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Unlock Your Growth Potential

Valve+Meter specializes in B2B appointment setting, ensuring a steady stream of qualified meetings pivotal to revenue growth.

Leveraging industry-leading techniques, our agency seamlessly integrates appointment setting into a holistic strategy, paving the way for your company’s sustainable success.

Dive into our transformative approach to secure your future appointments with precision.

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Your Lead Gen Partner

We Generate the Leads. You Generate the Profits.

Good business leaders endeavor to maximize the talents of sales representatives. Sales leaders need time to complete the sales process and focus on closing deals. Yet, many sales team members spend excessive amounts of time and effort performing lead generation services.

Great leaders recognize that optimizing all facets of the sales cycle increases sales and propels growth. To meet and exceed sales goals, trust the outbound marketing services from Valve+Meter Performance Marketing.

By outsourcing lead generation to our team of B2B appointment-setting experts, business leaders gain more control over the sales process. Driven by data and metrics, Valve+Meter assures the right person with the ideal skill set nurtures your leads.

Even the strongest sales teams flounder when attempting to start or scale B2B lead generation programs. There are two key reasons B2B appointment setting is challenging.

First, building the necessary team requires capital and training resources that most medium-sized and small businesses lack. More notably, while sales representatives are equipped with a powerful talent to convert leads to customers, these skills often do not transfer well to qualified appointment settings.

Never – 9%
Fewer than 9% of decision-makers never respond to cold outreach.
Touches 2-4
It takes 2 to 4 touches to make a connection with a prospect.

B2B Appointment Setting Services

Intentional Strategies Deliver More Qualified Leads

Appointment-setting companies like Valve+Meter study the sales cycle with an intentional strategy of delivering qualified leads into the sales pipeline. Whereas sales reps often work tenaciously to convert leads to buyers, B2B appointment setters are experts in managing the sales cycle.

This is the inherent difference between internal sales teams and the lead generation process. Investing internal resources in poorly qualified leads devalues the talent assembled within your company.

When you outsource B2B appointment setting, Valve+Meter’s sales development representatives focus on nurturing prospects in the early stages of the sales cycle.

B2B appointment setting is especially effective at demand creation, wherein the value of your products and services are demonstrated for potential leads.

By attracting prospects outside of the sales funnel, lead nurturing can target prospects, create interest, reach key decision-makers, and deliver the most-qualified prospects to your sales team at the right stage of the sales journey.

Why Outsource Appointment Setting?

Keep Your Team Focused on Sales

Valve+Meter is a B2B appointment-setting agency that delivers results. Our proven process and structures help you set more appointments and connect with more high-quality prospects.

Better Data 39%
39% of appointment setters never use intent data to prioritize outreach.
Better Performance 7%
Simply adding intent data increases win rates by 7%.
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Primary Goals of Performance Marketing

Valve+Meter is committed to Math Before Marketing™ and scalable growth. Designing and executing strategies that set appointments is a goal, but the primary goal of our performance marketing services is to design processes that act in the long-term best interest of your business.

Our appointment-setting service uses data to design successful campaigns, measure our performance, and scale our appointment-setting campaign as your business grows.

Math Before Marketing™

This philosophy embraces the nuance of the sales process and values prospective clients that exist at all stages of the sales journey.

This core tenet informs every aspect of our appointment-setting process.

Appointment setting is more than a lead generation tool. Outbound marketing often creates demand and discovers new verticals for your business.

Many of these potential customers are lost by conventional appointment setters because they do not fit the current needs of your sales reps.

We have assembled a talented team of highly experienced prospectors. Data-driven outreach uses a blend of research techniques, technology, target audience segmentation, training, consultative selling, and testing.

By using data, our lead generation process captures all potential customers, new verticals, and other results. In short, our outbound marketing discovers possibilities that become part of your future sales strategy.

Scalable Growth

Our second primary goal of scalable and repeatable results emerges from Math Before Marketing™.

When data drives the research, planning, and execution of outreach efforts, appointment setters create repeatable strategies. The most-effective appointment-setting campaign is meaningless if it cannot be repeated and scaled for the growth of your business.

Your long-term best interests are best served by the Valve+Meter process. We build campaigns to meet your current needs and your future growth.

When our appointment-setting campaign opens a valve, your sales representatives close deals, and revenue increases. Data is the meter on this valve that informs our next campaign.

We study the effort that released the most-qualified leads to your sales teams. We can then build new campaigns at scale to generate more leads and capture the prospective leads within new verticals.

Reach out to Valve+Meter Performance Marketing today to work with an appointment-setting company backed by years of experience and knowledge.

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Reach out to Valve+Meter Performance Marketing today to work with an appointment-setting company backed by years of experience and knowledge.

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Premier B2B Appointment Setting

Creating a More Intelligent Process

When you hire Valve+Meter to perform expert lead generation, we apply a unique process based on experience and driven by data.

While many appointment-setting companies offer a set list of services, Valve+Meter provides a customized solution. As a comprehensive performance marketing company, we have assembled vast resources to help our clients achieve transformational growth.

By the most-conventional definition, appointment setting is the process of scheduling meetings or appointments between two businesses.

This typically involves a sales representative or business development professional reaching out to potential clients or partners to discuss a product or service their company offers and setting a time for a meeting or call to discuss it further. In many models, success is measured in generating more appointments and overlooks revenue growth.

Valve+Meter has dismissed this hidebound view of lead generation and applied data to create a more intelligent process.

A great B2B appointment-setting strategy aims to improve the sales strategy so that high-quality leads are managed throughout the sales funnel and the buyer’s journey. We deeply research your business and design lead-generation campaigns for your unique services and products.

Most importantly, we test our campaigns, adapt processes, and measure success in your revenue growth.

Our B2B appointment setting can be a valuable tool for small and medium-sized businesses looking to expand their customer base or build partnerships with other companies. By relying on math to inform our efforts, you will connect with potential clients and partners and explore opportunities you may otherwise miss.

Appointment setters can also help build trust and establish a relationship with your target audience and throughout your industry because we are driven by quality before the volume of set appointments.

Prospect List Management

Our ThinkFirst™ process is the first step in the lead generation process. As part of our ThinkFirst™ process, Valve+Meter researches your company and industry and evaluates your position within the market.

Because the role of your sales team is to close deals and delight customers, our leaders initially research your existing data to discover a wealth of hidden resources. Customer relationship management (CRM) provides insight into your success, weaknesses, and growth opportunities.

A management team with limited CRM knowledge will struggle to analyze this data. B2B appointment setting can also be valuable for building relationships with existing clients and remarketing to prospective clients discarded by your busy sales representatives.

Every sales team struggles when a lead is cold or the key decision-maker cannot be reached.

The skill and experience to separate cold and warm leads from hot leads are unique to appointment setters and other sales development professionals. In addition to setting appointments, B2B appointment setting involves lead nurturing, sales outreach, and follow-up that quickly achieve goals for your business.

Potential customers are discovered from your successful partnerships, hidden internal data, and our research to build an ideal buyer persona (IDP). Lead qualification goes beyond who you have served and how to reach a similar buyer.

We source the correct data for your program using industry (NAICS/SIC) codes, technographics, geography, revenue, employee data, titles, and dozens of other criteria. Qualified leads both desire and have the capability and authority to buy your products and services. This provides a complete list of target prospects.

Campaign Development

The B2B lead generation process deploys multiple channels orchestrated together to achieve the desired outcome.

Since Valve+Meter is not simply an appointment-setting company, we have the internal resources to build intricate campaigns across many industries. When designing outbound marketing, there is no formula or infographic that works for every company.

A key component of math before marketing and building scalable results is testing. To test qualified appointment settings, a clear campaign must be developed. Our focus is on using the right combination of marketing to meet our client’s unique goals.

As we design a complete strategy for your business, we develop multiple scripts and objection-handling documents for our business development representatives (BDRs). We also utilize email marketing, either using artificial intelligence (AI) for prospecting or workflow cadences to improve lift.

Many campaigns are served by direct mail, dimensional mail, targeted display advertising, and other efforts that place the right message in front of key prospects.

Training and Testing

Our in-house team has broad experience across many industries. By researching and building strategy, our highly talented team focuses on appointment-setting efforts aimed at highly specific prospects. We focus on the quality of prospects so we can also hire quality appointment setters.

Our management team starts by assigning the right people for your specific B2B appointment-setting campaign. This includes drawing from past experience to meet your goals and match you to your ideal buyer. We rehearse and beta test phone scripts.

Our BDRs are included in the research into your industry, your products, your objections, and your goals. Before a campaign begins, our BDRs often work with your thought leaders and sales representatives to become exceptional subject matter experts.

We then begin testing a small group of prospects to determine if the messaging and sales pitch resonate. As our focus is not closing deals but finding the most effective strategies to generate, qualify, and nurture leads, we are driven by hypothesis and constant improvement.

Once key performance indicators (KPIs) are validated and all requirements are met within our careful testing process, we begin iterating the campaign.

Campaign Launch

The BDRs assigned to your account now begin to set appointments. Appointment setters work backward through your sales funnel to target the correct number of prospects to meet your goals.

Most of our clients have an unlimited appetite for marketing that works, but our appointment-setting service can create congestion in the sales pipeline. An overabundance of qualified sales appointments may overwhelm your sales team.

We work at scale to generate leads and open valves that are commensurate with your capacity. Eventually, we launch the program into a broader set of prospects and continue analyzing the data for conversion at each stage.

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When To Build or Buy Marketing

One of the most common issues facing B2B businesses is whether to build an internal marketing team or outsource marketing.

When you consult with Valve+Meter, our strategists analyze your current situation and consider your long-term goals.

Our complete analysis helps our partners build toward your strengths and entrust your biggest challenges including appointment setting to our team.

Lead Nurturing 2/3
Less than 65% of B2B marketers use lead nurturing tactics.
Internal Teams 70%
Investing in a dedicated sales development team is a top consideration for 70% of CSOs.
Conversations 4.4
Sales representatives have on average 4.4 quality conversations per day.
Make An Impact 7
The average B2B purchase includes 7 decision-makers.

Driving Growth

The Benefits of Appointment Setting Service for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses

Valve+Meter Performance Marketing offers an exhaustive suite of services. For small and medium-sized businesses eager to grow, marketing is often seen as an expense. When data drives every decision, performance marketing becomes an asset. In the case of working with appointment setting companies, there are a number of advantages:

  • Save Time. Hiring a B2B appointment setting agency eliminates the time it requires for small to medium-sized businesses to reach qualified leads. Without the proper resources, these efforts are incredibly time-consuming. Appointment setting companies allow businesses to focus on their core competencies and day-to-day operations.
  • Reach More Leads. Our extensive networks, access to technology, and research process discovers a larger and more diverse audience than internal sales teams might be able to on their own.
  • Improve Sales Efficiency. Marketing is often seen as an expense because sales representatives are not expert appointment setters. Nurturing leads through the sales funnel helps businesses streamline their sales processes. When sales representatives engage buyers at the bottom of the sales funnel, this can help businesses close more deals and increase revenue.
  • Lead Nurturing and Relationship Building. Expert specialists help businesses build relationships with potential clients and partners by facilitating introductions and setting up meetings. This can be valuable for long-term business growth.
  • Access to Technology and Tools. Advanced technology and cutting-edge tools can help businesses grow without expending excessive capital. The barrier to access is much lower when you work with a professional appointment setting company.
  • Access Specialized Expertise. Even if your business can afford the latest tech, finding experts with the skillset, experience, and hyper-focused strategy to feed your sales pipeline is incredibly difficult.
  • Reduce Costs. The practical culmination of these benefits is the overall costs. Hiring a B2B appointment setting company reduces costs for small to medium-sized businesses by taking on tasks such as lead generation, appointment setting, and sales outreach. This reduced cost is even more dramatically evident at scale. Working with lead generation experts provides flexibility and adaptability to alter efforts seasonally and to scale. For businesses that experience seasonal changes and rapid growth, appointment setting services can expand or wane alongside your business.

What Are The Differences?

Distinguishing Appointment Setting from Cold Calling Sales

B2B appointment setting services and cold calling are incredibly distinct. These strategies are similar in that they both involve reaching out to potential clients or partners to discuss a product or service and scheduling a meeting or call to discuss it further.

The main difference is the focus of the outreach. B2B appointment setting services are focused on scheduling meetings or appointments with qualified leads, while cold calling often involves reaching out to a larger pool of potential clients or partners in an effort to generate leads.

appointment setting services are often described as fishing with a spear whereas cold-calling sales are fishing with a net. There is an extensive research process, thorough training, and brand education immersion within our appointment setting campaign. While cold calling services can be personalized, B2B appointment setting services are highly customized and targeted outreach. For niche products and services, cold calling is not as efficient as appointment setting.

With the goal of building relationships and trust with potential clients and partners, appointment setting services engage high-quality leads through multiple forms of communication and often many interactions. Cold calling, on the other hand, is often limited to making a series of scheduled phone calls across a preset period of time.

B2B appointment setting services involve a broad range of outreach methods, such as email, social media, and online platforms, in addition to phone calls. Cold calling, on the other hand, typically involves making phone calls to potential clients or partners. This adds another level of prerequisite skill for professional appointment setters.

When you are ready to achieve transformational growth with performance marketing, working with Valve+Meter appointment setting services revolutionizes the sales process and releases the full potential of your sales team.