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As brand marketing strategists, Valve+Meter helps your organization package truths about your business that are digestible and attractive to current and future customers.

Elevate Your Brand Strategy

Show Consumers Who You Truly Are

From comprehensive brand audits to crafting compelling brand messages and designing impactful collateral, professional branding services set your digital marketing apart from that of competitors.

Our tailored strategies ensure your brand’s unique identity stands out in a crowded market. Explore how our team of creative minds and strategic thinkers can elevate your brand’s presence and propel your business forward.

Data-Driven Branding Services

Build Stronger and More Relevant Connections

Ensure strategies are not based on assumptions but on tangible evidence of what resonates with audiences. By leveraging data, brands can position themselves more accurately in the market.

Authenticity 88%
Authenticity is a key factor when choosing a brand according to 88% of consumers.
Color 8/10
A signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%.
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What Do Branding Services Do?

Move Beyond the Ordinary Marketing Strategy

Branding services encompass a range of creative services aimed at creating a compelling brand identity that goes beyond just a logo.

Our branding agency develops a comprehensive brand strategy tailored to your business’ unique value proposition and target audience. This involves refining your brand messaging, defining brand positioning, and establishing a consistent brand voice across all your digital marketing efforts.

Our client-focused branding services focus on developing your overall business brand. From your logos to your digital marketing strategies, your vision, personality, and core values should be evident.

Whether you are looking for a single brand positioning analysis or a complete branding strategy, our experts are skilled in conducting market research to understand your prospective clients and ideal customers and connecting your authentic company culture to them.

For both small businesses and established brands, standing out in crowded markets is a constant challenge. With strong branding, your business gains recognition and a competitive edge.

As a full-service agency, Valve+Meter conveys your company’s identity through every touchpoint within your digital marketing services. Through our branding services, we aim to effectively communicate your brand’s message, enhance brand equity, and drive lead generation.

Deliver the right message and form a meaningful relationship with your customer base.

First Impression 0.05 secs
Users form an opinion about your website in about 0.05 seconds.
Customer Service 94%
Brands’ treatment of customers influence 94% of purchasing decisions.
Brand Consistency + 20%
Consistent branding across all channels can increase revenue 10-20%.

Our Branding Services

Applying Branding in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Many branding agencies fixate on their distinct branding service.

What if you teamed up with a branding service that understood the power of your entire digital marketing strategy?

At Valve+Meter, we understand the essence of branding. That is why we take the time to understand your unique business identity. Our services are designed to be customized to fit you, not the other way around.

Brand Audit

Analyze your current brand’s strength and positioning to reach more potential customers.

Brand Audit >
Brand Development

Craft a compelling and memorable brand identity from logo design to brand voice.

Brand Development >
Brand Equity Enhancement

Boost your brand’s value and recognition in the most crowded markets.

Brand Equity Enhancement >
Brand Standards

Set clear guidelines to maintain brand consistency for existing brands and small businesses.

Brand Standards >
Sales Collateral Design

Enhance sales tools with coherent and eye-catching designs and creative materials.

Sales Collateral Design >
Brand Message

Great branding goes beyond the right message. Articulate your brand personality to target audiences.

Brand Message >
Sales Enablement Strategy

Equip your sales team with the right branding tools and techniques that have a strong brand voice.

Sales Enablement Strategy >
Graphic Design Services

Visualize your branding strategy with captivating designs that potential customers remember.

Graphic Design Services >
Video Production and Brand Integration

Seamlessly integrate your brand into engaging video content.

Video Production and Brand Integration >
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Seize the Spotlight

Our brand consultants are ready to make your brand shine.

Set a Date
Transparency 94%
Nearly all consumers state transparency is key to brand loyalty.
Lost Customers 1/3
More than one-third of consumers change brands in pursuit of transparency.
Trust 7 secs
From your marketing to your showroom, customers make an instant decision about trust in just 7 seconds.

Our Process

Crafting Custom Branding Strategies with ThinkFirst™

Your prospective customers want a unique and trustworthy brand.

That’s why we’ve developed ThinkFirst™, a comprehensive process that allows us to create fully customized branding strategies that align with your business’ identity, mission, and goals.

Our branding strategists take the time to learn about your organization from past marketing efforts through your sales and operations.

Authenticity and Connection

The journey begins with self-discovery.

Some brand guidelines are built based on color theory and market research alone.

Valve+Meter works closely with your organization to answer more fundamental questions:

Who are you?

Who do you aspire to be?

And most importantly, who does your audience need you to be?

This introspection leads to the creation of authentic branding projects.

The ThinkFirst™ Discovery Workshop serves as the bedrock for your brand’s story and resonance with both consumers and employees. Valve+Meter’s unique approach harmonizes performance marketing and brand marketing, ensuring scalability, profitability, and a seamless alignment with your company’s mission.

The Foundation of Strategy

Effective brand marketing rests on a robust foundation of research.

Understanding your audience’s desires, preferences, and behaviors is pivotal in establishing your brand’s platform.

Distinguishing your business from competitors is key to our branding services.

Within this phase, your customers and employees emerge as invaluable resources. By engaging them, we uncover what makes your brand special and trustworthy.

Equally important, we identify gaps and areas for improvement. From developing a brand voice to creating your logo design, successful brands always strive to understand both external image and internal business goals.

Crafting Your Brand Identity

With data-backed insights, you can more confidently embrace your brand voice.

Our team crafts distinctive branding services that capture your essence and deliver a clear message to your target audience.

Our experts fine-tune your brand messaging, visual elements, and overall presentation. From the tone of your communication to the imagery across your website, every detail is meticulously designed to foster connection and recognition.

Valve+Meter ensures that your brand doesn’t just echo through the crowded marketplaces but drives new leads excited about your brand design.

Iterating for Excellence

In the world of digital marketing and branding, evolution is a constant.

Our ThinkFirst™ process doesn’t stop with execution; it’s a cycle of continuous enhancement.

We envision business as a flywheel. Packed with potential and ready to accelerate when external energy is applied, our branding services can release the inertia within your business.

We closely monitor the performance of your branding strategies, using data-driven insights to refine and optimize across multiple channels.

This iterative approach ensures that your brand remains relevant, aligned with audience expectations, and well-equipped to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Through ThinkFirst,™ Valve+Meter transforms branding from a mere exercise to a strategic endeavor.

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Why Is Branding Important?

The Power In Your Business Name

How your brand looks, speaks, and behaves defines your business’ identity. Colors, words, images, and fonts shape the perceptions and emotions people associate with your business.

A well-crafted brand strategy, guided by our branding services, ensures your brand voice and visuals effectively communicate your core values and mission.

Distinguishing Your Presence

Whether you are a major brand or a small business, rivals are always present. A strong brand can separate your business name from competitors and make your brand voice stand out.

More importantly, your brand personality helps potential customers remember you and build loyalty.

Valve+Meter works alongside you to identify your key differentiators and unique value proposition. We then apply brand consistency across various channels, from your website and social media to print materials and brand guidelines.

Building Trust and Credibility

Trust is the foundation of customer loyalty. A strong brand exudes credibility.

When your branding is consistent, your business appears reliable and trustworthy. Customers seeking transparency are attracted to a well-defined and consistent brand identity.

Valve+Meter’s expertise in crafting compelling brand messaging and visual elements aids in establishing this trust among your audience.

Fostering Customer Connections

A successful brand builds an emotional connection with target audiences. Branding is not about what you sell, but why you exist and who you serve.

Valve+Meter defines your brand personality and voice, enabling you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

By crafting a brand that resonates with your target customers, you create loyal advocates who not only buy from you but also spread the word about your business.

Driving Business Growth

Branding services have a direct impact on your bottom line.

When your brand is strong you will attract new prospects and retain existing customers.

As a cutting-edge branding agency, Valve+Meter uses data to verify consistent branding across all touchpoints and test new ideas to forge stronger bonds with your customers.

Branding is a powerful tool that shapes how your business is perceived, remembered, and trusted.

Branding Data

Why Your Branding Agency Needs To Understand Your Core Beliefs

Beyond business transactions, your brand’s depth and values deeply influence its success. Customers form strong emotional ties to their preferred brands and distance themselves from the wrong ones. A well-rounded branding strategy is therefore essential for establishing lasting, impactful connections with customers.

Connection 2/3
64% of customers feel emotionally connected to their favorite brands.
Trust 46%
Nearly half of all consumers will pay more for trusted brands.
Values 3/4
76% of consumers will stop purchasing from brands with no social responsibility.

What Branding Services Are Available

Crafting Distinct Identity and Visual Messaging Excellence

Our branding capabilities include a number of techniques and tactics. Your organization’s brand is the most valuable asset for growth and achieving business goals.

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to shape, refine, and elevate your brand’s identity. Our services extend beyond visual aesthetics – we delve into the very essence of your brand, working tirelessly to develop a cohesive and genuine representation.

With a full team of brand strategists, content creators, and designers, Valve+Meter unlocks the full potential of your brand with precision, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Brand Audit

Valve+Meter’s comprehensive brand audit meticulously explores the core of your current brand identity.

This process involves a thorough analysis of your inherent strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our team assesses not only the visual components but also the coherence of your messaging, ensuring its alignment with your brand essence.

With clear insights into overall market perception, you gain a roadmap for strategic enhancement. Whether you are refining your brand’s presence or establishing a new name in the marketplace, we empower a more impactful and resonant identity.

Brand Development

A comprehensive brand strategy encompasses every facet of your business. This carefully executed approach considers the intricacies of customers’ needs, emotions, and alternatives.

Valve+Meter’s brand development services blend vocabulary, colors, typography, photography, and graphic treatment. Even the choice of paper for sales collateral plays a part in shaping your visual identity.

In the case of small business branding services, thoughtful brand development guides your overall digital marketing across your website, advertising, and social media. Even for enterprise accounts, visual identity, and brand personality extends through all your digital marketing campaigns.

Brand development paves the way for your brand to linger in the minds of consumers from initial awareness through multiple buying cycles.

Our goal is to craft a lasting impression, ensuring that when consumers are poised to make a purchase, your brand is their top-of-mind choice.

Brand Equity Enhancement

Ever wondered how your brand appears to consumers at a glance?

Brand equity is the reputation your brand accumulates over time. For healthy brands, it is synonymous with quality or evokes emotional connections.

The more robust your equity, the higher the perceived value from consumers. Consumers and the market are always changing. To remain relevant and grow, your business must adapt to meet consumer needs and expectations, while preserving your brand equity.

Each logo, typeface, design element, and image provides a canvas to convey your identity to the world. Data merges with creativity to enhance your brand equity and earn a greater influence in your market.

Our ingenious branding strategists, skilled in the art of attentive listening, are dedicated to translating your narrative into meticulous designs, layouts, and colors.

Augmenting your brand’s equity can radically transform your visual identity and overall perception. Through calculated enhancements in design and messaging, we contribute to enhancing your brand’s recognition, fostering trust, and amplifying its overall value.

Brand Standards

With research, campaign execution, and analysis, Valve+Meter helps you measure and enhance your brand’s perception.

Brand standards are the guidelines that preserve this hard work. Encompassing color schemes, font choices, logo specifications, and even email signatures, brand standards maintain consistency wherever your brand appears.

These standards are the guardrails ensuring your brand retains its potency; without them, your brand might lose its impact and effectiveness. The absence of brand standards often leads to a chaotic scenario.

Many organizations create brand guidelines but stop at logos, signage, and business cards. Brand standards aren’t reserved solely for major corporations or intricate marketing strategies. Think of them as the glue that binds your brand, while safeguarding its essence.

Valve+Meter builds comprehensive and easy-to-follow brand standards to provide a consistent message.

Sales Collateral Design

Our proficient team specializes in crafting sales collateral that applies your brand standards across all materials.

When you strike the perfect balance between engagement and information, your brand voice is most effective. Valve+Meter’s thorough design materials play a pivotal role in bolstering your sales efforts, effectively capturing the attention of your audience and nurturing them through the buyer’s journey.

Our sales collateral design includes:

  • Infographics: Maintain consistent color schemes and fonts to establish your brand across your website, social media, presentations, and other channels.
  • Sales Enablement Materials: Empower your sales team with tailored materials like sales kits, guides, and training resources. With a full team of technical writers, creative content creators, and graphic designers, Valve+Meter equips your team with the necessary information and resources to effectively drive conversions.
  • Brochure Creation: Move your digital marketing onto the printed page. Our creative team crafts visually captivating and informative brochures that showcase your offerings, values, and expertise. These brochures are potent tools for imprinting a lasting impression on your audience from the showroom, sales appointments, tradeshows, and other networking events.
  • Business Card Design: Make an impactful first impression and a lasting connection with your business network. We design professional business cards that encapsulate the very essence of your brand.
  • Promotional Material Design: From banners to flyers, we create attention-grabbing promotional materials that effectively communicate your promotions, trade events, and offers.
  • Signage Design and Implementation: Place prospective consumers into your brand’s core identity and efficiently convey information with great signage. We manage the implementation process, ensuring your signage harmonizes with your overall branding strategy.

These specialized services under Sales Collateral Design reflect our commitment to bolstering your brand’s visual identity and messaging, ultimately driving engagement and conversions.

Sales Collateral Services

Brand Message

The right message can transform your products, services, and your entire business.

Developing a compelling brand message is a cornerstone of effective branding. Your brand message communicates your business’ essence, differentiators, and unique value proposition.

Ultimately, your best sales representative is your brand. This means brand messaging encapsulates not only what you offer but also the vision, mission, and core values that set you apart. Valve+Meter specializes in formulating brand messages that make a lasting impression.

Sales Enablement Strategy

Empowering your sales team with a well-defined sales enablement strategy is integral to driving successful customer interactions.

Your business culture is not simply an outward message but an internal anchor. Our strategic approach equips your sales team with tailored resources, impactful content, and valuable insights.

When your team understands the why behind your business, they can more effectively engage prospects and expertly guide them through every step of the buyer’s journey.

Sales Enablement Services

Graphic Design Services

At Valve+Meter, we specialize in graphic design services that encompass a diverse spectrum of visual assets, spanning from compelling digital graphics to engaging print materials.

With a team of graphic designers and artists, we can apply every branding tactic across your marketing materials.

Captivate your audiences with dazzling designs that separate your business from all rivals. More importantly, build enthusiasm for your brand within your customer base.

Graphic Design Services

Video Production and Brand Integration

Our video production and brand integration services effectively convey your brand’s personality, values, and vision, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Valve+Meter understands the power of video as a compelling storytelling medium. Our expert team excels in producing engaging videos that seamlessly integrate your brand’s messaging, resulting in deeper connections with your audience.

Video Marketing Services
Strategy First

Plan. Implement. Win.

Talk to our experts to build your tailored branding tactics for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information from our branding experts?

Valve+Meter delivers branding services for companies driven to understand their organization’s true meaning and purpose.

Step 1: Brand Strategy and Market Research

Crafting a compelling brand starts with defining a clear brand strategy.

This involves conducting thorough market research to understand your target audience, industry trends, and key competitors.

What are your unique value propositions?

What sets your business apart in crowded markets?

Branding services focus on brand positioning in the strategy and research phase.

Step 2: Developing Brand Identity

Once armed with insights from market research, your branding agency develops your brand identity.

This step includes creating or redesigning your company’s visual elements, such as logo design, color palette, typography, and other digital assets.

Your branding needs include effectively communicating your company’s values to your ideal customers. A branding agency’s expertise in graphic design and web design ensures a consistent and visually appealing brand across various touchpoints.

Step 3: Crafting Brand Messaging

Brand messaging includes your written, spoken, and visual elements.

It involves creating a consistent brand voice and messaging that resonates with your target audience.

What’s the right message that effectively communicates your key differentiators and value proposition?

Developing your brand’s personality and voice ensures your brand genuinely resonates with audiences.

Step 4: Consistent Branding Across Channels

From social media marketing to print ads and other digital assets, every aspect of your branding needs to align with your brand guidelines.

A full-service branding agency can guide you in creating a comprehensive brand style guide and ensure consistent branding in all marketing materials and campaigns.

These four steps, led by a branding agency, enable you to create a strong and unique brand identity that resonates with your prospective clients, effectively communicates your business’ identity, and sets the stage for success in your lead generation and marketing efforts.

Branding services span a myriad of activities and strategies, all geared toward defining, creating, and elevating a brand.

At the heart of these services are foundational elements such as brand strategy development and brand messaging. These elements inform the brand guidelines that deliver a consistent representation of a brand.

As businesses grow, branding services adapt to meet the needs of marketing across many channels.

The best brand agencies adapt services to capture the authentic brand identity and voice to power digital marketing campaigns of all sizes.


A distinctive brand identity not only sets your business apart from its competitors, it also resonates with your target audience, fostering trust and loyalty.

Branding experts offer your businesses the resources and experience to build or revamp your image and invest in your brand identity.

Brand identity design services are essential for creating a strong and distinctive visual representation of your brand.

Yes, there is a difference between enterprise and small business branding services.

While the fundamental principles are shared, distinctions arise mainly from the scale, complexity, resources, and objectives of the two types of businesses.

Scale & Scope

Branding for enterprises usually operates on a larger scale across different regions, cultures, and even language.

Branding efforts are typically more localized, focusing on niche markets or specific communities that the business serves.


Enterprises might have multiple product lines, sub-brands, or services that each require distinct branding strategies while maintaining a cohesive brand image.

For small business branding services, a singular or more-focused product or service helps streamline your branding approach.

Budget & Resources

With larger budgets, enterprises invest heavily in expensive branding agencies. Those vast resources can affect branding guidelines. With many more people involved in the process and often multiple branding agencies working for the same corporation, enterprise brand guidelines must be exact.

Small business branding services operate on a smaller budget and sometimes use DIY approaches. A branding agency can help to codify branding guidelines and launch consistent campaigns for all branded materials without excessive expense.

Stakeholder Involvement

Numerous stakeholders, including shareholders, boards, and regional managers, can influence the branding decisions of larger businesses.

Fewer stakeholders are typically involved in small and medium-sized businesses. Individual owners and small teams are more nimble and allow for quicker decision-making.

Flexibility & Agility

This leads to a key distinction. Changes to branding elements can be slower due to the size and bureaucratic nature of large corporations.

Small businesses can be more agile and adapt to market changes. While enterprise businesses often turn to a brand agency to oversee branding consistency, smaller businesses can meet objectives quickly across all marketing channels.

Despite these differences, the core goal of branding remains the same for both: to create a memorable and positive perception of the business in the minds of customers and stakeholders.