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Pack your sales funnel with best-fit new customers. Our outbound lead generation team helps you grow faster with full-service pipeline growth. We find and engage target accounts so you can focus on converting them to revenue.

Performance Marketing Outbound Lead Generation

One of the greatest challenges for internal sales and marketing teams is when sales goals exceed resources. There are two conventional tactics to confront this challenge: press sales representatives to generate leads or outsource lead generation to specialists. The first option consistently fails. Like sales representatives, both inbound marketing and outbound lead generation strategies require highly specialized skills. Great business leaders are capable of separating these unique skill sets to realize exponential growth.

If you are ready to break with convention and experience a transformation in how outbound marketing can drive your sales growth, call on Valve+Meter Performance Marketing. Wise business leaders understand that outsourcing inbound lead generation to Valve+Meter improves performance and reduces the costs of acquiring qualified leads. Inbound marketing requires teams of designers, developers, content writers, paid marketing analysts, and other digital marketing specialists. Outbound lead generation is even more specialized in terms of the skills, strategies, and impact outsourcing outbound marketing has in heralding transformational growth for small to medium-sized businesses.

Valve+Meter Outbound Marketing Services

Valve+Meter’s Think First researches your business and analyzes the best outbound marketing strategy to capture more qualified leads and empower your sales team. Our innovative solutions include:

  • B2B Appointment Setting
  • B2B Cold Calling
  • Lead Qualifying
  • Sales Appointment Setting
  • Sales Prospecting
  • More Outbound Marketing Services

Outbound Lead Generation Versus Performance Marketing

When you outsource lead generation, conventional tactics focus on the number of leads. In this model, marketing agencies operate as bounty hunters and focus purely on outbound lead gen. You purchase a set amount of effort or pay for performance. These traditional outbound lead gen tactics are outdated and even dangerous for your sales process.

Any outbound marketing team that touts the volume of leads fails before it begins. A sales pipeline packed with cold leads is extremely dangerous to sales efforts and revenue because highly qualified leads are lost in the congestion of a poorly executed outbound campaign.

Valve+Meter operates as an extension of your business. As your outbound sales team, we understand your business thrives on sales qualified leads. Performance marketing works through research, learning, and execution.

At Valve+Meter, we execute outbound lead generation campaigns designed to attract ideal leads; engage prospects at all stages of the sales funnel; and ultimately manage your sales pipeline more efficiently. Our performance marketing team works with businesses whose leaders envision transformational growth and value data-driven tactics. Our math before marketing process examines all aspects of your business to determine the greatest opportunities to enhance your lead generation, reach your target audience and convert sales efforts to close more deals.

Key Outbound Lead Generation Strategies

Outbound lead generation encompasses a range of techniques to actively reach out to prospects, existing customers, and referrals. There are many facets within outbound tactics including creating demand for your brand; qualifying new leads; nurturing leads from cold leads to the bottom of the sales funnel; and ultimately scheduling appointments between highly qualified leads and your sales team.

This is another distinction between conventional lead generation and our outbound marketing team. While other marketing agencies’ lead generation campaigns are limited to distinct silos such as cold calling, lead qualification, or appointment setting, Valve+Meter executes nuanced and customized outbound campaigns for our partners.

In performance marketing, conventional outbound lead generation tactics are replaced with state-of-the-art research tools and campaign building previously reserved for inbound marketing and referral campaigns. Our outbound marketing team consists of experienced data experts, content marketing writers, email marketing specialists, and business development representatives (BDRs) who plan and execute outbound campaigns. The combination of these specialists reduces costs and improves the effectiveness of outbound lead generation.

By the most basic definition, Valve+Meter puts an end to boring and complacent outbound lead generation. When research, planning, ingenuity, and, most importantly, curiosity are applied to outbound lead generation, sales and marketing teams work in tandem to drive your business forward.


The first step in outbound lead generation strategy at Valve+Meter is research. Our outbound lead generation tools fully vet your business and existing data. By delving into and organizing existing clients and previous prospects, and analyzing your market position against competitors, Valve+Meter’s outbound lead generation specialists create an ideal buyer persona (IDP).

Develop IDP

Conventional call center services prospect through many businesses, blindly seeking leads for you. Generalized sales scripts and indiscriminate outreach is a waste of time and money, and negatively impact your brand within the marketplace.

Highly effective outbound lead generation employs the research phase to understand the ideal buyer persona. Valve+Meter’s expert data mining services unlock the right prospects. The ideal buyer persona provides insight into the target demographics. In business-to-business (B2B) outbound campaigns, this research phase unlocks the key decision-makers to target as well.

Subject Matter Experts

Outbound lead generation must have valuable content for your target audience. From our expertise in inbound marketing, Valve+Meter has a process to research deep into your products and services. Each outbound lead generation campaign has specific business development representatives (BDRs) assigned to the account. These representatives become subject matter experts just like your internal sales reps so scripts are far more detailed and objections and inquiries can be tactfully addressed.

Brand Messaging

In conventional outbound efforts, brand marketing is deprioritized and even relegated to a tertiary goal. Because Valve+Meter’s BDRs operate as an extension of your sales and marketing teams, outbound lead generation works in conjunction with brand messaging. We never use random representatives to execute your outbound lead generation efforts so your brand reputation is enhanced. This is especially important when our lead generation specialists attract leads at the top of the funnel or need to nurture a lead to reach the key decision-maker for your sales team.


We compile all of our research into the next phase. Before any action occurs, our outbound lead generation specialists including visionaries, leaders, and the BDRs assigned to your campaign form the strategy.


For most outbound lead generation planning sessions, our full team will consider all the data available. Because Valve+Meter has vast resources and an abundance of specialists, your campaign can be customized to execute via a wide range of tactics. Most of our outbound lead generation includes multiple phases and various efforts. Planning creates a detailed process that may start with cold calling and email prospecting, then evolve into lead qualifying services and eventually appointment setting. Depending on the complexity of your products and services, direct mail campaigns and even inbound marketing efforts may be applicable.

At Valve+Meter, we are not limited by silos and readily deploy any of our marketing experts to strengthen outbound lead generation. We endeavor to act in the long-term best interest of every client and business partner. If the design of an outbound campaign is enhanced by content marketing, pay per click, retargeting ads, or social media, our team has the capability and flexibility to perform for your business.


This is not to be confused with a dress rehearsal. Our outbound lead generation strategy tests campaigns using machine modeling and AI to fine-tune our strategies. When you identify the variables, outreach is more effective. For outbound email campaigns, these variables include the ideal days and times to reach out to prospects; A/B subject testing; iteration scheduling; and even the most effective salutation. By harnessing technology, our outbound leads are contacted via the optimal medium at the optimal time and using their vernacular.


The culmination of intense research, creative planning, and testing is the execution of outbound lead generation strategies. There are dozens of goals for outbound lead generation. There is never a single strategy that works for all outbound marketing. The ultimate goal is to reach your target audience and generate leads at the bottom of the funnel to your sales representatives. Some outbound lead generation is so well-planned and accurate that leads immediately enter your sales cycle.

In B2B outbound marketing, the best lead generation efforts are designed for the nuance of your business and the preparation to meet valuable leads at all stages of the buyer’s journey. To this aim, outbound lead generation tools adapt and prioritize to manage your marketing efforts.


Your outbound campaign is designed to attract leads wherever they are positioned in the sales funnel. Ideally, our initial outbound lead generation tactics reach BoFu prospects ready for your sales representative to close deals. As our wealth of experience and history of metrics demonstrate, most outbound lead generation strategies engage prospects early in the sales cycle. This means outbound lead generation strategies adapt for MoFu and ToFu prospects.


Outbound lead generation that adapts acts to manage the sales pipeline for your business. One of the key skills of lead generation specialists and our BDRs is lead nurturing and demand generation. Acting as subject matter experts and vetting prospects, outbound lead generation prioritizes BoFu leads to your sales team and transitions MoFu and ToFu prospects to further strategies to nurture key decision-makers toward your brand.

An initial outbound lead generation campaign may include cold calling then transition to remarketing for lead qualifying services including email, direct mail, and follow-up appointments. For these phases, outbound lead generation campaigns prioritize brand development, relationship building, and managing your sales pipeline.

Brand Development

Most lead generation campaigns must first demonstrate brand value. In the case of some products and services, there is demand generation where your business clearly solves a pain point for your prospect. For complex products and services, brand development can be incredibly valuable but also intensely difficult.

Our business development representatives (BDRs) train and practice the art of demonstrative sales. Outbound lead generation meets prospects with a solution. In many cases, cutting-edge brands arrive at prospects as nascent solutions. That is, prospects are confronted with a solution they previously never knew existed. Our BDRs carefully keep your brand top of mind and continue to demonstrate the powerful solutions offered by your brand.

Relationship Building

Outbound lead gen must not simply develop your brand, but also build relationships with the prospects. Once we reach your target audience, Valve+Meter’s BDRs prospect for key decision-makers. Our team is highly skilled at building a rapport with prospects, bypassing gatekeepers, and connecting directly with the decision-makers your sales reps need to convert into buyers.

Manage the Sales Pipeline

Sales reps connect with prospects ready to close. The outbound lead generation process culls warm and cold prospects so your sales pipeline is most efficient. Our lead gen strategies still covet these potential customers through brand development and relationship building. This benefits your sales pipeline so representatives have time to focus on closing deals.

Outbound strategies reduce internal effort, lower costs, and find creative outbound strategies to keep prospects engaged with your brand until they are ready to enter the sales pipeline.

Business Development Managers and Outbound Strategies with Valve+Meter

Our ThinkFirst process is a comprehensive plan and is part of the outbound lead generation services Valve+Meter will execute for you. Our outbound lead generation work is most effective when our businesses understand the role of our managers and business development representatives. Our BDRs work closely with your sales team and stakeholders to ensure leads are properly nurtured and converted from our process to you at the optimal stage.

Valve+Meter provides a thorough analysis for businesses in need of lead generation campaigns. Our teams include managers and experienced business development representatives responsible for identifying, prospecting, and qualifying potential customers for your products and services. Our team consists of a variety of lead generation efforts including cold calling, emailing, and networking to create demand for your company. The exact outbound lead generation process will be customized to suit your unique needs.

Throughout our comprehensive suite of marketing services, we provide B2B cold calling, sales prospecting, lead qualifying, sales appointment setting, B2B appointment setting, and further tactics. Performance marketing only works as a lead generation strategy for businesses committed to data-driven actions. To fully understand how Valve+Meter can benefit your outbound lead gen, consider how our BDRs execute each strategy.

B2B Cold Calling

Valve+Meter’s BDRs use business-to-business (B2B) cold calling in many outbound lead gen campaigns. Our team of lead generation specialists uses cutting-edge strategies to attract potential leads, qualify them within key audiences, and deliver a professional message to convert cold leads into viable sales opportunities. In this stage, outbound leads are designated by their position within the sales funnel. Cold calls prove our hypotheses and provide data to drive the next steps and improve strategies. Because we apply research and learning before executing cold calls, we focus on prospecting and qualifying sales leads for your business. Cold calling continues to evolve, incorporating phone calls, email, and social media to reach your target audience. This primary step initiates the outbound sales process, allowing your sales and operations to run more smoothly.


Valve+Meter does not simply generate outbound leads; BDRs are able to focus on sales prospecting services. Unlike conventional cold calling, sales prospecting helps businesses generate a consistent flow of highly qualified potential leads. Our BDRs focus on outbound lead generation strategies that capture quality leads over lead volume. Outbound lead generation that uses data-driven strategies to identify and engage potential customers reduces lost leads without increasing marketing costs.

Our ongoing process includes analyzing data within your business, researching the marketplace, and using proven strategies to reach the ideal prospects. Our approach discards the outdated tactics of traditional marketing companies and instead helps build relationships, increase brand awareness, and deliver better leads to your sales team at the right time. Sales prospecting as an outbound lead gen strategy is a key factor in managing your sales pipeline. Our data-driven tools also help to properly manage outbound leads when you are operating at capacity. By identifying and vetting leads, and using metrics to constantly adapt and improve our strategies, the outbound lead generation strategy is strengthened.

Lead Qualifying

Great companies understand the importance of lead qualifying services. As the next phase of the outbound sales process, qualifying whether potential customers match your company’s criteria reduces wasted effort within your internal sales process. Valve+Meter’s BDRs offer effective lead generation services that engage prospects during a lead qualification process. Sales and marketing teams working together improve conversion rates and strengthen your sales pipeline.

Lead qualification is an integral part of performance marketing. It is the application of math to marketing decisions. Lead qualification services separate high-quality prospects from cold leads and optimize lead generation efforts for each subset of prospects. Corresponding strategies then follow such as online advertising, content marketing, email marketing, networking, and, finally, appointment setting for your sales reps.

BDRs at Valve+Meter design comprehensive strategies which appeal to buyers at all levels of the sales funnel. Depending on your needs, the BDRs assigned to your account operate as your outbound sales team, from outbound lead gen through relationship building. For start-ups, small companies, and emerging products, outsourcing these time-intensive outbound marketing efforts greatly impacts revenue.

Qualification is the process of determining the likelihood that a sales lead will purchase a product or service and become a long-term customer. Our BDRs are specifically trained in the lead qualification process to separate key decision-makers from low-quality leads and vet their position within the sales funnel. By disqualifying leads early in the process, companies can eliminate a major pain point for sales teams and avoid delivering a sales pitch to the wrong prospect. The lead qualifying expertise of Valve+Meter’s BDRs helps determine the most effective resources for remarketing efforts including direct mail, paid ads, and ongoing outbound sales strategies. The overarching goal of lead qualification services is to reduce the wasted effort of sales teams by filtering the best prospects to you. Valve+Meter uses our ongoing efforts to design an ideal customer profile (ICP).

As lead qualification specialists, our BDRs analyze all leads that emerge from marketing efforts such as PPC, SEO, email, and other campaigns. As a full-service marketing agency, Valve+Meter has a rich knowledge of how inbound lead generation strategies can be supplemented by our BDRs’ lead qualifying. For many companies, inbound marketing tactics overwhelm sales opportunities. If inbound lead generation from contact forms and phone calls exceeds capacity, lead qualification is an effective strategy. For both new inbound lead generation and existing customers, Valve+Meter has a solution.

Our BDRs can provide supplemental support when inbound lead generation campaigns are launched. Our experts can also delve into old data. Outreach from your sales representatives entered into the customer relationship management (CRM) system provides additional useful information about prospects. Data such as the prospect’s needs, budget, and timeline guide the remarketing strategy and are often lost on internal teams. Lead qualification gathers as many insights and as much data as possible about the prospects and potentially reengages these leads. If our analysis indicates that they could be a qualified lead, our specialists transfer the lead to your sales representatives.

Valve+Meter’s lead qualification services, like all our outbound marketing endeavors, aim to reduce time waste, improve close rates and optimize marketing spend. Our role is to attract leads and keep prospects engaged with your brand until they are ready to buy, while the role of your sales representatives is to delight customers.

B2B Appointment Setting

Maximizing the talents of your sales representatives is crucial for business success. However, many sales team members spend too much time on lead generation and lack distinct skills in B2B appointment setting. This process can be extremely protracted, and accessing key decision-makers at the right time is challenging. Keep your best representatives focused on their clients instead of trudging through the daunting task of appointment setting. At Valve+Meter Performance Marketing, we understand the importance of optimizing all aspects of the sales cycle. By trusting our team of B2B appointment setting experts, business leaders can gain more control over the sales process and focus on closing deals.

Sales Appointment Setting

Outsourcing sales appointment setting to Valve+Meter allows your business to effectively target, engage, and deliver highly qualified leads to your sales team at the right stage of the buyer’s journey. Our performance marketing approach includes lead generation and appointment setting services, recognizing that there are two sales within the buyer’s journey. When an appointment is set, a lead has committed to your product or service. This appointment must be set at the ideal time.

Our team of experts uses data-driven methods to separate cold leads from qualified leads, prioritize them, and nurture prospects through appointment generation, resulting in increased conversion rates, reduced time and deficiencies within your sales team, and improved return on marketing spend. Like other outbound lead generation efforts, highly skilled BDRs act as supplemental representatives within your sales teams. Our outbound lead generation services propel growth, reduce stress during peak sales seasons, and nurture leads that otherwise may be overlooked.

Outsource Outbound Lead Generation Efforts

Discover how performance marketing can serve as an asset within your business. When you contact Valve+Meter, our leaders, visionaries, and data experts will analyze and design an ideal outbound campaign to achieve your goals. Business leaders quickly discover the valuable content and insightful strategies our complete team of inbound and outbound marketing experts offers. Transform potential leads into buyers, and empower revenue growth with a free analysis.

Most conventional businesses view marketing as an expense. In large part this is due to the cost of traditional advertising models. Without a process to target, contact and qualify prospects, your representatives will lack the tools to move leads through your sales process. Lead qualification services find and manage leads for your sales and marketing team. This saves your company time and resources that would have otherwise been wasted on low-quality opportunities.money by only focusing on and prioritizing the best leads that fit your company’s criteria and offerings.

All of Valve+Meter’s marketing services are teachable tools. Often when it comes to lead generation, businesses believe that they are simply outsourcing what they could do in house, but at Valve+Meter, our clients continue to own everything we build. In essence we operate as an extension of your business. Ultimately, few businesses have the capacity for complete outreach, paid marketing and content marketing teams. By partnering with Valve+Meter, you gain access to all of our services immediately.

When Valve+Meter came into our company, they quickly realized that what we thought was marketing was really just chaos and wasted money. We are now quickly achieving much greater results with a lower spend. Engaging Valve+Meter is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Free Marketing Analysis

Valve+Meter is a Lead Qualification Agency B2B companies rely on to deliver sales meetings. If you’re ready to set more qualified appointments as part of a broader strategy to generate more revenue for your company this year and beyond, let’s get started on a conversation.