Andrew Cress

Account Manager Role at Valve+Meter

As an Account Manager at Valve+Meter, I am the day-to-day contact with the Valve+Meter clients. I help bridge the gap between the client and our internal team. I focus on ensuring strategic initiatives meet goals for our clients.

Andrew Cress
Background and Experience

Since graduating from Ball State University, I have spent more than 8 years in agency life. I’ve worked across multiple media channels from print, TV, radio to creative, strategy and digital media. Working with local and national brands has helped cultivate my skills and passion for what I do everyday.

What makes you unique to excel in your position?

I am an organized person who loves the industry, allowing me to enjoy every day at work. As a people-person I truly enjoy providing the best work possible for our clients.

Interests and hobbies outside of work

Spending as much time as possible with my wife, Emily and our dog Hank. We like to visit breweries and go on road trips together. I’m also a sports junkie, watching as much as I can. Chances are you’ll hear me talk about my favorite sports teams any time you see me.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you or would be surprised to learn?

I have an identical twin brother. He and I went to Ball State together, and even got jobs in the same industry after graduating.


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