How To Earn Better Results With Facebook Ads For Plumbers

Written by Matthew Ludden / March 29, 2022 / 6 Minute Read
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Facebook ads can revolutionize your plumbing business by targeting the right customers, optimizing ad content, and measuring success for improved results.


Struggling to reach new customers on a budget?

Facebook ads offer a powerful solution for plumbing companies looking for fast, effective, and affordable lead generation.

Social media marketing for plumbers has become a staple of a well-designed marketing strategy.

Facebook’s vast audience and precise targeting tools let you connect with homeowners and businesses in your area who need your plumbing services.

In This Article:

  • Facebook ads are a cost-effective solution for plumbers to generate leads and expand their reach.
  • Precise targeting tools help connect with homeowners and businesses in need of plumbing services.
  • Diverse ad formats like image, video, and carousel ads allow for creative and engaging content.
  • Analytics and reporting provide insights for optimizing campaigns and improving return on investment.
  • Partnering with social media experts can enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising strategy.
when you know what works, you can maximize your return on investment copy

Why Facebook Ads for Plumbers?

If you’re wondering if Facebook ads are worthwhile for your plumbing business, the answer is a resounding yes!

There is an unlimited budget for marketing that works.

Instead of broadcasting your message to the masses, Facebook lets you focus on the people most likely to need your plumbing services, maximizing your advertising dollars.

Here’s why this platform helps generate plumbing leads:

Reach More Customers

Facebook has a massive reach boasting 2.9 billion active users each month.

For plumbers and other home service pros, reaching every Facebook user isn’t necessary. Meta collects vast amounts of data on its users. This data allows your plumbing company to use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads (another Meta-owned platform) to target people specifically within your service area.

Unlike organic social media posts, which reach general audiences, ads are visible based on:

  • Location: Focus on new clients within your service area. Your advertising only displays the city, neighborhood, or radius around your business you select.
  • Demographics: Target by age, gender, and other factors relevant to your ideal client.
  • Interests: Reach people interested in home improvement, DIY projects, or those who follow property management pages.
  • Behaviors: Meta has extensive data to help you target users based on recent home purchases, online searches for plumbing solutions, and more.
  • Engagement: Retarget people who’ve interacted with your website, Facebook page, or similar businesses.

Expand Your Online Presence

With the average user spending more than 2 hours each day on social media daily, plumbers don’t have to rely solely on search engines, website leads, and other digital marketing.

Plumbing Facebook Ads reach consumers where they spend time. How people search online is changing. Recent Hubspot data shows 31% of people search for businesses and products on social media.

Facebook ads for plumbers reach these audiences and often in a more dynamic and engaging way than traditional Google and Bing pay-per-click advertising.

Improved Return On Investment

When carefully researched, designed, and managed, Facebook Ads for plumbers offer an excellent return on marketing spend (ROMS).

Ads provide full control over your budget and schedule. Whether your goal is building brand awareness or generating leads for sales, creating paid social media campaigns helps your plumbing company reach the right people in your service area.

Compared to the competition and cost of Google Local Services Ads, social media ads are a more accessible entry point for most plumbers.

Facebook Users 2.9 BN
Facebook has a massive reach boasting 2.9 billion active users each month.
Social Media Use 2 hrs
With the average user spending more than 2 hours each day on social media daily
Social Search 31%
31% of people search businesses and products on social media.

Diverse Ad Formats

Facebook offers a wide range of diverse ad formats. Visuals are powerful, and images and videos resonate with more people than plain text alone. Social media ads offer formats to suit your message:

  • Image Ads: Showcase before-and-after photos or eye-catching graphics.
  • Video Ads: Demonstrate your expertise with videos of successful projects or customer testimonials.
  • Carousel Ads: Highlight multiple services or offers in a single ad.

Actionable Market Insights

At the heart of successful performance marketing campaigns are measurable results.

Facebook’s analytics track ad performance, revealing what strategies generate quality plumbing leads (and what strategies fall short). This data lets you eliminate ineffective ads and optimize your campaigns for continuous improvement.

When you know what works, you can maximize your return on investment.

Consumer Preferences 15%
15% of consumers prefer to search on social media over search engines. (HubSpot)
Popularity 89%
Facebook tops the list as the most popular platform among marketers globally (89%) (Statista)

Grow Your Plumbing Business: Partnering with a Social Media Expert

The benefits of Facebook ads for plumbers is clear, but where do you start?

Some plumbers post their own ads. Most plumbers know how to create social media posts and the steps to building a facebook business page and launching small campaigns are not complicated.

Later in this article, we offer tips on how to run your own campaign. But the truth is: social media advertising is a specialized skill.

Every plumber has encountered DIY projects gone awry.

DIY Facebook ad campaigns can waste your marketing dollars and clog your sales team with low quality leads.

To maximize the benefits of Facebook advertising, plumbing businesses should consider working with a professional marketing agency.

Valve+Meter believes in collaborative partnerships. Where a DIY ad might offer general information, our team focuses on your long-term goals.

Working with professional social media experts adds instant resources to your plumbing business including:

  • Expert Strategy Development: Access to experienced professionals who can craft a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to your plumbing business’s specific needs.
  • Content Creation and Curation: High-quality, engaging content creation and curation that resonates with your target audience, from informative posts to eye-catching images and videos.
  • Ad Campaign Management: Expert management of your social media advertising campaigns to ensure optimal performance and ROI.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Detailed analytics and reporting that provide insights into the performance of your social media activities, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Brand Building: Assistance in building a strong, recognizable brand presence on social media, increasing trust and loyalty among your customer base.
  • Customer Engagement: Strategies to increase engagement with your audience, including responding to comments, messages, and reviews, fostering a positive community around your brand.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Saving you time and resources by handling all aspects of your social media presence, allowing you to focus on running your plumbing business.

Professional marketing has exceptional value, but that doesn’t mean every plumber needs our expertise immediately.

What Fits Your Needs?

Start with a quick consultation with our strategists to define whether to take a DIY approach or partner with our experts.

Request A Free Marketing Analysis

7 Steps To Creating Effective Facebook Ads for Plumbers

Ready to test plumbing Facebook Ads for your business?

Our social media experts break the process down into 7 simple steps:

  1. Set Up Your Facebook Business Page: You cannot use a personal page to reach potential customers. The first step is to build a complete and professional business page:
    • Add all essential details: business name, contact information, and a clear description of your plumbing services.
    • Craft an engaging “About” message.
    • Use a professional profile picture and cover photo.
    • Plan to regularly update your page with helpful tips, customer testimonials, and special offers.
  2. Planning Your First Facebook Ad Campaign: Before you start with Facebook Ads Manager, set a clear and attainable goal.
    • Who do you want to reach?
    • What is the message of your ad?
    • How will you measure the campaign’s success?
  3. Target Your Ideal Customers: Avoid wasting your budget by showing ads to everyone. Take advantage of Meta’s powerful targeting tools to reach potential clients based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. By focusing your ads on the people most likely to need your plumbing services, you’ll get the most out of your advertising dollars.
  4. Budgeting and Bidding Strategies: Setting a realistic goal for your first campaign helps you avoid the common error of overspending.
    • Start with a set budget.
    • Adjust as you gather performance data.
    • Use Facebook’s bidding system to set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for your ad to be shown.
  5. Creating Engaging Ad Content: Take the time to make your Facebook ads visually appealing and persuasive to ensure your company stands out. Use high-quality images or videos to showcase your work. Include a clear, concise message and a strong call-to-action, like “Call today for a free quote” or “Visit our website to learn more.
  6. Measuring the Success of Your Ads: Data collection is the secret to a successful Facebook Ad campaign. Use Facebook’s analytics tools to track metrics like:
    • Click-through rate (CTR)
    • Conversion rate
    • Cost per click (CPC)
    • Cost per conversion
  7. Optimizing for Better Results: Use this data to understand what’s working and to guide future ad strategies.
    • Fine-tune your ads with A/B testing. Compare different versions to see which performs better.
    • Adjust your targeting options based on the data you collect to ensure your ads are reaching the right audience.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Ensure your call to action (CTA) is clear and direct.
  • Avoid targeting too broadly; focus on a specific audience.
  • Prioritize high-quality visuals and compelling messaging in your ads.

The Bottom Line: Facebook Ads Work for Plumbers

If you’re looking to expand your reach, generate leads, and grow your plumbing business, Facebook ads offer a powerful and cost-effective solution.

Unlike a customer plumbing website, managing a Facebook page is straightforward.

By carefully targeting your ideal customer, creating engaging visuals, and tracking your results, you can achieve a strong return on your marketing investment with Facebook advertising.

Facebook ads shouldn’t be a standalone effort but a key component of your broader digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re navigating the waters of Facebook advertising on your own or teaming up with a social media specialist, it all starts with a solid plan.

Reach out to Valve+Meter for a complimentary marketing analysis to explore how Facebook ads can play a pivotal role in elevating your plumbing business.

Facebook ad goals

Frequently Asked Questions


With their potential to reach a targeted audience and showcase your services with compelling visuals, Facebook ads are a powerful tool for any plumbing business looking to grow.

A Facebook ad works most effectively when properly researched, planned, and managed. Plumbers should consult social media experts before investing in Meta ads.

The cost of Facebook ads is flexible. You control your budget and bidding strategy. Factors like your target audience size and competition in your area will influence the cost.

Using data within your CRM and performing competitive analysis helps project return on marketing spend (ROMS) for social media advertising.

If you do not have research in place, then you can start with a small budget and scale up as you see results.

Before launching plumbing Facebook ads, you need to claim your Facebook Business Page. Carefully optimizing this page is important because it functions as your digital storefront on Facebook.

Next, you will use Facebook Ads Manager to design ads, select your target audience, and set your budget.

Plumbing Facebook ads should speak to customers directly with a strong call to action. Modern designs, professional photos and videos help your plumbing brand stand out to potential customers.

Customer testimonials are another way to build credibility and trust. A happy customer is the best form of advertising.

Beyond paid advertising, organic social media can connect with existing customers and help find new clients. Update your Facebook business page with:

  • Regular Posts: Share tips, answer common questions, and showcase your recent work.
  • Hashtags: Using Facebook hashtags for plumbers expands the reach of your posts to people searching for plumbing services. 
  • Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and questions promptly to build relationships.
  • Boost Organic Posts: For a small fee, occasionally promote your best content to expand its reach.