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The Role of Social Media Marketing

Connect and Engage Effectively with Your Audience

Navigating the realm of social media marketing can often seem overwhelming. Which platform should you use? Should you focus on pictures or videos? What’s the right content to share? If these questions sound familiar, you’re in good company.

At Valve+Meter, we aim to streamline and demystify the intricacies of social media marketing, assisting businesses in crafting impactful messages that resonate.

Worldwide Users 4.89B
In a fractured media landscape, businesses must find people where they live. 4.89 billion people use social media.
Average Screen Time 151 Minutes
Internet users spend an average of 151 minutes per day on social media.
Social Media Platforms 7+
The average person bounces between 7 different social networks each month.
Social Media Ads 25% +
Paid social media advertising grew 25% and now exceeds $137 billion annually.

Using Data To Maximize ROI

Increasing Your Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Social media marketing refers to organic and social media advertising for businesses on various social media platforms.

Proper social media management is a powerful way to connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, and drive engagement.

Valve+Meter creates social media marketing strategies that engage followers, leverage the unique features of each platform, and increase your brand visibility across digital media. With billions of active users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms, social media marketing provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach a wide audience and establish meaningful connections.

Data-driven social media marketing services go beyond creating content and posting to your channels. While digital marketing encompasses a broad range of online marketing activities, social media marketing is a specific subset focused on building relationships and learning about your audience.

The unique feature of social media marketing is leveraging the interactive and viral nature of social media to drive brand awareness, generate leads, and foster customer loyalty.

The data and analytics from each platform informs other digital marketing efforts. Adapting messaging and offers across various channels such as email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can increase performance and ROI.

Our Social Media Services

Complete Social Media Marketing Services

You don’t have to settle for off-the-shelf solutions because Valve+Meter is not an ordinary social media marketing agency. Since day-one, our focus has been on serving the long-term best interests of our partners.

When it comes to social media marketing services, you have access to a wide range of options to suit your specific needs and objectives. Our comprehensive services include:

Social Media Strategy Development

Crafting a tailored approach to meet business objectives using social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy Development >

Social Media Audits

Evaluating current social media presence and strategies to identify areas of improvement.

Social Media Audits >

Content Creation and Management

Producing engaging content tailored to each platform, including images, videos, and written posts.

Content Creation and Management >

Content Scheduling and Posting

Utilizing tools and strategies to ensure consistent posting and optimal engagement times.

Content Scheduling and Posting >

Community Management and Engagement

Engaging with followers, responding to comments, and managing online community interactions.

Community Management and Engagement >

Paid Social Advertising

Creating, managing, and optimizing ads across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Paid Social Advertising >

Storytelling and Branded Content

Crafting compelling brand narratives and series for platforms with ‘Stories’ features.

Storytelling and Branded Content >

Social SEO

Optimizing social profiles and content for search within platforms and on search engines.

Social SEO >

Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

Tracking key performance metrics, analyzing results, and providing actionable insights.

Social Media Monitoring and Reporting >

Social Media Analytics and Tools Integration

Implementing tools to capture data and insights for continuous improvement.

Social Media Analytics and Tools Integration >

Influencer Collaboration and Outreach

Partnering with relevant influencers to amplify brand messages and reach a wider audience.

Influencer Collaboration and Outreach >

Social Listening

Utilizing tools to monitor brand mentions, industry trends, and sentiments across the social sphere.

Social Listening >

Crisis Management

Handling negative feedback, addressing controversies, and mitigating potential PR issues on social platforms.

Crisis Management >

Account Setup and Optimization

Ensuring social media profiles are set up correctly and optimized for the best possible visibility and engagement.

Account Setup and Optimization >

Cross-Promotion Strategies

Collaborating with complementary brands or partners to share content and expand reach.

Cross-Promotion Strategies >

Social Media Training

Providing teams with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and optimize their own social media efforts.

Social Media Training >

Platform-Specific Marketing

Tailored strategies for individual platforms (e.g., TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat marketing).

Platform-Specific Marketing >

Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Designing and implementing contests to engage followers and attract new audiences.

Social Media Contests and Giveaways >

User-Generated Content Campaigns

Encouraging and leveraging content created by fans or customers for promotional purposes.

User-Generated Content Campaigns >
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Data-Driven Marketing

A New Perspective on Social Media

Social media marketing, at its core, revolves around principles that many other marketing channels employ. It serves as a powerful tool, enabling businesses to pinpoint their target audience, develop compelling content, enlighten their followers, and gauge performance.

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, especially when it comes to social platforms, requiring businesses to be adaptable and forward-thinking.

While the tactics and strategies for engagement have evolved since the early days of popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the foundational goal remains the same: connect meaningfully with audiences. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, each offer unique opportunities for brand storytelling.

Social media strategy considers how to use each platform to find your audience. To determine the most-effective channel and strategy for your business, Valve+Meter integrates diverse tactics, from SEO and content marketing to paid search, email marketing, and video narratives. By leveraging a comprehensive and tailored approach, we ensure that your social media efforts yield optimal results.

Mobile 99%
Nearly all users engage with social media via a tablet or smartphone.
Brand 9/10
More than 90% of social media users follow at least one brand.

Our Process

How Valve+Meter Creates Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing services can build authentic connections with your audience. That’s why when you work with Valve+Meter, we start by listening and learning about your business.

What are your core values and mission statement? Who are the faces within your business and the goals of your team?

Learning about your business also helps our strategists build stronger social media campaigns. Choosing the right social media platform, messages, and designs helps connect with your specific audience where they spend time.


When you team up with Valve+Meter, we take the time to truly understand you.

It’s not just about the numbers or the metrics; it’s about your unique brand identity. We want to grasp the heartbeat of your organization, uncovering your specific goals and visions for your social media journey.

This phase is foundational, setting the stage for everything that follows. Social media marketing resonates when messages are personalized and authentic.

Research and Planning

Once we’ve delved deep into your brand’s ethos, data guides us forward.

Our team of strategists and experts dive into the wealth of information from your past campaigns and existing customer information.

Your competitors, industry, and your specific marketplace are all valuable resources for research. Valve+Meter finds gaps and opportunities for you.

Your resulting data-driven social media marketing strategy is tailored just for you. The strategy aims not only to meet, but exceed your expectations.

Campaign Launch

With a solid strategy in place, your social media marketing campaign starts. Here, your social media presence is brought to life.

We initiate campaigns designed to resonate with your target audience, ensuring every post, reel, or story is in alignment with your brand’s voice and goals.

Through meticulous tracking, we’re able to measure real-time performance, ensuring every action we take is purposeful.

Analysis and Optimization

Our work is ongoing even after the campaign finishes. We focus on ensuring your social media campaigns are not just alive, but thriving.

We gather data, scrutinize every interaction, and derive insights. This isn’t just about counting likes or shares; it’s about understanding behavior, predicting trends, and optimizing for future success.

If there’s a way to make your campaigns more effective, we’ll find it and test new tactics, ensuring that your social media marketing is always at its peak potential.

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Our Social Media Marketing Strategies

Experts In Building Your Social Media Campaign

Our social media marketing services often begin with the ThinkFirst™ process. While individual campaigns can provide an immediate lift to your business, a long-term social media marketing plan employs numerous coordinated techniques across multiple social channels.

Our social media team has expertise far beyond weekly social media posts and display ads. As a full-service digital marketing company, Valve+Meter guides you through individual strategies tied to specific goals.

Social Media Strategy Development

Creating a mission, vision, and strategy is foundational for achieving success in social media marketing.

Valve+Meter understands everything starts with comprehensively knowing your buyer, their persona, and discerning which platforms they are mostly engage with.

Creating a buyer’s persona and mapping the buyer’s journey enhances the user experience and the ultimate impact of your social media campaign.

Our precise approach aids in efficiently targeting your prospects and developing your brand identity. Our team evaluates competitors, anticipates challenges, and establishes monitoring mechanisms for accurate results.

Regardless of the nature of the campaign – be it a seasonal sale, a significant announcement, or a festive push – Valve+Meter ensures goal-oriented strategies for each. And once the strategy is primed and set, we spearhead its deployment, constantly observing metrics and interactions to ensure desired results.

Social Media Audits

Your social media presence can be complicated by a number of factors. Social media management consistently faces the rise of new platforms and new features within each environment.

Another common challenge for businesses is the vast number of posts, images, videos, and other media shared on your channels. This can be further complicated when multiple people within your sales team or various agencies have spearheaded social media campaigns.

A scheduled social media audit assesses your presence and measures the effectiveness of your channels.

During a social media audit, Valve+Meter employs a systematic process to evaluate your current social media status, examining aspects like engagement, reach, and conversion rates. By understanding where your business stands, you gain clear insights into your ongoing social media marketing plan.

Content Creation and Management

At the core of social media success lies impactful, people-focused content.

Valve+Meter prioritizes generating content that resonates with your audience, be it through captivating visuals, compelling videos, or engaging written posts.

With a full team of writers, designers, and other creative professionals, your social media content is more dynamic and perfectly suited to each platform, ensuring a consistent brand message and personal engagement.

Content Scheduling and Posting

For your target audience across all social media channels, consistent insights from your brand build credibility and recognition.

Timely and consistent posting is paramount in the ever-active world of social media.

Social media marketing services from Valve+Meter leverage sophisticated tools to schedule posts, ensuring a regular stream of content at times when it’s most likely to capture audience attention and foster engagement.

Community Management and Engagement

Many forms of digital marketing are one-sided. Your business demonstrates value and tries to connect with potential consumers.

Social media is unique because it thrives on interaction. Effective social media marketing offers more than strategic content.

Valve+Meter prioritizes nurturing your online community by actively engaging with followers, addressing their queries, and facilitating constructive dialogues.

This approach not only bolsters brand loyalty, it also develops an active and involved community around your brand.

Paid Social Advertising

Crafting and optimizing ads for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, requires a blend of creativity and strategy.

Valve+Meter’s data-driven approach ensures that every penny spent on social ads translates into meaningful engagement and conversions.

Our paid social media marketing experts work with our writers and designers to craft social advertising that looks and feels like native content. Our data analysis includes impressions and clicks, while our landing page design offers even more insight into your audience’s interests.

Every paid social media campaign can increase sales and also maintain your solid social media presence.

Storytelling and Branded Content

Narratives have immense power.

Social media marketing experts use branded content to tell your company’s story, engage with your target audience, and build brand recognition and loyalty.

Storytelling and branded content, distinct from traditional advertising, focuses on creating value-driven materials that resonate with viewers, listeners, or readers, often evoking emotions or offering solutions.

Valve+Meter uses this type of content to seamlessly integrate your brand’s values, messages, and objectives without overtly promoting the product or service.

By prioritizing authenticity and relatability, experts can foster genuine connections between the brand and its audience, encouraging organic sharing and discussions, which in turn amplifies the brand’s reach and influence in the digital landscape.

Social SEO

Search optimization isn’t confined to Google and Bing.

Valve+Meter recognizes the intertwined relationship between search engines and social media. By optimizing your social profiles and content, we ensure a consistent brand message across platforms, further enhancing your online presence.

This boosts visibility both within platforms and on search engines, ensuring that you remain top-of-mind for your target audience.

Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

Effective social media marketing requires understanding your audience. Listening to the voices of your followers helps you build a better marketing strategy.

Social “listening” is an integral component of proactive brand management.

By monitoring mentions of your brand, competitors, and other relevant themes, Valve+Meter safeguards businesses from potential PR pitfalls.

We constantly assess data to determine if strategies are yielding desired outcomes and make adjustments where needed.

Social Media Analytics and Tools Integration

At the heart of online marketing is data. This is especially true of social media.

At Valve+Meter, we go beyond conventional analytics. Integrating cutting-edge analytics tools allows us to capture insightful data, offering a more profound understanding of user behavior and campaign performance.

With these insights at our fingertips, we’re not just reactive; we’re proactive, always striving for continual refinement and improvement in our strategies to ensure optimal results and maximize ROI for your brand.

Influencer Collaboration and Outreach

In the modern social landscape, influencers wield significant sway over brand awareness.

Like any endorsement, a mention from a trusted third party can be included in your social strategy.

Valve+Meter’s approach roots back to rigorous research to ascertain who your audience respects and follows. By partnering with the right influencer, businesses can experience unparalleled growth and engagement.

Social Listening

This echoes the principles of our social monitoring service. Social listening goes beyond individual mentions. It’s about understanding the broader conversations happening around your brand, industry, or competitors, even if your brand is not directly mentioned.

At Valve+Meter, we believe in the power of proactive listening on social platforms. It helps brands stay ahead of conversations, manage sentiments, and respond intelligently when required.

Listening involves analyzing the mood or sentiment behind social mentions to grasp larger trends, feelings, and perceptions.

By understanding these broader trends and sentiments, you can showcase products or services to support or even change the perception of your brand.

Crisis Management

In the digital age, a crisis can escalate rapidly and even derail business goals.

Valve+Meter assists brands in navigating such situations with tact, ensuring negative feedback or controversies are addressed promptly and professionally.

Creating strategic social media content can negate a bad review and change the conversation. Using your social media presence to engage your audience demands careful and deliberate planning.

Account Setup and Optimization

A well-structured social media profile can significantly influence audience perception.

Whether setting up a new social media account or optimizing your outdated profiles, Valve+Meter ensures you maximize visibility and engagement.

Cross-Promotion Strategies

Collaborative marketing can amplify a brand’s reach.

Valve+Meter identifies synergistic partnerships and opportunities for cross-promotion, allowing businesses to tap into new audience segments.

Whether you are an enterprise corporation working with another brand or a small business looking to grow, sharing social media audiences creates new opportunities for growth and organic visibility.

Social Media Training

Empowering businesses is a core tenet at Valve+Meter. We believe that the best marketing strategy includes strengthening your team.

By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, we ensure that businesses remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

We provide comprehensive training, ensuring that in-house teams are well-equipped to handle your social media efforts with finesse. Through hands-on sessions and real-time feedback, we aim to elevate the capabilities of your team, making them confident and competent to navigate the dynamic world of social media marketing.

Platform-Specific Marketing

Platform-specific marketing refers to tailoring marketing strategies and campaigns to the unique characteristics, features, and audiences of individual digital platforms.

Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach across various platforms, Valve+Meter emphasizes optimizing content and engagement methods based on the nuances of each specific channel.

Valve+Meter crafts strategies that are tailor-made for your brand and the individual platforms, ensuring maximum resonance with your respective audiences.

Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Just like working with influencers and using cross-promotion strategies, hosting contests can rapidly amplify engagement and visibility. By tapping into the competitive spirit and the allure of rewards, contests naturally spark interest and participation among users.

Valve+Meter designs and implements these initiatives to engage followers and pull in new audience segments.

With a keen understanding of audience behavior and preferences, our campaigns are tailored to maximize participation, ensuring  each contest not only boosts visibility, but also reinforces the brand’s message and values.

User-Generated Content Campaigns

User-generated content can be extremely valuable for your business.

Authentic testimonials and organic engagement from your fans offers social proof to new targets.

Valve+Meter encourages and curates such content, creating a two-way dialogue between your social media profile and your audience.

By leveraging UGC for promotional endeavors, we not only amplify your reach but also foster a sense of community and trust among your customers, turning them into brand ambassadors.

Trust 50%
Half of Millennials trust influencers’ product recommendations.
Awareness 3/4
76% of consumers have purchased something discovered on social media.
Accounts 7.1
People in the U.S. have an average of 7.1 social media accounts.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a powerful strategy that allows businesses to connect with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive engagement through various social media platforms. It involves creating and sharing compelling content, engaging with followers, and leveraging the unique features of each platform to achieve marketing goals.

With billions of active users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, social media marketing provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach a wide audience and establish meaningful connections.

Traditional media and new media are two distinct forms of communication channels.

Traditional media refers to decades- and centuries-old conventional mass communication including printed publications, television, radio, and billboards. These forms of media are largely responsible for all forms of advertising prior to digital marketing.

New media encompasses digital platforms and technologies that emerged with the rise of the internet. Beginning with display ads, pay-per-click, and blogs, new media grew into the dominant form of digital marketing. Both organic SEO, video, social media, and all online advertising fall into the category of new media. Mobile apps, streaming video, and in-game advertising also fit into new media.

New media offers interactive and real-time communication, allowing users to create and share content. Unlike traditional media, new media provides greater interactivity, customization, and targeting capabilities.

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way information is published, consumed, and shared. Businesses have far more opportunities to engage with audiences in a personalized and dynamic manner.

As digital marketing demonstrated exceptional value for businesses, traditional media began to fracture. Extremely stagnant and low-quality marketing has largely been replaced with digital marketing. In fact, many traditional media outlets have failed as advertising budgets shifted to online channels and social media networks.

Just like traditional media, many online platforms including social media networks struggle to remain relevant as advertising has become the dominant driver of revenue. A wide range of new media marketing has suffered in recent years as audiences have become fractured.

The key advantage provided by traditional media is building a personalized message and brand identity with key targets. Direct mail, television, radio, and even off-site physical advertising have evolved to include state-of-the-art technology to provide audiences with vehicles to engage in a branded experience. Features like QR codes and SMS text transport audiences from traditional media onto smartphone applications and website experiences.

In short, traditional media experiences are learning to thrive alongside social media and other new media campaigns.

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals communicate, offering several advantages over traditional media channels. While traditional media builds credibility and remains a recognizable form of marketing, social media campaigns are highly coveted for a number of reasons:

  1. Targeted Reach: Like search engines and PPC, social media platforms contain unbridled data on social media users. This depth of information allows businesses to precisely target the desired audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Social media advertising campaigns deliver messages to the right people and the right time.
  2. Interactive Engagement: The structure of social media enables direct and interactive engagement between businesses and their audiences. Social media services reward the desire of humans to play games. Users can like, comment, share, and engage with content, creating opportunities for two-way conversations and building stronger relationships.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: For many businesses, traditional media channels do not offer a secure return on investment. A social media marketing plan, when designed by experts, can be exceptionally cost-effective. Creating and sharing content on social media platforms can be culled from your existing content marketing and adapted across multiple platforms. Paid social media advertising options are more affordable than other forms of traditional and digital marketing, allowing businesses with limited budgets to reach a wider audience.
  4. Real-Time Communication: Social media facilitates real-time communication, empowering social media users to ask questions, leave reviews, and inquire about services and products. Nimble businesses can respond quickly and beat out competitors. This enhances customer satisfaction and builds a positive brand image.
  5. Enhanced Analytics and Insights: Social media platforms provide robust analytics tools that offer detailed insights into audience demographics, engagement metrics, and content performance. Social media users self-identify interests ,as well as demonstrate specific behaviors. The data helps businesses refine marketing strategies and optimize social media campaigns for better results.
  6. Viral Potential: Multiple times every day social media content goes viral. The potential for content to spread rapidly among social media users is a major advantage. A business can be transformed in hours upon reaching a vast audience in a short span of time. Viral content can significantly increase brand exposure and generate widespread awareness.
  7. User-Generated Content: Social media encourages user-generated content, where customers create and share content related to a brand or product. This serves as authentic testimonials, reviews, and endorsements, increasing trust and credibility. For decades, influencer marketing has emerged as a viable form to build brand recognition and generate sales.