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Help Your Sales Team Focus on Qualified Leads

Lead generation at Valve+Meter uses state-of-the-art data analysis and omni-channel marketing to generate unlimited qualified leads for your business.

With lead qualification and nurturing, our personalized campaigns center on guiding prospects through your pipeline.

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Consistent Growth

Shift from Cyclical Leads to Steady Flow of Leads

For many B2B firms, the push and pull between generating leads and closing sales creates volatile growth patterns and fractures in the sales pipeline. But what if there’s a more efficient way?

Valve+Meter’s unique B2B marketing approach to focuses on continuous lead generation, ensuring your sales team never hits a dry spell.

The Challenge 61%
The majority of marketing professionals rank lead generation as their number one challenge.
Budgeting 53%
Most marketing budgets allocate 53% or more to lead generation.
Lead Generation 2 / 10
Less than 18% of sales professionals use a formal lead nurturing strategy.
Increase Revenue ⬆ 47%
Nurtured leads spend 47% more than non-nurtured leads.
Reduce Costs ⬇ 33%
Companies that nurture leads generate 50% more sales at 33% lower costs.
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Our process and technology deliver better engagements and outcomes for your sales team.

Transform Your Lead Generation with Valve+Meter

Redefine Lead Generation

Transform Your Concept of Outbound Marketing

If your lead generation team isn’t curious, then you will miss opportunities.

Our lead generation company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including outbound marketing, inbound marketing, and cutting-edge demand generation strategies for our partners.

Most lead-generation companies offer a few tactics to help you earn more leads for your sales team. The best lead generation companies operate as true partners working to earn the most qualified lead generation strategies to help your business succeed long-term.

Valve+Meter is ready to build your custom lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales qualifying process via a vast array of tactics including:

Account-Based Marketing

Invest your marketing spend in smarter strategies that target specific high-value accounts.

Account-Based Marketing >
B2B Appointment Setting

Sales appointment setting is one of the most challenging marketing skills. Our lead gen experts nurture prospects for your sales team.

B2B Appointment Setting >
Sales Prospecting

Our MarTech uses real-time data analysis to find new opportunities and expand the scope of your prospecting.

Sales Prospecting >
Lead Qualifying

Our lead qualifying services builds enthusiasm by going beyond scripts and surveys to generate demand for your products and services.

Lead Qualifying >
Search Engine Optimization

82% of all B2B purchasing decisions begin with an internet search. Our SEO services ensure your website ranks in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization >

Dominate search results with dynamic sponsored ads. PPC advertising targets your key audiences and delivers a clear value proposition across custom landing pages.

Pay-Per-Click >

One of the most effective methods of generating leads and nurturing your existing prospects is data-driven email marketing.

Email >
Direct Mail

In a world of anonymous lead generation, personalize your marketing efforts with dimensional mail and curated messages to key targets.

Direct Mail >
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Our Lead Generation Experts Work For You

Our team designs and implements lead generation strategies customized to your unique needs and goals.

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Our Process

Empower Your Sales Team with Complete Strategies

How does your team reach new audiences? If your sales teams are constantly under duress to convert leads and generate new quality leads, then you may be caught in the common sales pendulum.

As a cutting-edge B2B lead generation agency, Valve+Meter works with our partners to empower your process with data and performance-driven lead generation strategy.

Are you caught in the pendulum?

For many businesses and organizations, sales representatives perform outreach through referrals, networking events, and other tactics. Quality leads generated through any means are then nurtured through the process and eventually deals close. Lead generation efforts resume and the process repeats.

The cyclical function of the process throttles your potential growth. By nature, sales prospecting demands time and effort. Once you attract sales leads, your team will focus on that potential deal. Meanwhile, other high-quality leads may be lost. Within the pendulum model of lead management, there are extreme peaks and severe valleys.

Reframe Your Lead Generation Process to the Flywheel

Valve+Meter operates as an extension of your business. Our lead generation service focuses solely on the sales pipeline from lead generation through qualification and lead nurturing.

When your B2B sales team accesses consistent leads, inbound and outbound marketing become a distinct driver of growth. The best lead generation reduces the cost of acquiring leads and accelerates your sales and operations growth.

Instead of swinging back and forth between lead gen efforts and closing deals, your sales team builds relationships and manages conversions. With our lead generation process, sales and operations become more consistent. Revenue is invested into the most-effective lead gen efforts and the process perpetuates.

A steady flow of leads becomes a driver within your sales and operations. Instead of a pendulum swinging back and forth, our lead generation company functions as a flywheel. The angular momentum of our lead generation services is data.

Demand Generation Designed for Your Sales and Operations

Your business is not going to grow simply by outsourcing to a lead generation agency. You need lead generation strategies that are driven by data and tailored to generate the leads your sales team covets.

ThinkFirst™ from Valve+Meter provides lead research based on your own data, competitor analysis, and market benchmarks. The right lead generation agency is one that takes the time to truly understand your specific products, services, audience, and position within the marketplace.

As a performance marketing company, Valve+Meter delves deep into analytics to form comprehensive campaigns for your business. ThinkFirst™ discovery introduces your business to our dedicated management team. We research your current marketing and lead generation services. Understanding how you generate leads currently determines your target audience, assesses best practices, and provides insights into new opportunities.

During ThinkFirst™ analysis, our digital marketing specialist team audits your top competitors and executes market research. The aim of this process is not to repeat lead gen tactics. With analytics and data guiding our lead gen services, the leads delivered to your business are better qualified and your return on investment is better.

Your business is unique and the most-effective lead gen services must understand the distinct digital marketing efforts for your needs.

Every campaign is tracked by data to provide clear reporting and detailed insights. Based on the analytics, we iterate, optimize, and improve all the lead gen tactics to yield better results over time. Our custom lead generation campaigns adapt repeating and scaling the most effective strategies and testing new ideas to create greater revenue for your company.

Sales Cycle 63%
Most B2B decision-makers require at least 3 months to convert.
Lead Qualification 21%
Less than 21% of your leads ever convert to sales.
Conversion Rate 2.35%
The average conversion rate is 2.35%, with the highest-converting industries earning 10%.
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Well-Designed Lead Generation Strategies Overcome Challenges

Using research, data tracking, and analysis, Valve+Meter is a lead-generating partner focused on earning better results.

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Lead Generation Services

How Valve+Meter Performance Marketing Transforms Your Lead Gen

Reach your target audience more effectively with a lead gen agency committed to transforming marketing. Hundreds of businesses and organizations trust Valve+Meter because of our transparency and data-driven approach to lead generation.

In a landscape filled with disparate strategies and lead generation companies lauding results from specific strategies, Valve+Meter designs lead generation strategies around your actual needs and the analytics around your industry.

Our team of lead generation specialists provides research and evaluations of your lead gen efforts. Once we consult with you and understand your sales team, we design a plan to earn more qualified leads.

We measure the results of every tactic which allows for repeatable, scalable, and profitable B2B lead generation campaigns. This approach has proven to generate qualified leads that are relevant to your business and provide the highest likelihood of conversion.

Our lead generation agency is ready to drive leads for your business. A healthy sales pipeline is important to the growth of your business, and we’re here to help. We serve a wide variety of industries and look forward to learning more about yours.

Account-Based Marketing

Your B2B lead generation strategy can target high-value prospects. Use account-based marketing (ABM) to increase your competitive edge.

Casting a broad net may generate leads but for many companies you know the targets that can benefit most from your products or services. Account-based marketing prioritizes the key accounts and builds a concise campaign to deliver your brand to the key decision-makers.

Many lead generation companies promote ABM as a cutting-edge B2B lead generation strategy. Valve+Meter’s outbound lead gen specialists have spent years designing data-driven outbound marketing that aligns with an ideal customer profile.

By tailoring marketing efforts to the unique needs and preferences of each target account, you increase the chances of generating a qualified lead. Valve+Meter employs a personalized approach, crafting the medium and messaging that resonates with decision-makers and influencers within your target organization.

This strategy involves developing account-specific content and leveraging multiple channels to engage target accounts effectively. Through personalized emails, direct mail, social media, content marketing, and event marketing services, Valve+Meter’s ABM creates a cohesive and integrated approach that enhances brand visibility and establishes credibility.

A full-service marketing and digital lead generation agency, Valve+Meter possesses an exceptionally talented roster of copywriters, designers, social media experts, strategists, and data analysts to develop and execute ABM campaigns.

If your goal is to build strong, long-term relationships with key accounts by fostering trust and credibility, utilizing our ABM lead generation is part of a complete strategy.

Account-Based Marketing Services

B2B Appointment Setting

Nurturing leads at all stages of the sales funnel requires time and effort from sales teams. Valve+Meter experts provide people as a service, so you can focus on running your successful business.

From marketing automation to providing personalized sales appointment qualification, Valve+Meter offers our partners every level of lead generation services. High-quality leads exist at all phases of the sales cycle.

Increases in website traffic and well-designed lead gen marketing campaigns will attract opportunities. Sales appointment setters are key to filtering out poor leads and ensuring the leads delivered to the sales team are qualified.

You need to establish direct communication and engage decision-makers in meaningful conversations. Our lead management process includes business development representatives (BDRs) and sales development representatives (SDRs) who identify the sales leads for you. This involves conducting thorough research to understand the needs, pain points, and challenges of your target companies.

B2B appointment setting includes both cold-calling and lead nurturing strategies. From phone calls, email campaigns, social media engagement, and personalized direct messages, our experts guide cold leads through the sales funnel and provide just-in-time content marketing and communications to increase conversion rates.

B2B appointment setting guards against fractures in your sales pipeline. Poor lead management is one of the primary reasons for wasted marketing expenses. Sales appointment-setters keep more leads within your sales pipeline with ongoing nurturing and personal outreach.

The aim is to grab the attention of potential clients, communicate the value proposition to effectively warm leads, and ultimately secure appointments. Outsourcing this direct marketing to Valve+Meter secures more leads and provides analytics into new verticals for your marketing.

B2B Appointment Setting Agency

Sales Prospecting

Incorporating MarTech into your lead generation can be a convoluted process. Let our B2B lead generation experts apply prospecting tools and hone your data to reach your targets.

Unlike account-based marketing, sales prospecting often starts broad and relies on real-time data to establish and build relationships with new leads.

B2B prospecting includes cold calling, industry networking events, and social media, especially LinkedIn lead generation. When you outsource prospecting services to Valve+Meter, our team actively pursues opportunities to deliver your digital marketing to potential customers.

Unlike with conventional prospecting, our lead gen company processes data throughout every campaign. Our research into your market and our lead gen efforts inform and optimize ongoing prospecting.

Conducting market research to identify target industries, using data analytics to gather insights on potential customers, and leveraging networking events, trade shows, and online platforms to connect with prospects enhances the effectiveness of efforts.

Utilizing our technology, you gain clear and concise reporting on your target audience and the impact of our lead generation services.

The data-driven model of B2B lead generation prospecting can uncover new opportunities, educate targets about your offerings, and position your brand as a trusted partner in solving challenges or meeting the needs of new leads.

Sales Prospecting Services

Lead Qualifying

Testing uncovers an uncanny amount of information we can use to adapt our profiles, scripts, and tactics to drive the most qualified leads to your sales team so they can focus on closing.

The best lead generation aims to attract more qualified leads through a range of platforms. Generating leads can often seem like the greatest obstacle in B2B sales, but gaining consistent leads can quickly overwhelm your sales team.

Our lead generation service includes qualifying to assess the suitability and potential of a lead for your business. Our SDRs determine which leads meet the criteria of your business. Disqualifying prospects as well as filtering high-quality leads early in the buying process into an appointment-setting process maximizes the efficiency of your sales representatives.

As a top lead generation company, Valve+Meter uses the data gathered from the lead-qualifying process to improve your overall lead generation services. During the lead-qualifying process, we evaluate various factors including assessing the demographics, firmographics, buying intent, budget, decision-making authority, and alignment with your business’ target market. This data helps to streamline your overall marketing strategy, including content marketing, paid digital, and even PPC.

Lead qualifying engages in meaningful conversations, asks relevant questions, and gathers additional insights about your lead’s needs, pain points, and the timeline for making a purchase decision. The benefits of effective lead qualifying are significant to the long-term success of your outbound and inbound marketing.

In the short-term, you can prioritize your resources effectively by focusing efforts on qualified leads. For the long-term, lead qualification data provides invaluable research into your audience and the value of your marketing spend.

Lead Qualifying Services

Search Engine Optimization

Many lead generation companies overlook the power of search engine optimization (SEO). The goal of SEO is to attract organic (non-paid) traffic to your website by optimizing its content, structure, and various technical aspects to align with search engine algorithms.

At Valve+Meter, our lead generation service studies data and the role of SEO in both demand generation and outbound marketing. Enhancing all aspects of your website’s online presence establishes credibility and relevance with your potential targets.

Top lead generation companies like Valve+Meter incorporate SEO content creators and technical specialists to audit and improve your website’s organic performance. There are three primary benefits to strong SEO that help generate qualified leads.

Relevant content from your website can be cultivated for use across all of your communications including social media, email, and cold-calling scripts.

Second, leads will often see advertising and lead gen materials, then seek out your brand organically. Your website is the strongest calling card for your brand.

Finally, a key aspect of SEO is off-page optimization, which involves building high-quality backlinks from reputable websites to improve the website’s authority and credibility. Powerful thought leadership, technographics, white papers, and case studies covered on third-party websites can generate leads as effectively as some of the best lead generation agencies.

SEO Agency


Like SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) provides powerful insights into your audience and helps your overall lead generation strategy. Our B2B lead gen agency utilizes PPC to target and retarget leads during outbound campaigns.

Specifically account-based marketing and prospecting benefit by keeping your brand solutions top-of-mind. As a soft touch tactic, PPC provides high-quality leads and additional resources via landing pages and content marketing.

The best lead generation companies also analyze the data from PPC campaigns to guide strategy. When your business is prospecting and exploring new opportunities, PPC can be used as a research tool for target demographics, keywords, geographical locations, and other pertinent information about your audience. Data is then used throughout your direct lead generation marketing.

PPC Agency


Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool for account-based marketing, appointment setting, sales prospecting, and lead qualifying. Valve+Meter uses email as a direct marketing tool for B2B cold calling and lead nurturing.

With email marketing automation, B2B cold calling provides personalized messages to introduce your business solutions to a large number of people effectively and affordably. The processes and structures of cold calling include a comprehensive campaign of emails, such as introductory, informational follow-up, case studies, social proof, white papers, and other prospecting efforts.

For ongoing relationship building, Valve+Meter automates your B2B email for lead nurturing. Our advanced tools deliver targeted and personalized emails at each stage of the lead nurturing campaign. This level of personalization helps businesses establish a strong recognition of your brand’s solutions and increases the chances of conversion.

Email is essential to ongoing client relations. Our tools segment your audience and reduce the efforts of your sales representatives to build customer loyalty, request referrals, launch new products, and achieve your remarketing objectives.


Direct Mail

Old rules of casting a wide net are dead. Your direct mail must be targeted – no question.

Custom direct mail is one of the most effective means to generate future, loyal customers and prompt an existing customer to pick up the phone. Valve+Meter lead gen reaches beyond email marketing and phone calls to deliver curated physical mail to your B2B targets.

When email emerged as a budget-friendly and cutting-edge tool, much of direct mail fell into obscurity. A qualified lead within a B2B market is unlikely to even glance at the stack of postcards and envelopes delivered each day.

While some lead generation companies will settle for mediocre results, Valve+Meter pushes the bounds of your comprehensive marketing strategy. Our B2B lead generation agency includes graphic designers, copywriters, creatives, and data analysts highly experienced in effective direct mail.

Your direct mail campaign is expertly crafted to deliver a compelling message and capture the recipient’s attention. The design, copy, and presentation of the mail piece leap out from other materials. Whether you are sending samples, promotional brochures, or a personalized letter, direct mail can leave a lasting impression when executed creatively.

One of the most-effective uses of direct mail is within the context of an ongoing marketing campaign. Account-based marketing, demand generation, and prospecting campaigns utilize direct mail to nurture warm leads. Tangible materials help your brand stand-out from your competitors, drive engagement, and ultimately generate qualified leads.

Direct Mail Services

Lead Generation Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about how lead generation improves your sales process and accelerates sales cycles?

Valve+Meter offers some of the most-common questions asked about lead generation strategies, our process, and the differences between lead generation and other marketing efforts.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a sub-strategy of marketing. The primary aim of lead generation is to generate interest in your brand’s products or services.

In B2B lead generation, the focus is to create and manage your sales pipeline with qualified leads. Once you generate leads, prospects are guided and nurtured before ultimately converting into customers.

The most common examples of lead generation tactics include website forms, landing pages, email marketing campaigns, social media advertising, search engine optimization, and direct mail.

More complex and effective lead generation strategies include account-based marketing, outbound lead generation, and appointment setting.

By effectively generating and managing leads, businesses discover new opportunities, increase the efficiency of sales pipelines, and increase conversion rates.

What is a lead generation agency?

A lead generation agency specializes in executing strategies on behalf of your business. In the case of Valve+Meter, our lead generation team studies the most effective strategies for your specific business.

Why work with a B2B lead generation agency?

Outsourcing lead generation has a range of advantages. When you work with Valve+Meter, we operate as an extension of your business. This is a key quality when considering hiring a lead generation agency.

Every B2B lead generation campaign includes clear reporting and ongoing optimization to improve customer acquisition efforts. Key reasons to partner with a lead generation agency:

Proven Expertise

Leads generated are more likely to be qualified because lead generation efforts begin with market research and highly targeted campaigns.

Targeted Approach

Marketing technology allows a digital lead generation agency to deploy more precise and strategic efforts. This reduces effort, and time to yield better results.

Cost Efficiency

With experience and specialty tools, our lead generation company optimizes your campaigns. With less effort, outsourcing lead generation is cost-effective, without sacrificing results. By avoiding wasteful spending on ineffective channels and strategies, you can allocate resources efficiently.

Repeatable, Scalable Efforts

Our lead generation agency designs highly detailed plans, executes, and measures results. Lead generation efforts can be repeated and scaled based on your growth objectives.

Advanced Technologies

Customized solutions require advanced tools, analytics platforms, and other technology. By outsourcing B2B lead generation, you gain immediate access to these tools to enhance the targeting, tracking, and analysis of your campaigns.

Continuous Optimization

Within the context of performance marketing, our lead generation company continually monitors, analyzes, and optimizes strategies to keep your business ahead of competitors and industry trends. This commitment to continuous improvement leads to better lead quality, higher conversion rates, and overall business success.

In general, Valve+Meter delivers the expertise to generate leads so you can focus on your sales and operations. With our clear reporting and dedication to your long-term success, you gain greater control over your lead generation strategy.

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