How to Improve Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Written by The Valve+Meter Team / August 26, 2020 / 3 Minute Read
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Improving your customer acquisition strategy involves building engagement, limiting spending, educating prospects, and developing strategic partnerships. By using tools like content marketing, social media, and email marketing effectively, you can attract, engage, and convert more customers, thus accelerating your company’s growth.


Customer acquisition is the process of bringing new customers or clients to your business. The ability to systematically attract and acquire new customers will accelerate your company’s growth. Customer acquisition methods can be divided into several different categories, such as paid or free advertising, inbound or outbound marketing, etc.

Your business’s best method depends on your target audience, resources and overall strategy. However, everyone’s goal should be to educate customers about your product solution and develop partnerships with other companies to expand your reach. 

Ways to Improve Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Wondering how to improve your customer acquisition strategies? Here are some tips to follow:

Build Engagement

The likelihood of a first-time visitor on your website automatically buying your product or service is very low. Prospective customers should be fully engaged with your brand before they make a purchase. Develop an accurate buyer persona and work to understand their pain points by conducting in-depth meetings with your sales teams or even arranging informal conversations with existing customers.

Social media is a great channel of communication to build engagement as shoppers talk about brands every day. By utilizing social media, you can initiate dialogue with prospective customers and encourage your team to set up personalized interactions. Community engagement creates a feeling of transparency and trust among your customers and allows you to showcase your brand’s values. 

Limit Spending

The process of acquiring customers doesn’t have to translate into higher costs. By using marketing automation software, you can nurture leads effectively and tailor campaigns to move leads through the sales funnel efficiently. 

Educate Prospects

With the advancement of technology, anyone can learn about any product with the click of a button. Rather than working to persuade prospects, become a trusted partner in your industry. Focus your content creation on educating your customers without pressuring them to buy. You should also offer social proof to validate your product’s value proposition. Make customer testimonials readily available to back up your claims!

Develop Strategic Partnerships

It’s nearly impossible for businesses to thrive in isolation. To create a sustainable business model, you need to develop strategic partnerships to gain exposure to new audiences. These partnerships can help your business to increase market share – and in many cases – even gain additional financial and human resources to meet clients demands. 

Understanding customer acquisition strategy can help you build a more stable business. Using tools such as content marketing, social media, search marketing and email marketing cohesively to communicate a unified message will make it easy for your customers to say “yes.”

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