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Written by The Valve+Meter Team / April 14, 2022 / 7 Minute Read
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The home service industry encompasses trades serving homeowners and commercial services. Effective marketing distinguishes businesses in this competitive landscape. Strategies include digital outreach, relationship building, and understanding customer needs. From cleaning to HVAC, the right approach ensures growth and brand distinction.


The home service industry accounts for nearly all the trades and materials that serve homeowners, homeowners associations, and even commercial services.

For individuals who depend on home services marketing to appeal to homeowners, it is important to create a steady stream of new customers to keep your business thriving. It’s not just finding new customers, but finding the right kinds of customers that can really make a difference in your business’ growth.

Many home service businesses overlook the power of marketing to generate growth and distinguish themselves from other businesses. Your customers are homeowners and you need to find a way to stand out from your competitors. Your competition includes businesses within your own industry and all of the other home services. You may specialize in services that help other businesses (B2B) or services that help the average homeowner (B2C), or services that can appeal to both. Depending on your target customer, reaching them often requires different strategies and channels.

In order to stand out in the crowded home service market, your core focus should be on caring for your customers. Providing a meaningful and valuable service helps separate your branding from other businesses. Using basic tools to build and maintain relationships is key to success. You will also need to learn digital and online marketing principles in order to grow and stay top of mind with your customers.

Whether you are running a full-time business, dreaming of being your own boss, or simply trying to ensure your home service business is not falling behind larger competitors, Valve+Meter Performance Marketing has insights into a wide range of home services and marketing tactics that benefit these commonly requested home services.

As a cutting-edge home services marketing agency, Valve+Meter has a wide range of strategies for home services. Home services is a multi-billion dollar industry, that includes not only small owner/operator companies but also massive national brands competing within the same marketplaces. Our team of designers, content creators, SEO specialists, developers, outbound lead generation services, and paid advertising experts, helps small to medium-sized businesses thrive. Successful marketing begins with studying competitors’ success today and developing strategies to grow small businesses the right way through measurable and repeatable marketing solutions.

Home Cleaning Services

On-demand home services account for a large portion of the industry, but for aging homeowners and busy professionals, a house cleaning business represents an example of a constant and year-round business. Unlike many exterior property services, home cleaning services do not have a season. Home cleaning services are designed to help you keep your living space clean and tidy. Services often include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing. However, this market is extremely competitive because the cost to enter is low.

House cleaning or maid services are businesses that can be impacted by tough economic times like economic recessions. Many of these businesses lose customers when their clients lose their jobs or need to find ways to cut back. It is essential to create a diverse client base, execute steady marketing campaigns to attract new customers, and ongoing marketing efforts to ensure your clients are completely satisfied.

There are a number of specialty cleaning services beyond standard house cleaning. If you are considering a path to your own home service business, many small business owners find a niche within these subcategories.

Construction Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of construction sites, remodeling projects and post-construction cleaning is one such specialty cleaning service. These businesses market to contractors and construction companies. This requires special home services marketing including outbound B2B prospecting, networking, and inbound marketing to showcase your services. Generally, construction cleaning may describe work as broad as maintaining job sites in subdivisions including street sweeping, site cleaning, and clearing lots of construction debris. The work can also be specified as remediation cleaning and cleaning a newly constructed dwelling or building prior to occupation.

Junk Removal Service

Some home services businesses are both B2C and B2B. In the case of junk removal, many homeowners need help with hauling away junk, DIY renovation haul away, appliances, and other non-general trash. Junk removal services are designed to help homeowners dispose of unwanted items. These services can also benefit other home services businesses. Remodeling contractors, landscapers, roofers, and other businesses create a lot of junk. Marketing to homeowners is important for junk removal services, but a B2B marketing campaign can help secure ongoing relationships with other home service businesses.

Deep House Cleaning

Deep house cleaning services are designed to help with extreme issues. These services may include remediation cleaning after fires, floods, and home disasters. In the case of some deep cleaning services, homes with infestations, hoarding, or isolated homeowners require cleaning beyond the capabilities of standard housekeeping services.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is a specialized cleaning that often requires unique tools and equipment. Professional window cleaners care for interior and exterior windows, window screening, window frames, and in some cases window treatments. Reaching high windows or skylights can be dangerous for the average homeowner or business owner, but window cleaners have the tools to clean these areas safely.  Like other home service businesses, owners and personnel must possess skills in both craft and interpersonal service. Working within the private spaces of homeowners is a unique responsibility and demands tact and discretion.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services fill yet another niche. There are a number of national brands and franchise names within the carpet cleaning industry. Small and medium-sized businesses can appeal to potential clients as a way to support the local community.  Demonstrating your personnel, processes, and services are distinctly suited to local needs can be a successful strategy. Experienced carpet cleaning companies will gain even more specialization including caring for deep cleaning, stain removal, and deodorizing of carpets, rugs, and wall treatments.

HVAC Services

One of the largest segments of the home service businesses includes heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC). This market includes installation, maintenance, and repair of furnaces and air conditioners, and other home comfort solutions.

The initial service typically focuses on the design and installation of HVAC systems. There are a number of access points to homeowners, though. In the example of furnace repair, proper marketing helps to schedule appointments with homeowners near the end of the service life of a major appliance.

HVAC requires specialized marketing adjusting to the seasonality of when HVAC systems are used. Quality services help to retain customers and grow your business. Popular service business ideas within HVAC include maintenance plans for homeowners to prevent air conditioning and furnace breakdowns.


Electrical installation, maintenance, and repair are high-demand services for homeowners. Electricity, if done improperly can lead to disastrous results, so many homeowners would rather turn to a professional than try to tackle it themselves.  Wiring, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and all other electrical systems within a home must be properly serviced by electricians. Licensed and experienced electricians can operate their own businesses or operate within a larger organization. Marketing for electricians requires a focus on local services.

Plumbing Services

Another major segment is the plumbing industry. This includes installation, maintenance, and emergency repairs of residential plumbing. Plumbers require unique business ideas including marketing to both homeowners and general contractors who specialize in the construction and remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms. Finding strong business partners can lead to cost savings in finding new prospects. Like other home service businesses, building strong relationships through branding and customer service helps plumbing businesses grow.

Home Improvement Services

While extremely broad in name, home improvement services are designed to help homeowners upgrade and enhance living spaces. These services can include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, flooring installation, interior design, painting, and landscaping. Home improvement services can help increase home values and make spaces more enjoyable to live in. For new homeowners, finding contractors can be a challenge. Marketing your brand as a customer-focused business can help with digital marketing strategies.

Home Security Services

Installing home automation and home security services is extremely popular. There are many national brands for local contractors to compete against. This means that small businesses must adapt to different services than national brands offer. Popular home services typically distinguish themselves as a one-stop shop approach by providing exceptional response time and expertise to help homeowners feel safe and confident about choosing a local home security service provider. Contractors who design systems to protect homes from burglars and intruders are valued. More than just alarm system installation, security camera installation, and 24/7 monitoring, modern homeowners want to feel the ease of protection and innovation. Home automation which includes smart lighting, smart door locks, and other home automation products is in high demand. Being able to connect your security and automation devices on one platform keeps things simple for your customer.

Home Maintenance Services

Home maintenance services are designed to help homeowners with small chores and complex projects. Services like gutter cleaning and installation are popular. Window maintenance, roof repair, fencing, and locksmiths are popular home services within this segment as well. Regular maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and ensures homeowners feel comfortable and safe within their homes.

Energy Efficiency Services

Installing insulation, weatherization, high-efficiency lighting, and solar panels fits within this segment. This is a growing small business opportunity throughout the nation. Homeowners are enthusiastic to save on energy bills and many young homeowners are focused on reducing the carbon footprint of homes.

Lawn Care Services

Lawn care services are designed to help you keep lawns healthy and beautiful. These services can include mowing, fertilizing, and weed control. Hot weather can make toiling in the yard an undesirable or dangerous chore to some. Lawn care services can help improve a home’s curb appeal and provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor space. Marketing this type of business includes not only selling to individual homeowners but often targeting homeowner associations, municipalities, apartments, and small businesses too. Effective marketing strategies include well-designed websites, social media outreach, outbound marketing, and strong remarketing strategies between seasons. Many lawn care businesses struggle to grow due to the turnover of clients between seasons.

Home Painting Service

A home painting service is designed to help homeowners with indoor and outdoor surfaces. This includes a refresh and update of a home’s walls or exterior with a fresh coat of paint. These services can also include complete color consultation, surface preparation, and paint application. A painting service can provide repairs, wall decor, window treatments, and additional treatments to stand out as complete experts.

Pool and Fountain Care

Water fixtures are extremely popular in backyard spaces where families gather. Safe pool, hot tub, and fountain care services are highly valued. Designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing water fixtures provides a steady path toward growth. One key is re-marketing to clients as most regions in the country have dormant seasons.

Garage Door Installation and Repair

Garage door installation and repair services are essential for homeowners who use their garage as a primary entrance to their homes. These services have also become more important as many homeowners have converted garages into second living spaces. Marketing for garage door services can be done in many non-traditional methods. Inbound marketing including search engine optimization (SEO) is highly effective in increasing local presence.

Pest Control Services

Pest control services are designed to help you keep homes free from pests such as rodents, insects, and termites. Pest control services can help protect homes from damage and keep families healthy by exterminating, preventing future infestations, and ongoing maintenance.  Like all other popular home services, pest control is as much about customer service as professional expertise. Business owners can partner with home inspectors to provide inspections for new homeowners, as well as property and building management companies to keep creepy crawlies away from their tenant’s businesses.

Home Organization Services

Closet organization, garage organization, and home office organization are all examples of home organization services. Once a niche segment, these services have become wildly popular as work-from-home and remote work have become more commonplace.

Home Remodeling

Contractors and businesses that specialize in remodeling services often specialize in one trade. Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, cabinetry or millwork, interior design, flooring, siding, and custom painting all fit this trend. New builders may also fit into the home remodeling market by providing homes with new additions, sunrooms, and basement finishing. Home remodeling services are highly competitive and driven by strong local reviews, references, and search engine performance. In order for home remodeling businesses to grow, strong digital marketing is essential.

Interior Design

Professional designers provide custom and bespoke services to clients. High-quality interior design services can work alongside homeowners to create a beautiful and functional living space. These services can include furniture selection, color coordination, and space planning. Interior design services can go far beyond coordination, though. Some designers are highly specialized including art curation, houseplants, minimalism, outdoor spaces, and other popular home services. Many offices want to have a vibe or a floor plan that can inspire creativity. An interior designing business could also specialize in commercial spaces as well.

Handyman Services

Handyman services are designed to help homeowners with minor repairs and tasks around their homes. Like other personalized services, many homeowners need help with basic tasks like lawnmower care, power washing, and even changing light bulbs. An individual business owner or a small business with highly personable personnel can be very successful within this segment of home services.

Technology Maintenance and Repair Services

Like a handyman service, technology maintenance and repair services are designed to help you with issues related to your home’s technology, including computers, Wi-Fi, and smart home systems. These services are far more popular than just a few years ago. As every family member relies on technology for entertainment, education, or work. Highly skilled IT workers are finding a niche in helping homeowners. These services can include troubleshooting, repair, and installation. Technology maintenance and repair services help homeowners stay connected and enjoy a seamless and efficient living environment.

Home Energy Auditor

This job barely existed just a few years ago. A home energy auditor is a professional who assesses a home’s energy usage and efficiency. They can help homeowners identify areas for improvement both to save energy and money. These businesses need to market to homeowners primarily but can also succeed in building relationships with contractors. For instance, insulation, windows, and appliances are common sources of energy loss. Networking with other businesses helps home energy auditors grow new profit centers.

Landscape Architecture

Lawn care services are often limited to mowing and maintaining the landscaping. Landscape architects design outdoor spaces including hardscapes, plants, gardens, flowers, shrubs, water fixtures, and lawns. These services can include installation and maintenance.

Personal Services

Caregiving is not restricted to seniors. Personal services are designed to help individuals and families with daily tasks and errands. Many self-starters have made a career by helping with everyday tasks like grocery shopping, furniture assembly, meal delivery, and pet and house sitting. Other on-demand specialty personal services include pet grooming, babysitting, and physical training. In a world of on-demand home services, personal service businesses can stand out from the apps. In order to compete with the latest trends, businesses need to market individual and customized services. Showcasing the people and values of a business can build a reputation.

Elder Care Services

Home service businesses do not only describe the property, but those living in it as well. Elder care services are a growing industry designed to help seniors maintain their independence and quality of life. Home health aides provide companionship, meal preparation, medication management, grocery shopping, and transportation. As one of the most popular home services currently, elder care businesses require extensive marketing. Extremely valuable content across a website, social media, and conventional print media help build trust and value within your local community.

Home Service Business Marketing: Tips and Ideas

This exhaustive list is far from including all home service business ideas. This industry provides many entrepreneurs the opportunity to be their own boss. Thus, there are always new segments emerging. Electricians who specialize in EV charging installation, mobile pet groomers, and home theater contractors who found a specific niche and turned it into a successful business.

If you are considering starting a home service business or you are a seasoned pro considering innovating your digital marketing strategies, there are several tips and ideas to become profitable in your venture.

What is a Home Service Business?

A home service business is any company that provides services to homeowners. These services are typically provided at the residence of the homeowners. However, some services are performed remotely, depending on the type of service and customer needs, and can operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. In terms of marketing with Valve+Meter, small businesses, and local companies need creative ideas to stand out from larger corporate-owned businesses and franchises.

Home Service Ideas

There are several home service ideas that entrepreneurs can consider when starting to market their businesses. Some popular home service businesses include cleaning services, lawn care services, home repairs, and remodeling services. Others like pet care services, elder care services, and personal services such as meal delivery and errand running require unique strategies. Generally, the models and marketing are very similar throughout the home services industry.

Home Services Business Model

Depending on the type of service and target market, the home services business model can vary. Some home service businesses operate on a subscription or contract basis, while others offer on-demand services. It’s important to consider your target market and their needs when developing your own service business idea and model.

For most home service business models to grow, a key focus must be applied to high-quality customer service and repeatable marketing strategies.

Most Profitable Home Service Business

The best home service businesses can depend on several factors, including the demand for the service, the level of competition, and the pricing model. Some of the most profitable home service businesses include the residential HVAC business, plumbing service contractors, and home remodeling services.

The best way to ensure that your business is profitable is to constantly attract new customers. In order to do this, businesses should include ongoing services and re-marketing opportunities. Marketing efforts are essential for growing businesses not only to spread the word about your business to new customers but as a way for current customers to refer your business to friends as well. Businesses that provide maintenance and have a predictable service cycle are the most profitable.

Home Service Business Plan

A universal home service business plan does not exist. Every plan is unique but is essential for starting and growing your business. Your business plan should include a description of your products/services, target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and operational plan. Your home service business ideas and plan can be used to secure funding, attract investors, and guide your business growth.

Many home businesses start based on strong ideas and a demand for service within the community. Once the initial demand is met, a strong business plan provides a clear strategy for growth.

How to Start a Home Services Business

To start a home services business, you’ll need to follow several steps, including researching your market, developing a business plan, registering your business, securing funding, and acquiring the necessary licenses and permits.

One of the most overlooked steps in starting a business is investing in customer resource management (CRM). A second mistake is investing in CRM but not properly managing the system. A CRM can help provide you with exact records and create reports to help you to make informed marketing and sales strategies and grow your business.

It’s also important to hire qualified and experienced staff and establish a strong online presence to attract customers. For many business owners first starting a business, outsourcing marketing including website design, management, SEO, paid advertising, and outbound lead generation helps access expertise and lower costs.

How to Market Home Service Businesses

Whether starting a new business or marketing a well-established home services business, the plans are very similar. Throughout the home services business, digital marketing helps to increase your profile, attract new prospects, and engage leads with your sales team. Because most home service businesses offer services within a specific geographical location, home service marketing increases awareness and brand authority within your service area.

Talk To Valve + Meter About Marketing Your Home Services Business

Outsourcing marketing helps home service businesses access the most cutting-edge marketing strategies at a fraction of the cost of building an inside marketing team. As a small business owner, you might feel pressure to do it all, but if your time is allocated to decisions that can be better allocated to a more experienced partner, your business can grow and succeed faster than it could alone. Our team is experienced in marketing to a variety of home service factions in cities all over the United States that provide both B2B and B2C services. If you are interested in growing your home services business contact Valve+Meter Performance Marketing for a free marketing assessment.

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