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Written by Joshua Cook / February 20, 2018 / 7 Minute Read
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The trend of “office dogs” is gaining traction in marketing agencies. These furry companions not only bring joy and comfort but also have a positive impact on team morale and productivity. Explore the perceptions of pets in the workplace and understand how dogs can play a pivotal role in enhancing marketing strategies.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A marketing agency on Indy’s northeast side is one of the latest companies to embrace furry friends in the workplace.

On any given day, there’s at least one dog at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing’s home office. Dogs can be found curled up next to employees’ desks, taking a nap in the break room, or in attendance at department meetings.

“The dogs have added a great part to our culture,” said Marcia Barnes, the CEO and founder of Valve+Meter. “We are very hard-driving business people and sometimes you get so caught up in the mechanics of business, that sometimes you forget to soften or relax. So, the dogs are a reminder that it’s okay to breathe a little bit, love a little bit and serve a little bit.”

Employees, clients and visitors often arrive to wagging tails and wet noses pressed against the glass. Barnes said the atmosphere has been a part of the overall culture and brand of the company since its inception.

“When you have Sunshine upside-down in front of you wanting a tummy rub, it’s hard to pass that up,” Barnes said. “It’s a bright spot in your day.”

The company’s team includes 22 canines and continues to grow. The dogs include full-size Labs to pocket-size Yorkies, many of which are rescue dogs.

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Valve+Meter Says Yes to Dogs

INDIANAPOLIS, (February 21, 2018) — Team members, clients and visitors at a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis often arrive to wagging tails and little, wet noses pressed against the glass.

On any given day there may be at least one dog in the office at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing’s home office.

Valve+Meter is one of the latest companies in Indianapolis to embrace furry friends in the workplace. Dogs can be seen curled up next to team members’ desks or in attendance at department meetings. These include full-size Labs to pocket-size Yorkies, many of which are rescue dogs.

“I must admit, I haven’t always been a dog lover, but sometimes life throws you a curveball and you end up rescuing an elderly chocolate lab named Hershey, who melts your heart. Hershey was my gateway dog, and I’ve loved dogs ever since. Today I share custody of a black lab, Shadow, and a yellow lab, Sunshine, with my stepson Jake. Dogs are intuitive, loving animals that bring joy to a home and, in our case, to our office,” explained Marcia Barnes, CEO and founder of Valve+Meter Performance Marketing.

While National Take Your Dog to Work Day falls in June, it’s every day at Valve+Meter. This atmosphere has been a part of the overall culture and brand at Valve+Meter since its inception.

“Our dog-friendly office space is just one of several efforts at Valve+Meter aimed to serve our team well. We understand performance marketing to include creating an environment where our team can perform their best,” explained Joshua Cook, Director of Brand Strategy. “This team has a heart for animals, making this benefit a natural extension of our core values: Love, Serve, Transform, and Be Just.

Sienna standing tall in front of Valve+Meter's brand wall | Valve+Meter Performance Marketing

The US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health note in a 2017 article that, “One potential benefit of dogs in the workplace is that they provide an additional source of social support for the employee. The term ‘social support’ is often used to describe the mechanisms by which relationships with other people buffer individuals from stress.”

On any given day at the office, you can find Valve+Meter team members taking a break to show some affection to one of the dogs in the office. Dogs are important to the culture at Valve+Meter, and they are seen as valued members of the team. We recognize the benefits of having dogs in the office, including reduced stress levels, improved employee happiness, and greater overall office morale.

Ryan with Sunshine thinking she's a lap dog | Valve+Meter Performance Marketing

As valued members of the team, employees will often ask when they are going to see a coworker’s dog next in the office if they haven’t seen them lately. The connections created between employees through their dogs also play a part in recruiting high-quality talent to join our organization.

In an industry that features tight deadlines and a passion for providing clients with high-quality results, dogs provide employees with a much-needed stress reliever. At Valve+Meter, we’re passionate about keeping morale high and our employees happy. That’s why we’re proud to be a pet-friendly marketing agency.


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How Can I Make My Office Pet Friendly?

Bringing your furry friend to work can be a great way to reduce stress, increase productivity, and create a more relaxed atmosphere in the office. However, before you allow employees’ pets to join them at the office, you’ll need to make sure your workplace is pet-friendly. Here are some tips to help you make your office a welcoming place for pets:

    • Establish guidelines: Before you allow dogs in the office, it’s important to establish guidelines for behavior, training, and hygiene. Make sure all employees are aware of these guidelines and follow them consistently.

    • Provide amenities: Dogs will need access to pet food, water, and a place to go to the bathroom when duty calls. Make sure your office has designated areas for these needs, as well as toys, beds, and other amenities to keep dogs comfortable.

    • Create a pet policy: Consider creating a pet policy that outlines the rules and expectations for bringing pets to work. This can help ensure a smooth transition and prevent any misunderstandings or conflicts.

Perceptions of Pets in the Workplace

Some people might love it, and others might have a different opinion. In general, most people feel positive about allowing pets in the workplace. A survey from LiveCareer shows that 76% of people that have worked in a pet-friendly office reported having a positive experience with pets in the workplace. Additionally, 49% of employees said that having a pet-friendly office could convenience them to accept a job offer.

Pet-friendly offices are becoming more popular and can even be the difference between hiring a talented job prospect and watching them walk out the door to a competitor that embraces a pet-friendly environment. Boost morale and increase productivity by providing employees with a pet-friendly workplace.

Should You Allow Dogs in the Office?

While bringing dogs to work can have many benefits, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks as well. Here are some pros and cons of allowing dogs in the office:


    1. Increased productivity: Having a dog around can reduce stress and increase productivity, as well as boost morale and employee satisfaction.

    1. Improved socialization: Bringing dogs to work can help employees bond and socialize with each other, which can improve teamwork and collaboration.

    1. Relaxed environment: Day-to-day tasks can become stressful. The presence of a furry friend can help your employees stop, take a breath and enjoy the company of man’s best friend.


    1. Distractions: Dogs can be a distraction to some employees. Whether they’re barking loudly or simply being too adorable and grabbing workers’ attention too often, dogs can draw attention away from work.

    1. Liability: Allowing dogs in the office can create liability issues for the company, such as potential property damage. Make sure that any dogs that wander around the workplace will be monitored by their owners.

    1. Allergic reactions: There’s the possibility that some of your employees are allergic to dogs, cats or other pets that might wander around the workplace. It’s important to make sure all employees can be around pets safely before allowing them in the workplace.

How Can Dogs Help With Marketing?

Dogs are very good at marketing because they have several qualities that can help businesses promote their products or services. Some of the reasons why dogs are great at marketing include:

    1. Emotional appeal: Dogs can evoke strong emotions in people, such as happiness, joy, and love. Including dogs in your marketing campaigns can make them more relatable and appealing to pet parents and owners.

    1. Authenticity: Dogs are seen as honest and genuine creatures. By featuring dogs in your marketing materials, you can create a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness for your brand.

    1. Virality: Dogs are extremely popular on social media, and including them in your marketing campaigns can increase the chances of your content going viral. This can help increase brand awareness and reach new customers.

    1. Brand association: Dogs can help create a positive association between your brand and pet owners. By featuring dogs in your marketing campaigns, you can position your brand as pet-friendly and caring, which can attract pet owners to your business.

Overall, dogs can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses across a variety of industries. As a full-service marketing agency with dogs, Valve+Meter understands that dogs can help due to their emotional appeal, authenticity, virality, and ability to create brand loyalty and association.