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Precision Direct Mailing Strategies Drive Growth

Who knew direct mail service would make a comeback?

Valve+Meter uses optimized direct mail strategies to pinpoint your exact target audience, design dynamic media, and track performance.

The best direct mail campaigns generate more high-quality leads than other marketing strategies.

Reinventing Direct Mail

Deliver Personalized Marketing Campaigns To Your Audience

In a world of digital clutter, high-quality direct mail has renewed value.

Valve+Meter designs direct mail, dimensional mail, promotional collateral, and other materials to stand out from the crowd.

Our strategists use better contact data, analytics, and research to deliver just-in-time materials directly to your audience’s mailboxes.


Strategy 150%
Combining direct mail and digital strategies increases response rate up to 150%.
Data – 42%
Auditing mailing lists and checking change of address reduces wasted marketing expenses.
Engagement 73%
Consumers prefer to be contacted via direct mail because it is less intrusive than digital ads and email.
Comprehensive Direct Mail Services

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Valve+Meter provides Direct Mail Marketing Services that are targeted, trackable, and proven to entice prospects.

We help you plan, print, assemble and mail your campaigns.

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Direct Mail Strategies

Comprehensive Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

What if bulk mailing could be streamlined?

Traditional direct mail programs rely on casting broad drops of impersonal print marketing. As paper, ink, printing services, and rates with the United States Postal Service rise, the return on investment (ROI) shrinks.

The most effective direct mail campaigns build relationships with your prospective customers and existing audience.

Targeted mailing lists reduce the cost of printing services, minimize the expense of mail services, and increase the response rate of your audience.

Valve+Meter uses a wide range of direct mail marketing strategies to plan, design, print, and deliver targeted direct mail campaigns.

Direct 2D Mail

Our designers ensure your message jumps out of recipient’s mailboxes with postcards, letters, flyers, and brochures.

Direct 2D Mail >
Dimensional Mail

Stand tall with three dimensional mail that truly separates your messaging from all competitors.

Dimensional Mail >

Showcase your brand with branded packages for prospecting specific targets and as a customer retention asset.

Personalization >

One of the most frequently requested marketing collateral are catalogs. Send a complete catalog or use technology to link to online catalogs.

Catalogs >
Package Inserts

For B2C and B2B who market directly to consumers, package inserts are powerful tools for customer retention, reviews, and ongoing support.

Package Inserts >
Graphic Design

Valve+Meter is a full service agency with a team of talented in-house graphic designers and content creators to help your brand message.

Graphic Design >
Digital Clutter 350B
Between companies and individuals, about 347.3 billion emails are sent every day.
Make A Connection – 400
The avearge household receives less than 400 direct mail pieces each year.
Get Noticed 3 / 4
Nearly 3 our of every 4 consumers read or scan direct mail within 24 hours.
Response Rate 19%
Association of National Advertisers reports direct mail response rates are 19% higher than average email campaigns.

Creating Direct Mail

Proven Processes To Increase The Impact Of Direct Mail

Ready to move your direct mail into the digital age?

One of the primary reasons that digital marketing campaigns like pay-per-click (PPC), email marketing, banner ads, and other paid advertising have grown as traditional media has declined is data.

Integrating data into your marketing strategies from concept to completion, you gain greater insight into the value of your marketing budget. With clear reporting, you can make informed decisions into how to invest and grow your business using marketing.

Conventional direct mail services are seen an expense. Businesses paid for direct mail marketing to generate leads for sales teams. Sales drove operations and grew revenue.

At Valve+Meter, we practice Math Before Marketing™. Our experts take time to understand the scope of your project and the goals of your business. Data within your business and your competitive marketplace helps to reduce wasted marketing dollars and maximize your return on marketing spend (ROMS).

With modern analytics, research tools, and our proprietary marketing technology, Valve+Meter helps you plan, design, print, deliver, and measure the results of every direct mail campaign.

Measuring and testing optimizes your marketing efforts. Our strategists and data analysts can repeat the most effective strategies, test new concepts, and optimize efforts that underperform.

Discover how we customize your direct mail campaigns with our proven process.

Define Your Project

When your business thrives, marketing works as an asset.

At the heart of Valve+Meter, success is defined by your marketing attributable revenue.

Many marketers have overcorrected by falling in love with digital channels, and abandoning traditional media.

What if you could team up with a marketing partner who is capable of exploiting every channel both digital and analog?

Valve+Meter uses multi-channel marketing campaigns to deliver the most efficient and long-lasting results. We research, design, and execute a wide array of paid advertising, inbound lead generation, website design services, and even outbound lead generation. This provides an exceptional advantage for your business when defining the scope of your project.

During ThinkFirst™, our strategists and subject matter experts meet with you and your team during a Discovery workshop. This session gathers all of your existing data including contact lists, sales history, and other information like website analytics.

You also share your ultimate vision for your marketing and sales. Whether you are looking for consistent direct mailing to your existing customers or launching a new campaign at a target audience, Valve+Meter’s experts take the time to understand your strengths and the areas of weakness you want to develop.

Math Before Marketing™ ensures that prior to any marketing campaign is planned, your vision is fully understood by our team.

Research And Planning

Direct mail services can be transformed with the use of data and analytics. During research and planning, our experts begin with three essential factors: high-quality contact lists, value proposition, and graphic design.

Finding the right combination is the intersection of science and art.

Contact List

The quality and accuracy of your contact list is vital. As the cost of mailing services increases, direct mail marketing strategy culls outdated information including change of address and other mailing services to ensure you data is accurate.

Our data analysts also use cutting-edge tools to expand the scope of your direct mail campaign searching for lookalike audiences within your target demographics.

Value Proposition

The average consumer only reads 20-28% of all words on a page or screen. Clear, concise messaging is vital to a success direct mail services.

So how do you find the right words to make a personal connection with your audience?

Our researchers are able to find the keywords and phrases that resonate with your specific target audience.

Direct mail advertising often is not about selling a specific offer. In most cases, consumers respond to direct mailers based on emotion.

Graphic Design

The culmination of science and art meshes within the layout and design of your direct mailers.

Valve+Meter’s in-house graphic designers work alongside data analysts and content writers to place your value proposition prominently into your marketing materials.

Designers also optimize your direct mail with a prominent call-to-action. Other features like the incorporation of QR codes like your direct mail to digital marketing. Landing pages help increase conversion rates and expand the impact of your message into images and videos. Landing pages also expedite your retargeting through PPC and Google display ads.

Whether you are designing direct mail postcards, letters, catalogues, dimensional mail, promotional collateral, or any other direct mail, our team will research, plan, and design a fully custom campaign for you.

Implement Direct Mail Campaign

From printing services through mailing services, Valve+Meter has your direct mail campaigns covered.

While conventional direct mail companies simply deliver your direct mail marketing and hope for the positive feedback from your sales team, Valve+Meter integrates ongoing monitoring.

Dyanmic direct mail engages your target audience and invites them to contact your sales team through multiple contact methods.

Tracking phone numbers and the integration of landing pages proves to be a rich source of data for lead generation and nurturing.

While many consumers will call a phone number, many prefer to learn more prior to talking to a sales representative. Landing pages are distinct from your website homepage. Landing pages for direct mailing services guides visitors from their mailbox through digital marketing.

Valve+Meter monitors performance of phone response rates and landing page. Our experts can optimize landing pages and even execute retargeting efforts with Google display ads.

With a keen focus on accurate data and consistent improvement, our direct mail services work throughout the campaign window to increase conversion rates and learn more about your audience.

Measure, Repeat, and Scale

The results of every direct mail campaign provides valuable data about your contact list, target audience, the impact of the value proposition, and the response rate.

At the end of a campaign cycle, our team gathers clear and accurate reporting for you.

Direct mail is one of the most efficient methods of marketing to scale quickly.

By measuring results, Valve+Meter can repeat the highest performing efforts and scale to a wider target audience.

Our experts also focus on optimizing underperforming elements. New CTAs, altering value propositions, adjusting landing page design, and other testing increases response rates and maximizes your return on investment.

Data Driven Direct Marketing

Performance Marketing Results

When direct mail campaigns are executed properly, the response rate has significant impact across all generations and demographics.

Valve+Meter’s integrated direct mail services are based in the exceptional conversion rates our clients and the ancillary benefit of increasing website traffic and brand awareness.

Increase Sales 21%
Made a purchase after receiving a direct mail.
Generate Traffic 42%
More than 42% of recipents visit a company’s website from direct mail.

Examples of Direct Mail

An Experienced Partner In Direct Mail Marketing

The best direct mail services will depend on your goals and vision for your business. Branding, relationship building, and showcasing new products may require more creative materials.

For locally owned businesses and remarketing to existing consumers, engagement rates are consistently high.

Standing out in B2B direct mail marketing often demands unique personalization.

Consider some of the examples of Valve+Meter direct mail services:

Direct 2D Mail

Direct mail postcards, letters, and self-mailers all have their place in a well-executed campaign.

Selecting the right direct mail marketing materials is as important as what you say in your direct mail pieces.

Graphic designers at Valve+Meter never work from direct mail templates.

We believe the best direct mail products showcase your brand distinctions and unique value proposition.

Even within 2D direct mail, size, shape, feel, and appearance resonant. For millennials and Gen Z, studies show thicker, higher-quality materials stand out.

Showcasing locally owned businesses has a engagement rate of 93% across all generations.

Dimensional Mail

For major direct mail campaigns to high value targets, dimensional mail clearly stands out to recipients.

Dynamic designs fold out and showcase your products, services, and personalized messages to your audience.

Dimensional mail demonstrates that you are invested in your brand and often result in higher response rates than direct mail postcards and letters that resemble other materials.


When you are reminding an existing customer of your brand, personalization beyond the address line matters.

Birthday cards, free sample boxes, gift cards, and swag boxes are a few examples of how personalization can influence decision makers.

Materials are not the only personalization. When prospecting specific demographics, design can be personalized. Keywords, font sizes, and images are considered when planning a personalized direct mail strategy.


Catalogues play a pivotal role in direct mail marketing, serving as both informational tools and promotional vehicles.

Their primary function is to showcase a range of products or services offered by your business, allowing potential customers to peruse options at their leisure.

This tactile experience can often resonate more deeply than digital browsing, leaving a lasting impression.

Designing the ideal combination of visuals and text in catalogues offers a comprehensive view of products, often illustrating them in context or providing valuable information on usage, benefits, or testimonials.

Package Inserts

Not all direct mail examples travel through the United States Postal Service.

Package inserts are promotional materials or information slips placed within product packaging. They offer an immediate and direct method to engage customers post-purchase.

These inserts can introduce new products, provide discount codes for future purchases, or offer valuable information about your product usage and care.

Since the customer has already made a purchase, package inserts target a primed audience, increasing the chances of repeat business or upselling. They capitalize on the positive sentiment of receiving a new product, making customers more receptive to additional offers or information.

For B2C and B2B who market directly to consumers, package inserts are powerful tools for customer retention, reviews, and ongoing support.

Other examples include trade show materials, leave behind flyers, and direct door hangers. These materials can be effective long after the initial sales or interaction.

Graphic Design

With a complete team of in-house graphic designers, content writers, and other creative professionals, Valve+Meter provides comprehensive direct mail service.

Whether you have a vision in your head or a sketch on the back of a napkin, our talented team of specialists can bring your ideas to life.

Professional graphic design services study the data and leading trends to make a visual impact.

First Impressions Matter and the initial visual impact of a direct mail piece often determines whether it’s given attention or discarded. Well-executed graphic design captures attention, encourages your target audience to engage with the content, and sets a positive tone for the message.

Beyond first impressions, graphic design conveys your brand message, makes an emotional connection with audiences, and enhances readability of direct mail.

All of these elements lead to higher response rates throughout your campaign.

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Ready To Grow?
Baby Boomers 1 / 2
Direct mail is the preferred form of promotional materials by 50% of Baby Boomers.
Gen X 71%
71% of respondents in Gen X feel mail is more personal than online digital communications.
Millenials 47%
Nearly 100% of Millenials are on the internet and 47% will visit your website from direct mail.
Gen Z 1 / 3
72% of Gen Z audiences engage with direct mail and 33% are inclined to make a purchase.

What Is Integrated Direct Mail?

Enhance Multi-Touch Marketing For All Generations

Nearly every consumer in the US has a mailbox, yet the average household receives only 2 direct mail pieces per day, compared to 157 emails.

Integrated direct mail refers to the practice of combining traditional direct mail campaigns with other marketing channels and strategies to create a cohesive, multi-touchpoint campaign. It’s a holistic approach that ensures all elements of a marketing strategy work in tandem, amplifying the effects of each individual channel.

With the advent of multi-channel workflows, integrated direct mail is an essential component to reap the maximum results from your direct mail campaigns.

The ability to measure, target, and iterate marketing from the mailbox to web, email and social makes your campaigns stronger and longer lasting.

Consistent messaging and timed touchpoints connect your initial first impression with your brand identity.

How To Yield Better Results

The Importance of Testing In Direct Mail

The secret to optimum yield in direct mail marketing is great testing. The secret to great testing lies in process and measurements. Defining your test thoroughly at the outset, identifying appropriate benchmarks, and following the test protocol that fits within your financial targets are the foundational items your test is built upon.

Testing involves three key components: lists, offers, and creative.

Many businesses spend an outsized amount of time asking to change creative, but it’s usually the least important component to test.

Math Before Marketing™ spends time getting the creative right but focuses on tests to validate lists and offers.

Rigorous testing procedures will ensure your direct mail piece is optimized before scaling.

We utilize an A/B methodology for direct mail service tests and work to find statistical significance when launching a campaign. The winner becomes our control, and we test against that winner with new test ideas. The goal of our direct mailing services is to get better and improve upon your results every time.

The beauty of direct mail is its ability to be easily measured, but most people do not go deep enough into the numbers to identify opportunities to test, optimize, and scale.

At Valve+Meter, testing is part of our DNA. We will establish a test protocol, map out test elements, and work a rigorous process to determine realistic opportunities to scale. Once we’ve optimized to squeeze every last drop of revenue out of the test, we can rapidly scale your direct mail marketing campaign to bring measurable results.

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Working with a direct mail marketing service is a great way to personalize the experiences of your target audience.

When you work with the digital marketing and direct mailing service experts at Valve+Meter, we’ll continually monitor and test your direct mail marketing campaign to ensure that it’s providing you with the best possible results.

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