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Captivative Storytelling Through the Power of Video

In a world where your audience receives hundreds of emails daily, how do you get your message to stand out from the crowd? Video marketing is an incredibly effective tool to increase response rates by delivering your message in an engaging and memorable way.

Valve+Meter will work with you to identify opportunities for video storytelling and get you prepared to showcase your brand in an appealing and engaging way. We start with the video’s purpose and audience. Are you trying to get someone to take action, or simply inform and entertain? What are the demographics of your audience, and where do they spend most of their time online? Asking the right questions as the outset can dictate not only the form your video should take, but also where it should be shown and at what times.

Video marketing continues to evolve through digital multimedia productions where video is key to keeping people connected to your brand. Selecting the right platform and right delivery method allows you to reach your audience with relevant and engaging content that keeps you top of mind.

There are many types of marketing videos. From smartphone videos, which provide a more authentic feel, up to multi-million dollar video productions for Super Bowl commercials – there is a time, place and budget for each. When properly deployed, video storytelling can lift response rates and produce results for your organization.

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Video Marketing Strategy

In an rapidly moving and changing creative marketing industry, now is the time to begin planning for your video story. Jump in! Now that you are here, it’s time to set up a list of goals. Once you have the right videos in place, frequency is a key factor in finding success. Timing truly is everything. Compelling video requires an experienced team working hand in hand to deliver results.

Messaging is as important as the video quality itself. Having a brand expert guide you along this path will help the outcome of the entire campaign involving your video. Most of all, remember to remain authentic, follow your core values and principles and be true to your brand voice. Without authenticity, viewers may not buy into the message you are sharing.

We provide the following video services:

  • Video Production
  • Storyboarding
  • Script Writing
  • Photography

Types of Video We Can Help With

Demo Videos

Showcase your product or service for those interested to learn more.

Brand Videos

Focus on your mission, vision, products and services at a high level.

Educational Videos

How-to videos can help your audience understand you better.

Explainer Videos

Videos that answer WHY a prospect should do business with your company.

Testimonial Videos

Highlight your company’s success to create trust and confidence.

Prospecting Videos

Visual stories tailored to get your prospects to say ‘yes.’

Explore New Video Opportunities

Experts from Valve+Meter have gone through years of testing strategies with an agnostic approach to how marketing is deployed. Our favorite campaigns are those that deliver on your goals. Each campaign will have video strategies hand-picked to engage and appeal to your audience. Let us help you create your next story.

With their help, we’ve been able to more than double our Facebook likes, and increase our YouTube views by more than 500 percent.


Free Marketing Analysis

Valve+Meter is a Video Marketing Agency that specializes in high quality video and photography services. Learn more about our video marketing services can help increase your sales by requesting a free analysis below.