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Our Team of Experienced &
Dedicated Individuals

What if you had access to a versatile and talented team dedicated to constant improvement? Welcome to Valve+Meter.

Adam Evans Adam Evans Account Manager
Amanda Buttram Amanda Buttram Content Specialist
Andrew Cress Andrew Cress Account Manager
Ashley Dragula Ashley Dragula PPC Analyst
Ashley Heinemeyer Ashley Heinemeyer Special Projects Manager
Ashton Scriven Ashton Scriven VP of Client Success
Ben Adams Ben Adams Marketing Analyst
Ben Chappell Ben Chappell Marketing Strategist
Brian Baker Brian Baker SEO Specialist
Brittany Swain Brittany Swain Art Director
Carl Miller Carl Miller Director of Outreach
Clare Sheehan Clare Sheehan SEO Content Marketing Specialist
Connor Searcy Connor Searcy Marketing Strategist
Corey Griffin Corey Griffin Client Success Manager
Dallas Carter Dallas Carter SEO Content Specialist
Daniel Herrera Daniel Herrera Business Development Representative
David Chastain David Chastain Business Development Representative
Erich Krueger Erich Krueger Project Manager
Erin Downer Erin Downer Project Manager
Eva Baker Eva Baker Business Development Representative
Evan Buckler Evan Buckler Bookkeeper
Jacob Lowe Jacob Lowe Analytics & Insights Manager
Jacob Oglesby Jacob Oglesby Sales Strategist
James Gruening James Gruening Business Development Representative
Jen Gavin Jen Gavin Executive Assistant
Jermaine Miller Jermaine Miller Web Developer
Jesse Sallee Jesse Sallee Director of Digital Marketing
Joe Wanninger Joe Wanninger Chief Marketing Officer
Jonathan Hoyt Jonathan Hoyt Email Marketing Specialist
Joshua Cook Joshua Cook Chief Operating Officer
Kate Hamilton Kate Hamilton Visual Designer
Kelli Malcolm Kelli Malcolm VP of Strategy
Kyle Fellows Kyle Fellows Director of Digital Marketing
Marcia Barnes Marcia Barnes CEO + Founder
Mark Hassan Mark Hassan Accounting Manager
Matthew Ludden Matthew Ludden SEO Specialist
Molly Mathews Molly Mathews Account Manager
Rob Fairfax Rob Fairfax Business Development Representative
Rusty Mikesell Rusty Mikesell Web Developer
Scott Heinemeyer Scott Heinemeyer VP of People Operations
Sierra Miller Sierra Miller Account Manager
Troy Bruinsma Troy Bruinsma Vice President of Business Development
Tyler Jenkins Tyler Jenkins Business Development Representative
Zach Litwiler Zach Litwiler SEO Content Specialist
Zach Rafalski Zach Rafalski Business Development Representative

Our Experience is Your Advantage 

There is strength in numbers. The people who make up Valve+Meter draw on broad individual experiences and networks. From small business owners to CEOs leading thousands of employees and every other position between, Valve+Meter’s eclectic blend of talent represents nearly every experience.

As a business founded on disrupting marketing norms with innovation and enriching culture, Valve+Meter’s team reflects our core values.

We find talented, diverse, and purpose-driven people to create powerful outcomes for our clients. The result is a full-service performance marketing team equipped to power your organization’s results.

Ready to Grow with Our Team?

You will enjoy more than just a marketing agency at Valve+Meter. Our team commits to your organization with unbridled enthusiasm and operational excellence. We are ready for every challenge. Are you?

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