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When it comes to web copy – whether it’s blogs, landing pages, or social media posts – every word matters. Inserting just a few relevant keywords into your copy can be the difference between showing up on Page 1 of Google or appearing on Page 2.

If you’re not sure whether that’s a big deal, consider that websites that appear on Page 1 earn 91.5% of the organic traffic. If your website’s on the second page, you get just 4.8% of the search traffic, and, with page 3, it shrinks even lower to 1.1%. So you can see that where content ranks has a huge effect on how many people see it.

Competitive SEO keyword research services are key components in driving a company’s long-term digital content strategy. Properly completed competitive keyword research will discover additional opportunities to grow online. Pairing competitive SEO keyword research (acquire customers from your competition), overall industry keyword research (acquire new customers), and the developed persona (communication of keywords in content) creates a complete SEO strategy.

Many ingredients make up a winning piece of content, including strong technical search engine optimization, creative design, and a well-optimized website. But without a careful and calculated keyword research process, your site won’t perform nearly as well as its competitors. Adding keyword planning research to your content marketing is a winning formula that will put your site over the top and keep it on Page 1 of Google consistently.

At Valve+Meter, our team of SEO copywriters and digital marketers researches your company and your industry to find the right keywords to incorporate into your company’s digital marketing strategy and better align with the search intent of your target audience.

Keyword Research Services

Valve+Meter will perform an initial competitive keyword analysis using an SEO keyword research tracking tool called Moz. We’ll look at keyword ranking positions of common industry keywords for you and three competitors. Rank positions #1-10 would signify a page-one organic positioning on Google, #11-20 would signify a page-two organic positioning and so on.

We’ll also consider factors such as keyword difficulty, search volume, and other keyword data in order to find the best keywords in incorporate into your content.

After our initial keyword analysis is complete, we’ll make recommendations on how your site can perform better against your competitors. Here are some examples of what our digital marketing experts might uncover during their keyword research services:

  • The company has a great opportunity to rank high in Google searches but is currently lacking page-one search rankings because of a lack of relevant keywords and keyword phrases.
  • We’ll see what local towns and cities your site is performing well in and where it’s not showing up at.
  • A lack of hyperlocal pages with the purpose of winning those transactional keywords.
  • Recommend location-specific transactional keyword-focused pages.
  • Many of the pages may lack sufficient internal linking, which is when one webpage has a link to another internal page. For example, on location pages, there are mentions of a specific service your company offers, but there’s no link to the page for a user to learn more about that specific service. This also makes it more challenging for Google bots to crawl sites to ensure they have the right pages to fulfill a user’s search query.

Using Keywords in Your SEO Content

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual pages on your website to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. “On-page” refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.

Some of the steps that may be included in your keyword research services include:

  • Optimizing existing transactional keyword-focused service pages to win for any service-related search queries
  • Updating meta tags of your existing website to maximize its search potential
  • Using keyword optimization tools to write search engine-specific web copy for your transactional service pages in order for them to outrank your competitors
  • Creating new service area-specific pages to win hyperlocal search queries
  • Creating service pages to win these search terms
  • Recreating service pages to rid your site of duplicate content
  • Restructuring the site navigation to include these new pages in the new website
  • Performing an internal link audit
  • Constantly monitoring any shift in ranking after optimization to determine if the optimization was successful or if necessary adjustments need to be made

A keyword long-tail phrase, meanwhile, is generally two or more words that are used by visitors who are using search engines in a desire to find information based on that particular phrase. Our keyword long-tail phrase services include:

  • Performing a blog audit to look for redundant content and optimize any underperforming articles
  • Performing an internal link audit to ensure all pages are easily crawlable by search bots
  • After we have fully optimized any existing blogs, looking for competitive gaps in content, developing a calendar to write these posts and promoting them to gain backlinks to your site

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You may have great content on your site, but it might not be appearing high in search engines simply because of a lack of SEO keywords and keyword phrases. Valve+Meter’s team of digital marketers will spot these issues quickly and have your content ranking higher in no time. We use the best keyword research tools to help your content reach a wider audience. Contact us today for keyword research services.

After just a few months of doing marketing with Valve+Meter, I can clearly see how our business will grow in the future!


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