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Written by Joshua Cook / December 4, 2022 / 5 Minute Read
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Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) play a pivotal role in B2B sales, from cold calling to nurturing leads. They not only initiate conversations but also qualify prospects, ensuring your sales team focuses on closing deals. Partnering with a marketing company can provide experienced SDRs, streamlining your sales process and maximizing ROI.”

Outbound Lead Generation

It can be challenging to sell your products and services in the B2B space. Sales teams spend time cold calling, setting meetings, and educating potential clients on your company’s products and services. In order to find new clients, it takes research, scouting, and cold calling first before the important conversations can start.

These beginning steps in the sales pipeline can be outsourced to sales development representatives who can research prospects and create the initial steps for your sales team so they can focus their efforts on closing deals.

When you’re looking to outsource your sales development representation to a marketing company, you have many options out there, but not all of them are fit for your business. Make sure that you hire a company that has an experienced team of sales development representatives with the skills you need to make those initial conversations more effective. It will give your sales team more qualified leads and help them close deals more easily.

Why You Should Have Sales Development Reps As Part of Your Sales Cycle

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are crucial to your sales process and controlling the flow of leads through your sales pipeline. Outside sales reps have the dedicated time to research, prospect, and nurture leads that a small, internal sales team might not have time to do. Sales professionals are all experienced in cold calling and skilled in finding qualified prospects.

However, when your team can spend its time working with existing customers to get them to renew their contracts, or get some big customers to close, it’s a much better use of their time. These types of deals are what make your company money. However, your company cannot grow unless someone is dedicated to cold calling and research.

SDRs proactively seek potential customers by cold calling, emailing, and social selling. Once a conversation is initiated, the sales development rep can assess the leads generated to determine which are worth pursuing.

They’ll consider factors like a client’s budget, authority, need, and timeline. Once they locate qualified leads, they’ll educate prospects on the services and products your company provides. When leads are ready to pull the trigger, the SDR hands them off to the sales team and begins the process of finding new clients all over again.

Which Types of Businesses Benefit from Having a Sales Development Representative Team?

Many businesses sell a particular type of new technology or service that can solve pain points other businesses are experiencing. However, it’s often hard to reach these businesses, and sometimes when you do, you aren’t talking to the right decision-maker or you aren’t fully educated on what their business does. Sales teams are often so busy they aren’t able to follow up in a timely manner, which can be a costly mistake.

Many SaaS (Software as a service), technology, and commercial services companies benefit the most from having a dedicated team that can prospect clients for you.

Sales Development Representative Skills That Can Help Start Your Sales Process

You might think you can hire just anyone off the street to make cold calls. However, this can be harmful to your business. A sales development representative is often a prospective client’s first impression of your business, so you want it to be a good one. Not only that, your SDRs need the right skills to make sure these cold calls actually move through the sales pipeline.

Having the right sales development representative skills can make all the difference for your business. Make sure your SDRs are skilled in the following:

Communication & Active Listening

Your sales development reps must effectively communicate your business’ products and services. Active listening is also an essential SDR skill. Your sales reps need to understand the client’s issues and be able to problem-solve by using your business solutions. This articulation of your company’s products can make things click for potential customers.

Prospecting Skills

A great sales development rep can properly identify and qualify prospects and create a relationship with them so they open up and share their pain points. That’s when the SDR can really make a connection about how your product can improve the client’s business.

Product Knowledge

One of the most essential SDR skills is knowledge of the product your company is selling. Being able to answer all sorts of questions with authority instills confidence in potential customers that your products or services will help them.


With strong product knowledge at their disposal, the best SDRs are able to adapt their approach based on the needs of the lead. They can also think on their feet and handle objections effectively.

Lead Qualification

In any business, you don’t want to waste your efforts going after potential customers that aren’t the right fit for your product or service. SDRs have the critical skills to ensure that they thoroughly vet and hunt for only leads that would best qualify for your company’s services.

Time Management

In the business world, time is money. You don’t want to waste time on unqualified leads, and you don’t want to waste time prioritizing the wrong efforts. One of the most effective SDR skills is time management. Sales reps often work on a high volume of leads and need to make follow-up calls with each one in a timely manner to keep their efforts effective.

Why A Marketing Company Can Be Your Best Resource for Sales Development Representatives

The main reason someone starts a business is to make money. If your sales are stagnant, then your business can’t grow and you’re probably not making very much money. Now, you probably realize how important a sales development representative team is to finding new leads for your business.

However, you might not have the time, resources, or experience to train a new sales team yourself. Is there a way to fast-track this process?

By working with a marketing company like Valve+Meter Performance Marketing, we have a team of experienced SDRs that have the skills to make effective points of contact right away. Once they learn about your products and services, our sales development reps start finding potential customers right away.

You don’t have to worry about training sessions or learning best practices because our team is equipped with these essential skills from the get-go.

Bringing on SDRs from a marketing team is much more cost-effective than hiring a team in-house, especially if you need a large volume of leads quickly. Once the leads start pouring in, you can scale your business quicker and make more money.

Your sales reps will use their time more effectively, and you can expect to see a higher return on investment because you have a sales team with highly customized outreach skills that can help refine your sales process.

Talk to Valve+Meter to See How Our SDRs Have the Sales Development Skills To Make A Difference

Valve+Meter Performance Marketing is an Indianapolis-based marketing agency with a team of sales development representatives that is ready to help your business. We work with them extensively on sales training to make sure they are producing quality results for our clients. Not only can we ensure that our SDRs will help your business, but we can also prove it.

We use tracking technology to provide clear data for us. This data shows what tactics are working and which aren’t, and it also helps us pinpoint potential customers faster and makes research easier to do. We’ve helped a variety of businesses grow because our outbound sales teams are effective and prepared.

Not many SDRs come complete with the skills listed above, but the team at Valve+Meter is full of experienced individuals who are ready to serve your business. Contact Valve+Meter Performance Marketing today to learn more about our sales development representative team.

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