5 Essential SEO Tips For HVAC Contractors That Generate Leads

Reputation in a local marketplace can be one of the best ways to maintain business in your community. Additionally, it’s important for HVAC contractors to establish themselves in their local market outside of word of mouth reputation.

Traditional marketing tactics such as TV and magazine ads have expanded online to include digital efforts. Executing an effective online campaign requires more than building a website, it requires strategy and multiple supportive tactics.

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, helps you attract clients organically. Understanding how to optimize your pages with solid SEO practices helps you attract the customers you want.

Agencies like Valve+Meter Performance Marketing help businesses create strategies to expand their online presence and draw new clients from their local market. Learn more about the tips they suggest to use SEO to your advantage.

1. Establishing Your Brand

What do you want your users to experience when they find one of your landing pages? Do you want them to purchase services? Are you looking to educate them about different aspects of HVAC installation?

It is important users have a positive experience when browsing your site. How can you create a solid user experience (UX)? You can’t begin using SEO correctly without knowing what it is you want to achieve. Make sure you have solid content and calls to action for customers to sink their teeth into once they’re on your site.

What Would Customers Want?

Think about the mindset of visitors and why they might be looking for HVAC contractors like you. Are they in need of a central air conditioning system? Make it easy for them to find out what they wish to know about the process.

Do they need ideas on types of air conditioner or furnace replacements? Make sure your page contains helpful information guiding them on what might be best suited for their home.

What’s most important is providing valuable information useful to site visitors. The most stylized page in the world can’t make up for poor quality content failing to give users what they need.

Don’t get carried away and cram too much information onto one page. Landing page content should be easy for your target audience to read. Too much text bunched together makes your page look cluttered and boring.

Make Things Easy

Getting around your site should not be a struggle. Visitors should be able to easily navigate around your site from any page. Slow responsiveness and hard-to-find content frustrates visitors and makes it unlikely they’ll remain on your page long enough to become a paying customer.

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2. Optimization Tactics for HVAC Contractors

Now it’s time to start optimizing your pages for internet searches. You need to make it simple for people searching for HVAC contractors to find your pages when they do an internet search. There are two types of SEO to keep in mind when getting your pages ready for user queries: on-page and off-page.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Making use of these on-page techniques helps bots from search engines find your page and bring it back to users as a search result.

Start With A Relevant Page Title

Do you have a catchphrase to establish your brand? Include it in the title of your web page. It’s also a good idea to add in keywords mirroring the services of HVAC contractors.

Include A Meta Description

You see this description when search engines bring back query results. The more accurate your meta description is, the better chance the user will click on your link.

Use Schema Markup to Your Advantage

Believe it or not, your HTML tags can also be used to attract visitors. Your page markup can be used to create rich snippets for your business on search results pages.

Rich snippets contain more information than regular results. Use it to let users know how recently your content was updated along with other important details you want to be immediately visible to people searching for HVAC contractors.

Do Keyword Research

Keywords are phrases matching the queries provided by users. These keywords should be included throughout your content. There are several different ways to conduct research on the most common phrases users enter when users search for HVAC contractors:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Test out your phrases here to find out the level of competitiveness for the phrase and how much it’s used over the course of a month. You want heavily-searched keywords not used by most websites yet.
  • Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest – It’s another free tool from SEO Guru Neil Patel. Conduct as many free searches as you want to find out how well a particular keyword might do to help potential customers find your pages.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Users share information from sites they find useful. They do this by adding links back to specific pages on your site or by putting the information out on other digital media platforms.

This increases your brand’s reach to other areas of the internet without needing to use paid ads. These types of organic backlinks from other sites also help with your ranking against other HVAC contractors in search results. Make use of analysis tools to track how often your site gets linked back.

Another great way to attract visitors to your site is by using engaging videos showcasing the knowledge of different company employees or demonstrating the services of HVAC contractors in your employ. Encourage users to link back to these videos from their own sites or share them with others in need of HVAC services.

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3. Build Your Social Media Presence

Too many HVAC contractors overlook the impact a strong social media presence can have on building their brand. Facebook and Instagram both provide a number of tools making it easy for HVAC contractors to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Facebook Marketing

Over a billion people use Facebook every single day. Your job is targeting the segment of users potentially interested in using the services of HVAC contractors like you. The best way to do this is with Facebook Pages. It’s easy to target these towards local users in your area.

Using Facebook Pages To Your Benefit

Facebook’s pages allow HVAC contractors to align their business with the proper marketplace category. Take as much care with your pages here as you would with a regular website landing page.

You want it to appear professional and appealing to potential customers. Make sure your business’s contact information is prominently displayed.

Add category tags displaying your status as an HVAC contractor as well as your location. This draws the interest of users near your business in need of your services.

The Insights feature gathers data on the visitors your page attracts and what they’re doing with the information found there. Be sure to include pictures in your post updates to make them more eye-catching.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram allows you to reach over 95 million users sharing pictures and other content on the platform. Take a more personal approach to the way you market here. Try creating stories about your business and the impact you have on your local community.

Think about showcasing your team and any philanthropic or community involvement. Personalizing your business makes you more than a logo and allows users to relate to your company in a new way.

Quora Marketing

People have questions, and many of them turn to Quora for answers. One great way to make more person-to-person connections with potential customers is by answering HVAC-related questions they post.

You build up a profile and gradually attract a following. It’s especially useful when you’re able to reach people in your own area.

It’s important you focus on the users instead of promoting your own business. To simply post your company’s website is perceived as lazy and “salesy.” The quality of the advice you give to users is the best marketing tool you can wield.

Live Streaming

Think about scheduling live demos of different services HVAC contractors offer. Take users with you on a house visit and let them follow you through the process of replacing a customer’s heating system.

You get the chance to show off your knowledge and competence. This builds trust with customers and makes them feel confident about giving you a call.

4. Account for Mobile Searches

More people use their phones and IoT devices for searches than ever before. Over 50% of searches will be performed this way by the year 2019.

The layout of your pages needs to adapt to small screen devices. Can users navigate from their phone just as easily as they can on a laptop? Are they able to press a button to initiate a call or are they still required to punch in the numbers?

Different Search Approaches

You also must account for emerging voice search technology. Your keyword research needs to account for queries entered in a text box along with questions users might put to an AI-powered device.

Most voice queries are posed as natural-sounding questions. It’s best to include longer-tailed keywords matching the phrasing they might use into your landing pages.

Remember users doing a voice search already know what they’re looking for. Those entering text searches are more often prepare for more research on a topic. Make sure you’re creating content accommodating both kinds of users.

5. Establish Good Online Reviews For HVAC Contractors

Most consumers today go online to check out what others have to say about HVAC contractors before making a decision about using their services. There are a number of places you can encourage customers to post reviews about your company like Yelp or Google Reviews.

Some businesses hesitate to go after reviews for fear of negative blowback hurting their business. Here’s why it’s beneficial to pursue customer feedback:

Something’s Better Than Nothing – Having no reviews at all can be just as harmful as having negative reviews. You might give customers the impression you lack the experience they need.

You Establish a Reputation – Gaining positive reviews for your services goes a long way towards encouraging new visitors to give your company a try. It also leads to positive word of mouth in your area, driving more business your way.

Find Out How You’re Really Doing – Reviews are a good way to track the service your HVAC contractor employees provide and publicly respond to any issues. If there’s a legitimate issue you’d like to handle it before it drives business away, right?

Link back to positive reviews from your own business pages and make sure they’re prominently displayed to visitors. You can even add your own comments section to get more direct feedback. This also allows you to directly engage with customers in your own space. If you don’t have the time or capacity to monitor it, however, either engage a marketing agency to assist you or keep comments closed.

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It takes skill and patience to design SEO strategies placing your business ahead of the competition. Valve+Meter makes sure your business and marketing goals align with each other.

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Matthew Tyner
Matthew Tyner
Vice President of Marketing

Matthew Tyner is the Vice President of Marketing at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing. His background is in the home services industry, leading teams of marketing and sales professionals. Matthew loves helping clients view marketing as a variable expense instead of the traditional way of thinking of marketing as a fixed, or budgeted, cost.