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Your business needs marketing solutions designed for home services. Valve+Meter provides a complete digital marketing that prioritized user experience and quick lead conversion.

Your home services business is unlike other industries, so why do most marketing agencies offer the same tactics? A conventional home services marketing strategy relies on outdated paid advertising like radio, billboard, television, and websites designed by graphic designers that have not studied your business.

Many digital marketing agencies ignore the unique challenges within home services and refuse to research the specific needs of your business. To capture more high-quality leads, home service businesses need customized solutions built on research and a deep understanding of your business.

Valve+Meter Performance Marketing executes this research and designs specific strategies for home services marketing. We have identified key performance indicators to open up new strategies that shift away from ineffective advertising. Our structures and processes help home service companies of all sizes attract a greater share of leads, quickly engage prospects, and convert more sales. 

When you hire Valve+Meter, our team transforms how your home services marketing fits into your business. Our services span a comprehensive suite of services that unlock the potential within your business. Instead of your sales and marketing team picking a specific type of campaign and hoping for better results, Valve+Meter applies research and data to identify the best digital marketing for your specific home service business. The most effective strategies are repeatable and scalable. With data-driven decisions, performance marketing becomes an asset within your business, fueling sales and helping to increase revenue year over year.

Why Home Services Digital Marketing Strategies are Unique

Your home services digital marketing must stand out from the crowd. Many challenges include identifying your ideal buyer, competing with other local businesses, and emerging technologies that shift how homeowners search for your products and services.  

These are just a few reasons Valve+Meter designed our ThinkFirst process. Our strategy experts have a deep understanding of the home services industry. We have successfully helped HVAC companies, plumbing contractors, electricians, basement waterproofing, pest control, and many other home service businesses across the United States achieve transformational and sustainable growth. Our team applies our knowledge and experience to examine your business during ThinkFirst. Based on this intensive study into your existing marketing, sales, and organizational structure, Valve+Meter provides a recommendation to help your company capture potential customers and increase your return on marketing spend (ROMS).

Every strategy is data-driven and measurable. An initial home service digital marketing strategy will often blend paid advertising with organic inbound marketing. For instance, our paid strategists use PPC advertising, Google local service ads, and social media ads to quickly generate leads for your home services business. Concurrently, a complete content marketing strategy will improve your website content with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A thorough SEO audit includes technical enhancements and valuable keywords to earn a higher position within Google Search Engine Results. The combination of these strategies is quick results through paid ads and long-lasting organic SEO that helps you rank high in native search results. Every effort is designed to place your brand in front of more local customers by targeting the digital platforms your ideal audience is using.

As an industry leader in home service digital marketing, Valve+Meter understands the power of Speed to Lead. This study of the home services target audience reveals how much contemporary customers rely on search results to drive their purchasing decisions. Most homeowners and business owners find home service companies through Google and other search engines. As a home services provider, your brand must rank high in all local searches across Google and Bing. This includes paid results, organic search, and Google Map results. 

More importantly, home service professionals need qualified leads in real-time. This is commonly overlooked by other marketing firms whose strategies do not understand the home services sector. When a new lead is captured, your website will be optimized for prompt solutions. Our marketing strategies ensure leads immediately engage with high-quality content and clear calls to action. In short, Valve+Meter designs marketing to attract, engage, and quickly convert prospects for your sales and support teams.

Working with Valve+Meter Performance Marketing promises another unique experience. Every marketing tactic is tracked, measured, and evaluated. From how effective content marketing performs in capturing organic search results to how many leads are converted from your latest Google ads, our actions are driven by data. By testing our hypotheses, we focus marketing resources to the efforts that generate more revenue. Performance marketing reduces wasted expenses, and vanity marketing that doesn’t earn results. This transforms how marketing fits into your business.Valve+Meter’s structure measures your return on marketing spend so you can build consistent and scalable results for your home services marketing campaigns. Contact Valve+Meter Performance Marketing, and our team will remove the guesswork from your marketing. Backed by experience and powered by measurable results, Valve+Meter continually delivers transformational growth for our home service business partners.

Growing Your Home Services Company

Your home services business faces a plethora of local competitors within your service area. No matter how far you expand into new territories, most home services face the unique challenge of competing for a share of the business within a specific geographic area. Larger businesses and corporate brands can threaten to outbid you for traditional advertising. Digital marketing can level the playing field with innovative marketing strategies.

Valve+Meter helps home service companies grow by emphasizing a local marketing strategy. Many marketing companies will build campaigns that waste resources competing against home service companies far away from your service area and even in different states. Our processes ensure your business listings are reaching your target market and your online marketing is competing for new customers within your service area.

Home services companies often plateau or grow at a slow pace because of the limitations of traditional marketing. To truly experience transformational growth you need to get uncomfortable and disrupt your expectations. By researching the tendencies and trends of homeowners within your specific service area, Valve+Meter builds outbound and inbound marketing strategies that increase your visibility to your target audience. Home services marketing with Valve+Meter releases the full potential within your business.

Key Elements of Home Services Marketing

Valve+Meter utilizes a number of different marketing strategies in order to deliver consistent results to your home services business. Our approach to home services marketing helps your business plan and execute campaigns driven by data and research. Home services businesses grow through high visibility across all digital media. In our initial phase, Valve+Meter researches how each strategy can be tailored to increase leads for your business. We then test all of our marketing efforts so you know exactly where your actual customers are discovering your products and services. From local services ads to social media posts, we follow the data to earn you more leads and lower your marketing costs.

pay-per-click (ppc)

Valve+Meter utilizes pay-per-click, or PPC, by optimizing advertisements that will generate prospective customers to your website. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for your home service business will deliver fast results and fill existing content gaps in your current organic strategy. Our team of specialists can quickly launch innovative ad campaigns whenever business seems to be hitting a lull.

Google local services Ads

Advertise your services directly to potential customers on Google in your precise market.

For home service businesses, Google’s Local Services Ads reach potential clients who trust Google. Your Google Guaranteed Badge helps your online reputation. Homeowners are likelier to book jobs online when Google’s process has vetted their home services business.

Display ads

Reaching more leads demands building a relationship with website visitors.

Display advertising is effective at retargeting prospective customers with banner ads across various platforms including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other third party ad platforms. Valve+Meter uses metrics to reach your target audience with a bidding strategy to maximize return on marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is improving all of the content on your website and other digital media to perform on search engines. Valve+Meter designs key strategies that help home services companies rank higher in Google and other search engines.

One crucial aspect of home service marketing is local SEO. This strategy identifies the exact keyword phrases searched in your location. Your local SEO strategy includes content and technical structures and processes to earn greater visibility in search results in your local area. This is extremely powerful within the home services sector.

Content Marketing for HOme Services

Search engine optimization often involves complex audits, technical strategies, and tactics to increase the search visibility of home service professionals. Once potential new customers arrive on your website, content marketing tells your brand’s story with people-focused content. Pillar-based marketing strategies, topic cluster blogs, video marketing, imagery, and long-form content distinguish your home services marketing from the competition.

At Valve+Meter, our content marketing includes the core elements of SEO, including keyword research and strong internal link building to help your home services marketing take shape.

Google Business PRofile (GBP)

Claiming and optimizing Google Business Profile (GBP) with Valve+Meter marketing experts helps brands of all sizes increase visibility in organic searches and most importantly, Google Maps. Your Google Business Profile often introduces your company to new customers. A well designed and maintained profile earns more phone calls, website visitors, and appointments for your company.

Google is also key to building your online reputation. Your profile helps to highlight customer testimonials and earn high quality reviews. When your profile is strong potential customers are more likely to choose your home services business.

Web development Services

If you have a website that is underperforming, or you don’t have a website at all. Home services marketing demands that customers find your products and services, but once leads arrive on your site, the site speed and performance is key. A slow website or poorly structured website will quickly lose a potential customer. The web development specialists at Valve+Meter transform your website into a blazing fast and optimally performing site, ready to compete against all competitors.

home services website design services

A fast website should also look phenomenal and appeal to the user experience. Just because your business is small or medium-sized doesn’t mean your brand shouldn’t stand out. The web designers at Valve+Meter help to define your brand identity to potential clients through visually stunning and intuitive design. Home Services Marketing executed by Valve+Meter are also based on research into what appeals to the key decision-makers within residential households and small businesses.

conversion rate optimization

Home Services marketing demands more than just attracting leads. While powerful SEO and beautifully built websites help build your brand Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) utilizes data to find the ideal landing pages to align intent with purchase. When a prospect arrives on your website, quantitative and qualitative analysis tools inform CRO strategy. Valve+Meter helps to manage and analyze complex data and adjust strategies to convert more leads to buyers.

outbound lead generation

Home services providers often occupy a unique category within marketing-serving both residential and commercial businesses. Home services marketing to businesses can be a challenge for many small to medium-sized businesses. Outbound lead generation empowers your home services company to reach more businesses, including cold calling, networking, trade shows, and other strategies to generate more leads and build brand awareness.

email marketing

Many people find home service companies through search engines like Google but need information before making a decision. Many home services offer ongoing services.

Email marketing is an effective marketing tool to deliver marketing materials, increase brand awareness, build relationships, and stay in front of satisfied customers between buying cycles. Valve+Meter has proven data-driven strategies for email marketing.

social media marketing

Social media marketing meets your potential customers on desktop and mobile devices. The platforms are key to showcasing your company’s personality and expanding across all digital media. Valve+Meter uses organic social media posts, and social ads are key to capturing new business in-home services. A key segment of homeowners spends time on websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

creative marketing

As a comprehensive digital marketing agency, Valve+Meter has every solution a home services company needs to grow its business. Creative marketing strategies include branding, video marketing, graphic design, video, and disruptive tactics. If your home services marketing strategy has grown stale and your growth has plateaued, then the solution may be a tactic that doesn’t yet exist.

Grow Your Home Services Marketing

Performance marketing removes the guesswork from home services marketing. When data drives your decisions, your business can experience transformational growth. Valve+Meter uses a wide range of strategies to help your online marketing reach more potential customers. More importantly, we have successfully executed our data driven marketing throughout many home services markets and specialities.

Every marketing campaign is measured and tested to prove the most effective strategies for your business. Our experience with other businesses within your market can help you grow. This means that you can focus your ad spend on the correct strategies and stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t gain results. Performance marketing for home services businesses delivers consistent and scalable results. Contact Valve+Meter for a free analysis and learn more about how we have empowered business in these home services markets.

HVAC Marketing

Valve+Meter has a deep understanding for HVAC marketing. We have extensive success transforming HVAC companies across the United States. Effective HVAC marketing involves a full combination of paid, organic, and website development. Promoting heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services to homeowners or businesses requires highly specific strategies to dominate Google search results in every possible position. Our proven marketing strategies include targeting specific audiences based on demographics and location. We surround your great products and services with powerful informational pages, transactional service pages, blogs, and landing pages to convert every type of homeowner and business owner. Our HVAC Marketing Agency executes cutting-edge HVAC marketing that is effective, repeatable, and scalable.

Home Security Marketing

Homeowners need to feel safe and secure within their home. Home security marketing involves promoting installation and monitoring services for home security systems. A second element that is rapidly rising in popularity include home automation equipment and smart devices. Marketing strategies can effectively target the specific locations your services are offered and design digital marketing materials to quickly convert leads to your sales team. In most home services, and certainly in home security, the speed from the moment homeowners search for your products and services to the buying decision is rapid. Valve+Meter knows how to capture leads and quickly convert prospects into buyers.

Plumbing Marketing

Valve+Meter has successfully designed marketing strategies to impact plumbers and plumbing companies quickly. Localized marketing strategies help your brand stand out from competitors. Our research identifies the exact phrases homeowners in your target area use to search for services and products. While other marketing firms use broad terms and data that reflect national search terms, our Plumber Marketing Agency identifies, tests, and optimizes your digital marketing to be more effective and reduce the expenses of marketing your business. This strategy helps our partners in the plumbing industry grow.

Electrician Marketing

Professional electricians include distinct services, including new installations, upgrades, renovations, general fixture updates, and more cutting-edge services. With the electrification of automobiles and greater demand for renewable energy, marketing for electricians who install electric vehicle chargers, solar panels, home backup generators, and smart home technology is greater than ever. 

Our Electrician Marketing Agency can distinguish your specialty and promote your home services businesses to the right homeowners and businesses at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Marketing strategies may include content marketing, PPC, website design and development, and social media. 

In the case of emerging technologies, demand generation is often key to great marketing. Showcasing how your technology can improve the daily lives of homeowners and businesses can be challenging, especially for startups and young small businesses. Performance marketing helps to build your marketing intentionally so every marketing effort is attributable and measurable. This reduces marketing spend and provides clarity on how to grow your business.

Flooring Marketing

In a highly competitive marketplace where flooring specialists must compete with big box retailers and discount distributors, performance marketing can help you earn a greater visibility across search engines, social media, and other digital media. A key method to help flooring businesses stand out from competitors is identifying highly specific keywords in hyper-localized areas. 

Valve+Meter has the tools and expertise to research the search terms used in the neighborhoods most valuable to your business. Building SEO and PPC ads to target these terms and the locations you serve help to greatly reduce wasted marketing efforts. While competitors spend aggressively trying to showcase specialized materials such as hardwood or tile or targeting specific audiences such as homeowners with pets or families with young children, performance marketing identifies the actual terms your target audience is searching and buying.

Cleaning Services Marketing 

One of the most common home services businesses is cleaning. Cleaning services includes interior and exterior cleaning of homes and businesses. Marketing for cleaning services involves promoting cleaning and maintenance services to homeowners or businesses in a specific area. In many cases, cleaning services are highly specialized. For example, carpet cleaning, window washing, power washing, and junk removal require unique SEO, paid, and content marketing strategies that are distinct from conventional housekeeping services. Marketing strategies may include emphasizing personalized services, showcasing eco-friendly or natural cleaning products, and targeting specific audiences such as medical facilities or vacation rental owners.

Turf Management Marketing

Lawn care and mowing services face marketing unique challenges as a seasonal business in a competitive marketplace. This often means that owners operate as both operators, sales reps, and marketers. In order to grow, marketing strategies can effectively act as an extension of your business by performing outbound lead generation to businesses, municipalities, and homeowners associations (HOAs). 

Creating high quality paid campaigns generates demand when homeowners are seeking turf management solutions in the spring. Inviting websites, informative SEO content marketing, and branded email campaigns help to retain clients during the off season and build loyalty for your brand. Like other home services marketing campaigns, commercial lawn mowing services are most successful within a specific market and demographic. Building data driven marketing campaigns and outsourcing these strategies allows commercial turf management businesses to focus on executing high quality services.

Construction Marketing

Easily one of the most broad industries, construction may refer to new building projects as well as outbuildings like barns, decks, sheds, sunrooms and leisure spaces. Construction marketing involves promoting construction services that attract highly qualified leads. The acquisition cost of each lead can greatly impact the profitability within competitive markets. 

There are also many specialties within the construction industry that can be highlighted with performance marketing. Marketing strategies may include showcasing specialized services such as green building or historical restoration, emphasizing personalized design services, and targeting specific audiences such as luxury home buyers or commercial developers. Performance marketing eliminates guesswork by identifying the ideal buyer persona for your home services business and executing marketing strategies to engage that specific audience.

Home Installation Companies

Garage door marketing, patio doors, home automation, window installation and other companies that specialize in maintenance, replacement, and installation of homes need unique strategies. Promoting services and products is a specialty of Valve+Meter. There are key terms and tendencies that homeowners use when searching for the services. By building campaigns to capture leads early in their buying process, home installation and repair service businesses can be more effective than competitors. 

Organic SEO, PPC, and paid retargeting can keep your brand top of mind while homeowners search for solutions like smart garage door openers, energy efficient windows, and other upgrades to their homes. These buying cycles can be rapid in the case of broken and faulty equipment. Or homeowners will start to consider an upgrade many months before buying. Valve+Meter uses data to separate top of the funnel leads from bottom of the funnel leads. Our distinct methodology helps quickly convert hot leads to your sales team while building brand awareness with prospects early in the buyer’s journey.

Hardscape Marketing

The rise of the backyard as a second living space provides a great opportunity for hardscape companies to grow. Hardscape marketing involves promoting design and installation services for outdoor living spaces such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pools, reflecting ponds and other backyarding features. Marketing strategies may include showcasing specialized materials such as pavers or natural stone, emphasizing personalized design services, and targeting specific audiences such as homeowners with large outdoor spaces or commercial properties with outdoor gathering areas.

Performance marketing helps hardscape companies target the right demographic with the ideal messaging. Organic SEO for hardscape companies helps to capture all levels of prospects. Informative keywords educate homeowners across your website, landing pages, and social media. Transactional keywords grab the emotions and excitement of homeowners ready to contact a build a hardscape project. Outbound lead generation can help hardscape companies connect with business owners, golf courses, municipalities, and homeowner associations to install large scale projects. Ultimately, working with Valve+Meter allows your leaders and our experts to pinpoint the greatest growth opportunity for your home services business.

Landscaping Marketing

Professional landscapers include landscape architects, arborists, gardeners, and landscape maintenance. Landscaping marketing involves high quality website design to promote special services like outdoor lighting installation, eco-friendly practices, pruning practices, and other skills. SEO, PPC and outbound lead generation can help attract and engage homeowners, HOAs, municipalities and other property owners. 

Professional House Painting Marketing

There are a number of specialized painting segments within the home services marketing. Performance marketing helps your business find the best tactics to attract new prospects and customers for your specific niche. Interior painting, exterior painting, murals, low-VOC painting, and high durability options need to target specific audiences. In a highly competitive market where large retailers and social influencers promote DIY practices, performance marketing for home services helps your company reach the ideal audiences. From individual projects for homeowners to large-scale painting contracts with HOAs and municipalities, Valve+Meter helps your home services business grow efficiently and reduce the strain on your sales team by outsourcing marketing.

Pest Control Marketing

There are many corporations vying for a share of the pest control industry. Independent pest control marketing involves promoting pest prevention or elimination services to homeowners. Companies are varied with many focusing on broad prevention and extermination of insects or bed bugs. Other niche segments of pest control marketing include termite control, rodent extermination, eco-friendly pest control, and humane traps. Performance marketing uses data to find the best methods to showcase your products and services.

Remodeling Marketing

Home repair and remodeling includes many specialized roles from general contractors, kitchen, bathroom, lighting, and interior design. Standing out in a crowded marketplace can be difficult especially if your marketing is not measurable. Performance marketing uses research to form hypotheses and data to confirm the best strategies. Valve+Meter has extensive experience empowering all home services businesses. Our processes help to reduce overall marketing spend and increase return on marketing. Whether you are a cabinet maker, home automation specialist, or designing homes for more energy efficient technology, Valve+Meter has marketing solutions to help you grow and understand your marketing efforts unlike any conventional marketing firm.

Roofing Marketing

Like many home services industries, roofing installation and repair can be difficult to market using traditional methods. When homeowners experience damaged roofs from small leaks to many storm damage, the roofing company that ranks in Google Search and promptly responds to inquiries is most likely to win the sale. Our structures and processes help your business rank high, appearing in multiple positions in search engine results. We also design websites with clear calls to action and a deep awareness of speed to lead. In home services marketing, prospects need to reach your sales teams quickly and promptly find a solution for their problems.

Basement Waterproofing Marketing

From the ground down, homeowners often experience problems that can be confusing and stressful. Basements, crawlspaces, driveways, foundations, and footers are affected by climate and soil conditions. Companies that specialize in structural solutions including repairs and preventative maintenance face two challenges. First, the keywords that homeowners search often do not align with industry terms. Second, traditional marketing practices often lead to more confusion than solutions for homeowners. 

Valve+Meter has designed a program that helps businesses that specialize in basement waterproofing, concrete repair, water damage, and other ground issues. We help build effective campaigns to attract homeowners searching for solutions. Next, we design dynamic websites packed with informative content that helps homeowners understand your specialized solutions. Finally, we guide prospects to your sales team using transactional keywords and a user experience across your website that leads to more qualified leads and consistent return on marketing. 

Contact Valve+Meter Today

Home services businesses need marketing strategies that are specifically designed for your industry. Valve+Meter has an extensive history of successfully transforming home services businesses using a combination of marketing strategies.

If you’d like to see more growth out of your home services company but are not exactly sure what has to change, contact our team. Our process considers every element of your business and builds a complete solution. Whether you need help with a simple PPC ad campaign, optimizing your website for SEO, or a complete marketing transformation, Valve+Meter helps home service providers reach their full potential.

We’re excited to hear from you about how we can work together to grow your business and provide you with a high return on investment.

We are learning a lot about our business, which includes training our CSR’s on how to properly answer questions. This year our residential division is stronger than it has ever been in our history, we are up overall 19 percent.


Free Marketing Analysis

Valve+Meter is a Home Services Marketing Agency companies rely on to schedule appointments and grow their brand. If you’re ready to set more appointments as part of a broader strategy to generate more revenue for your home service company this year and beyond, call us today let’s get started on a conversation.

For the home services industry, the digital marketing game has changed. Today, digital advertising and marketing are leveling the playing field for local home service companies to compete on a larger scale.

Online marketing strategies to attract, engage, and convert customers have grown to dominate the market, meeting customers where they already are. But when you consider the digital landscape, the competition can be fierce and be hard to keep up if you’re not a marketing expert or have a full time marketer on staff.

Home service businesses need sales to survive and need to maximize their return on marketing spend in order to thrive, grow, and own your market as a leader customers turn to over and over again. In this guide, we show you the way to the inside track on how customers look for home services and what they expect to find when search out solutions.

Here are the home services marketing steps to building a long-term, sustainable, and successful local business.

Local Search

“Hey Google, find me a plumber.”

Homeowners are using local search engines like Google and Bing to find home services to help solve their issues. When a consumer searches for a local business or service, they’ll see ads, sponsored links and organic search results. Companies need to make it easy for consumers to find them.

With the increasing use of voice search you can now use tools like Google Assistant to find home service companies near the user.

Home services local search google assistant GIF

Make sure your website is SEO optimized for the service areas you cover and use your services as keywords to catch any would be customer searches.

For example, “Indianapolis plumbing” or “Denver area air conditioning repair companies”.

Search Engine Optimization

When you optimize the content on your home services website, you need to think like a potential customer. What are they searching for when they are looking for someone like you?

In home services marketing, it’s important to SEO certain pages on your website for what customers likely search for.

“Garage door repair + Des Moines” or “Ceiling fan install + Portland, OR area”

As you continue to optimize your website, you’ll add new content focusing on keywords that build out around your services pages. The idea being you have a page for each unique service you offer.

Did You Know?

95% of home services companies we requested a quote from didn’t respond to us within 5 minutes. Learn what else keeps many home services companies from being successful.

Pay Per Click

Optimizing your website and setting up your local business listings are great best practices to follow, but sometimes you need to spend more money to make more. Enter pay-per-click advertising.

You see these sponsored ad links at the top of Google and Bing when you search.

PPC for HVAC contractors example search result

Because these ads are shown above the organic results, consumers are prone to scan and read these ads first before getting down to the other non-paid pages. This is prime real estate, which comes with a cost, but ensures your home services company name is at the top of the search results for prospective customers.

Website Design & Content

There are four things every home services marketing website needs to have: a phone number call to action in the top navigation bar, be easy to navigate, be mobile friendly, and publish relevant and useful content.

Having the perfect website design can help accomplish all of this.

The phone number at the top of the website allows prospective customers to click and call your sales team immediately from your website.

Simple navigation ensures the information you are providing can be found quickly and does not create frustration that makes them exit your site.

More than half of all web browsing is done on a mobile device. You better make sure your website looks great and functions properly for smartphones and tablets.

The more content you publish that helps consumers find the services and support they need for their home services, the more they’ll remember your brand and think of you when the time comes for repair work.

Lead Capturing and Management

Consumers today live in a digital age where speed is everything. More homeowners are on the web, window shopping in their browsers, searching for solutions, and enlisting services through forms and live chatbots over picking up the phone. That means home services companies need to maximize their lead generation and operational response to make it simple for consumers to engage with your sales team online and be there ready to respond in a timely fashion to their digital requests.

Home services companies need to realize that once a lead comes in, they need to jump on that lead and get service scheduled within the first five minutes.

In fact, 95 percent of home services companies don’t respond to online leads within five minutes. The first step to improving your company’s speed to lead is understanding your actual baseline call response time.

Did You Know?

Only 37% of home services companies we requested a quote from called us back. Learn what else keeps many home services companies from being successful.

Lead Nurturing

Not every person that comes to your website will be ready for a new system or repair work. The key to home services marketing is to ensure prospective customers keep your business top of mind when reaching out.

You can use a blog newsletter sign-up to collect leads that you can nurture over time. Once you build up a database of prospects, build out some simple email marketing and direct mail campaigns to ensure your brand remains memorable.

The more you keep top of mind, the more likely you’ll be the first a customer calls when they need help.

Direct Mail & Email Marketing

Both email marketing and direct mail play off one another as additional nurturing touches in the customer lifecycle. With the right amount of information on your leads, you can segment your database and send off very personalized messages to your audience.

With email marketing, simply use the data fields from your form or additional information collected in your CRM to make smaller groups of contacts that share similar traits. For example, you could create a list of customers who previously had AC repair work in the last two years but haven’t installed a new unit. Send this list a specific offer for a discount on a new unit or asking them about another tune-up.

You can use the same idea for direct mail and provide offers directly to the customer’s mailbox. Oftentimes, it can be physically holding something out in the yard when they get the mail that makes them think now is the time to get that heat pump looked at.

Customer Review Programs

Once you have a solid flow of leads coming in and your average ticket values are where you want them, you should focus on getting your recently pleased customers to share their experience with a customer review.

customer review campaign home services

There are multiple places where customers could leave a review, including your Google Business Profile, Facebook, Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor. You can ask customers if they were pleased with the service you provided to find your profiles and leave a 5-star review.

Remember to make it as simple as possible for customers to leave a review. If you ask them in an email, make sure you link to the page where they can leave a review and don’t just ask them to find it themselves.

Social Media Marketing

People love interacting with their favorite businesses on social media, and the home services industry is no different. You can post pictures of your team at the office or work on-site to show customers your company’s personality. Before and after photos are a great way to show your services’ power visually.

You can also post content you publish on your website to help educate customers about your services and regular tips. Host a contest to generate new leads and get your followers to engage with your posts. The more engagement your social media posts get, the more likely other followers will see them in their feeds.

Trust Your Home Services Marketing With An Expert

Valve+Meter helps businesses in the home services industry create more leads and close more deals by optimizing their lead management strategy and maximizing their speed to lead success rates. Get in touch with us today to start a free assessment of your home services marketing efforts.