword implementation. It’s important to note what may be best for your business today is not always best for your business tomorrow, so Valve+Meter maintains this testing discipline throughout its relationship with its partners.

reporting, data and analytics


Our foundation is in testing. Some things will work, and some will not. And everything can be improved. So, we continuously test keyword combinations, ad copy, offers and landing pages to determine the best combinations of variables to help your business hit its goals and generate the most positive PPC results. We won’t just send you a report on ad group performance – we’ll share our thoughts and any concerns with you. We’ll provide an analysis and adjustment recommendations to constantly move you closer to your target. This continuous testing and optimization allows both Valve+Meter and you to pull the right levers to generate the most profitable results for your business.

When Valve+Meter came into our company, they quickly realized that what we thought was marketing was really just chaos and wasted money. We are now quickly achieving much greater results with a lower spend. Engaging Valve+Meter is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


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Valve+Meter is a results-driven PPC Agency that delivers an array of pay-per-click services in B2B and B2C. Our PPC management services are second to none, with a team of experts that have worked and optimized hundreds of paid search campaigns.