6 Website Design Best Practices Everyone Should Follow

Written by The Valve+Meter Team / October 31, 2017 / 2 Minute Read

If you’re currently reviewing and updating your website on a regular basis, you might be ahead of the game! Many companies publish their site and then let it ride, not giving it much thought (unless of course, something breaks). Deciding whether to update, redesign or completely re-engineer your website hinges on a wide gamut of factors including budget, resources and results, in addition to many other considerations. When it comes time to make adjustments to your website, partnering with a proven leader like Valve+Meter will help you achieve your business objectives. And, in the meantime, be sure to grab these website design best practices before you hit publish!

Six Best Practices

Make your value proposition front and center

Although you live, eat and sleep thinking about your company, it may not be obvious to the person browsing your website. Attention spans are shockingly short these days. Make sure your value proposition is easily digestible in the front and center position of your home page.

QA your UX

At its very core, your website should enhance your user’s experience. In other words, it should work! Superior website design will take that a step further with intuitive layouts that understand the user’s needs and add value throughout each session.

Call customers to action, everywhere

It’s an easy mistake to make and, thankfully, an easy one to correct. Every page on your website should have a measurable call to action.

Monitor broken links

Whether you’ve just relaunched a new site or are happy and staying the course with your existing website, it’s important to monitor for broken links. Broken links are bad for your SEO but, more importantly, terrible for your user experience. (See #2 on this list for more info on UX).

Sign-up boxes in strategic places

Invite new users to stay in touch with an offer or a free whitepaper on pages where it makes strategic sense. Add these new prospects to your database for emailing, direct mail campaigns or sales nurturing. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Again with the user experience – website design best practices must include other screen types. It’s more important than ever to ensure that your website is fully functional in the mobile channel and tablets as well. Even if your customer base is not predominantly there yet, chances are high that they will be soon.

Contact Valve+Meter

Virtually everything about your website contributes to one thing, your user’s experience. Understanding website design best practices as well as working with a partner who can add value to the process can take your website to the next level. At Valve+Meter, we lead our clients in their website launches and overhauls. We’re here to partner with you every step of the way, lending our website design expertise to the success of your business. Ready to begin? Contact us today!