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Valve+Meter provides comprehensive B2B cold calling services as an extension of your sales team.

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Sales prospecting requires a unique subset of skills including cold calling, follow up, appointment setting, and tracking potential customers.

For small to medium-sized businesses, cold calling services can significantly boost sales. Professional cold calling efforts require extensive training, experience, and patience to effectively impact your sales team.

What if you could access all the skills , technology, and strategy immediately?

Improve Data and Strategies

The Impact of Bad Data On Your Business

Professional cold calling specialists break the mold of the typical sales rep. For many growing companies and nascent products, these outbound lead generation specialists deploy strategies with a proven track record and provide a competitive advantage in cold calls.

Bad Data 62%
The majority of organizations rely on 20-40% inaccurate or incomplete prospect data.
Lost Revenue -$611B
Bad data costs U.S. businesses more than $611 billion annually.
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Valve+Meter Performance Marketing helps to attract potential leads, qualify leads within key audiences, and deliver the desired professional message to convert cold leads into viable sales opportunities. 

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Our Services

Cold Calling Services Designed For Today’s B2B Sales

At Valve+Meter, we have built a team of lead generation specialists who execute the most cutting-edge cold calling strategies. Within all of our cold calling efforts, we use an array of strategies to prospect and qualify sales leads for your business.

Most notably, our cold callers focus on prospecting, allowing your sales and operations to run more smoothly. Our cold calling team advocates as sales development reps for your business.

A more precise term for our lead generation services is prospect nurturing because we apply research and learning before we execute a single cold call. Small and medium-sized businesses run most efficiently when sales reps connect with potential customers at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Attracting cold leads at the top of the sales funnel and even the middle of the sales funnel is an arduous process. Our cold calling services attract high-quality leads; engage them in the sales process; and guide them to the bottom of the sales funnel for your sales team to close.

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Our Process

Outsourcing Cold Calling Services

One of the most specialized services in lead generation is executing an effective cold calling campaign. This is far from the outdated trope of a call center filled with cold calling agents. Call centers most often use high call volume which leads to low conversion rates.

Cold calling agents in a call center have little knowledge and less regard for your goals. Working solely on cold calling scripts fails to act in the best interest of your business and potential prospects.

A legitimate B2B cold calling campaign is a highly strategized process driven by data. This means before making cold calls on your behalf, Valve+Meter performs research on your existing clients and competitors and identifies the most probable prospects.

We then learn about your brand, products, and services. Finally, we execute cold calling efforts driven by strategy. When you outsource cold calling services to our team, we execute campaigns based on proven data.


Conventional call center services prospect through many businesses, blindly seeking leads for you. Cold callers often work solely off a detailed sales script, and even the best cold calling telemarketing experts spend most of their time dialing for new customers. This should not be the goal of the cold calling experience in B2B relationship building.

At the heart of the best cold calling services is making phone calls to qualified businesses on behalf of your business. At the core of your business, you want to elevate your brand as a solution. Without research, cold calling may actually harm your brand’s growth by saturating your brand throughout the marketplace.

Highly effective cold calling services never use call center agents and generalized sales scripts. At Valve+Meter, our leaders and lead generation specialists use the research phase to understand the ideal buyer persona. Within your business, there is data about existing clients and prospects. Unfortunately, customer relationship management is disorganized and mismanaged internally. Valve+Meter has vast forensic experience to mine through your data to identify the correct businesses to apply cold calling efforts to.


Once we have the data and form a picture of the target market, our cold callers become experts in your products or services. We assign a key specialist to your account. Depending on your needs, we may form a team of B2B cold calling experts who focus solely on your campaign. Before the calling process begins, we learn who you are, what your company represents, and the intricacies of your goals. Our cold calling services function as an extension of your business.


By vetting your ideal prospects and gaining expertise on your products or services, our cold caller executes a distinct campaign. Our B2B calling services feature call tracking, call routing, and call analytics, which help businesses better understand and manage ongoing strategies. Depending on your needs, our cold calling solution includes a number of key elements:

Your Business as a Solution

Business-to-business (B2B) cold calling often includes outreach to businesses that have not previously expressed interest in your products or services. Our experts’ first goal is typically verifying the need or pain point within the potential lead and then demonstrating your business as a solution.

Relationship Building

Cold calling is often used as a way to reach out to new businesses and establish a relationship with them. This may also involve follow-up with businesses that have not yet responded to other forms of outreach. Our cold calling is an effective way for businesses to generate leads and increase sales with existing clients when your internal sales team is at capacity. Our experts have the skills to meet with resistance or disinterest with tact and deference.

Prospect for Key Decision Makers

Even the best sales reps can spend vast amounts of effort speaking to the wrong lead. Our cold calling process is designed to reach prospects with the authority to make purchasing decisions. When your sales team speaks with higher-quality leads, you are best positioned to earn more sales.

Manage the Sales Funnel

An effective cold calling service must identify high-quality leads and also understands where those prospects are located in the sales funnel. While your sales teams are most efficient when leads at the bottom of the sales funnel are in your pipeline, high-quality leads exist throughout the sales funnel. By establishing a rapport and building a relationship, cold calls result in conversion to sales appointments.

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Leads 400%
Well-maintained data can increase leads by 400%.
Tools 4/10
41% of sales professionals confirm cold calling is the most effective tool for success.

Benefits of Outsourcing B2B Cold Calling Services

Data, Technology, and Process Improves Results

Our proven track record can help your company develop stronger results for lead generation. There are several more benefits to using business-to-business (B2B) cold calling services with Valve+Meter.


Cold calling can be an affordable way for businesses to reach out to potential clients, especially when compared to other forms of marketing such as advertising or direct mail. Our process of researching your business data prior to executing our cold calling service reduces the volume of calls and increases efficiency.

Immediate Results

For many businesses, initiating a conversation is the most difficult task in the sales process. Cold calling allows businesses to reach out to potential clients directly, demonstrate their value to potential business partners, and start the sales process.

Personalized Relationship Interaction

A well-planned cold call campaign allows businesses to have personalized conversations with potential clients, which can help build relationships with decision-makers and increase the chances of a sale.

Targeted Outreach

Our forensic research of your business data and marketplace analysis saves a vast amount of wasted effort. When you know your target, your aim is more true, including branded messages and the type of content your other marketing efforts should generate.

Top of Mind and Visibility

For nascent products and services, cold calling amplifies your brand. Within a comprehensive cold calling campaign, the initial outreach may focus on increasing your visibility and presence in your target market.

Sales Qualified Leads in the Sales Pipeline

Generating leads via cold calling techniques is part of the research and execution stages of our campaigns. We constantly evaluate the data and optimize our efforts to increase the quality of the leads and advise your sales reps on where they exist within the sales funnel.


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How We Work

How Can An Outside Cold Calling Company Help Generate Leads?

The idea of outsourcing lead generation may be challenging if you have built a high-caliber sales staff within your business. Lead generation is a distinct skill and need within your business. A key distinction between cold calling services and sales professionals is their area of focus in the buyer’s journey.

The buyer’s journey includes stages that attract and engage. Prospects become leads and move to the next phase of the buyer’s journey. During the engagement stage, great sales professionals guide the lead, close sales, and delight buyers.

A great lead generation specialist is highly skilled at attracting prospects. Attraction occurs when they first notice your brand, services, or products. Like all marketing services, cold calling attracts potential customers by demonstrating the need for your business. The innate skills, training, and experience to execute phone calls to businesses that have not expressed interest in your products or services are unique.

When your business needs marketing assistance, cold calling offers a solution for generating leads and starting the sales process. Especially in B2B markets, there are few marketing efforts as powerful as direct, personalized outreach. In a landscape dominated by cookie-cutter social media ads, retargeting tracking campaigns, and pay-per-click search advertising, a real voice is unique.

Beyond the unique skill set of professional lead generation specialists, Valve+Meter has honed our clear strategy and approach when using cold calling. Our research reduces the likelihood of call resistance and wasted effort. We become subject matter experts for your brand and deliver the right message to your target audience. By working with a cold calling company, businesses can benefit from the expertise and experience of our professional strategists, which can help you generate qualified leads and increase sales.

Cold Calls 5
80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls.
Scripts 2x
A complete cold calling script can boost success rates by 2.1 times.
Contacts 6
93% of converted leads only convert by the sixth contact.

Five Key Aspects

There are five aspects of our business-to-business (B2B) cold calling service.

Reduced Costs

The cost to hire, train, and employ a team of cold call experts is a massive barrier to entry. Outsourcing cold calling quickly leverages results against expenses. This is because you can take advantage of economies of scale and pay for only the services that you need.


Valve+Meter possesses the knowledge and experience to effectively reach out to potential clients and generate leads. This can help increase the chances of success and improve the return on investment (ROI) of your cold calling efforts.


Outsourcing allows businesses to scale their cold calling service up or down as needed, depending on their business goals and resources. This can be especially useful for businesses that have a fluctuating demand for their products or services. Outsourcing for young businesses is powerful because the scale is only limited by the capacity of your sales pipeline.


Outsourcing cold calling can help businesses improve the efficiency of sales efforts. Sales reps can focus on other aspects within your company while relying on experts to handle the cold calling.

Access to advanced technology

Valve+Meter provides access to advanced technology and tools, such as call tracking and analytics software so you make your decisions based on data.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Our Efforts Streamline Your Sales

As a full-service marketing company, Valve+Meter positions your business for success. Outsourcing B2B cold calling to experts can provide businesses with a cost-effective, scalable, and efficient method to generate leads and increase sales.

Sales Rep 48%
48% of salespeople do not make a follow-up call.
BDR Strategy 70%
Making at least 6 cold calls can increase contact rates by 70%.

Building a Comprehensive Cold Calling Strategy

Like all of our processes, Valve+Meter follows data to build an effective strategy. For our cold calling services, we build on our strategy and core elements. We are not a call center team. We view our cold calling services as an extension of your sales teams.

Here We Grow

The principal tenet of great companies is developing talent. At Valve+Meter, we are constantly learning and growing. Training is an important step in creating a comprehensive cold call plan. Cold calling can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but our specialists are empowered by coaching. Developing skills and confidence allows team members to flourish.

Among the areas of focus for our team are scripts, objection handling, follow-up, and general communication skills.

Script and Outlines

We do not simply train our team to read from a script. Unlike conventional cold calling agents, your Valve+Meter specialist becomes an expert in the product or service we are representing. We take an active role in generating introductions, value propositions, information gathering, and calls to action.

Objection Handling

We want to understand common concerns and how to handle objections during cold calling. While conventional sales professionals often struggle with this skill, a successful cold call campaign strategy builds in the best responses to reach decision-makers within your target audience.


Like objection handling, follow-up is a unique skill. Setting appointments and follow-up have a far higher conversion rate than first-contact calls. Depending on the goals of your cold call campaign, this may involve setting up a meeting or phone call, or sending additional information about your products or services.

Communication Skills

Sales pitches and lead generation are divergent communication strategies. Constantly learning and striving to be the best communicators distinguishes our team from call center agents. We don’t rely on cold calling tips and tricks. We are driven by growing as individuals and achieving collective success.

Set Clear Goals

Cold calling services begin with setting clear goals. By setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals, we help our sales team focus their efforts and track their progress for you. For instance, most strategies begin with primary goals.

Generate a Certain Number of Leads

We set a goal for the number of leads to generate through cold calling. This may be based on the scope of your business’ prospect list, your sales objectives, and other factors. By setting a goal, we hold ourselves accountable.

Set a Certain Number of Follow-up Meetings

Setting a goal for the number of follow-up meetings guides the purpose of our strategy. While the initial calls may be met with resistance, follow-up meetings have a higher potential for conversion from prospects to leads.

Increase Call Conversion Rates

Focusing on improving the effectiveness of our cold calling is aided by increasing the percentage of calls that result in a sale or follow-up meeting. This informs a later core element of continuous improvement.

Track and Measure Results

Beyond setting goals for individual performance and campaign success, we track data. Data drives action by analyzing what efforts are effective and what strategy is weak. This increases the effectiveness of cold calling and generates more leads and sales. Within our key metrics, Valve+Meter always considers:

Number of Calls

Call volume is not the key indicator of success, but this metric sets the basis for evaluation tools. Valve+Meter always knows how much time and effort is being invested in cold calling, and whether or not we are reaching your target audience.

Call Conversion Rates

The percentage of calls that result in a sale or follow-up meeting informs this metric. We can apply new strategies like testing script optimization using call conversion rates. This data is invaluable to improving cold calling techniques.

Average Call Duration

This is not simply about tracking speed. Often, a high average call duration indicates a higher conversion rate. By not building a single strategy for all cold calling techniques, we are able to trust the data and maximize results.

Cost Per Lead

This key metric calculates the cost of generating each lead through cold calling, by dividing the total cost of a cold calling service by the number of leads generated. All campaigns are measured by return on investment (ROI).

Continuous Improvement

Setting goals and analyzing metrics helps our team improve. We don’t have a wall of cold calling tips and tactics. By continuously reviewing and refining our approach, we increase the effectiveness of cold calling services and generate more leads for you. Within this strategy, we improve cold calling scripts, leadership development, training, ideal audience, and other analytics. Stronger cold calls deliver more leads to your sales team.

Script or Outline

Our leaders work with specialists to build, revise, test new scripts, and measure results. Optimized cold calling scripts and outlines ensure relevancy to your audience and improve results. Testing different approaches and relying on data drives better success.

Sales Training

Every specialist has leaders and teammates that coach them. Valve+Meter never rests on our success. By constantly reading, training, and full immersion in growing, our cold callers are skilled at advocating for your business.

Call Tracking and Analytics

We use state-of-the-art technology to understand the results of our cold calling service and identify areas for improvement. This is not reserved for our leadership as a measure of performance. Every specialist accesses analytics weekly, monthly, and quarterly to perform as strongly as possible for your business.

Target Audience

Businesses are constantly changing, and new needs emerge every day. We regularly review and update your target audience to ensure that our cold calls are targeting the right industries and companies.

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