B2B Marketing Channels Abound, Which Ones Are Right For Me?

If marketing budgets and resources were infinite, we’d try everything, wouldn’t we? Dabbling in all the available B2B marketing channels might seem like a fun idea, but knowing which one to start with is the problem when you have a pie with a limited number of slices to allocate to each of your marketing efforts. It may go without saying (but it will be said anyway), the B2B marketing channels we choose must show measurable ROI.

Even for the savviest of marketers among us, keeping up with the latest marketing trends can be a challenge for the busy professional. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Valve+Meter is your expert on hand to help you assess your current situation and make recommendations of which B2B marketing channels best suit your unique business. In the meantime, let’s jump into an overview for you to consider.

B2B channels to consider:

  • Email – Email is one of the most effective B2B marketing channels for companies with any size budget. List size and growth, segmentation and personalization will be the key to getting the best results for your efforts in this channel.
  • Organic Traffic – Take a three-prong approach to building traffic organically to your site:
    • Work through the basics of SEO to ensure basic site health and eliminate negative elements that might hurt your ranking.
    • Add fresh content, in the form of blogs, whitepapers and new web pages onto your site on a regular basis.
    • Dedicate a consistent effort toward gaining quality links to your site.  
  • PR & Community Building – Taking advantage of publicity can create a buzz for your company and help you capitalize on your existing community. This can be a cost-effective way to drive traffic, create awareness and increase revenue.

You might add these channels if you’ve got a bigger pie to work with:

  • Paid Traffic – Remarketing, pay-per-click and social media advertising can require a larger piece of your budget and are also easily measurable while lending valuable insight into your customer’s activity.
  • Referral Programs – Your existing clients are (hopefully) your biggest fans. A small nudge in the form of a referral program can reinforce their brand-love and help you expand into their networks.

In a perfect world, your marketing mix might resemble all of this and:

  • Event Sponsorships – Events can be a great way to catch new clients and create exposure for your business while also requiring a large percentage of your marketing spend.
  • Direct Mail – Your well-thought-out direct mail campaign can pay for itself, and the initial outlay can be steep as compared to online B2B marketing channels.

From infographics to how-to videos to SMS engagement to growth hacking efforts, the list of marketing options for companies seems to grow daily. Budgets, however, seem to shrink, making the choice for the right B2B marketing channels a challenge. Valve+Meter specializes in helping businesses just like yours make the right choices with their hard-earned dollars. They are committed to results, not tactics.

If you’re ready to explore a partnership with team Valve+Meter, let’s get started today!


Marcia Barnes
Marcia Barnes
CEO + Founder

Marcia has a rich history in leading and serving performance-based marketing organizations with nationwide impact. In addition to leading multiple marketing agencies, she has received notable recognition for her leadership as President and CEO at Indianapolis-based Defender Direct (now called DEFENDERS). Over the course of her 14-year tenure with the company, Defender Direct experienced exponential growth from $2MM in annual revenue to more than $400MM.