Drive Revenue Growth with PPC.


Google Search is quickly becoming one of the leading marketing channels available for consumers and within search, there are two different results: organic and pay-per-click. Getting results from the organic search realm is more of a long play while pay-per-click advertising can produce results that are not only more immediate, but also can be changed on a minute-by-minute basis. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can also fill gaps during slow times, allow for more offer testing due to quicker results and can be more customizable according to a customer’s search intent.


Valve+Meter can provide pay-per-click advertising services to generate immediate and profitable results to drive to your business’ revenue goals.


Cast a Wide Net

In today’s search world, the content of a user’s query can be influenced heavily by the way a user speaks, particularly if they are using speak-to-text services available on mobile devices. Because of this, Valve+Meter casts a wide net when first developing and then launching a customer’s campaign by focusing on broad keywords in order to discover how a customer could be searching for your product or service. Within these initial tests, we then analyze search query results based on what is and is not related to your business and create keyword negatives to eliminate your search ads from showing up in searches that are not related to the services you provide.

paid search PPC strategy

Stand Out in the Crowd

Being able to be found via the correct keyword searches is on the first step in the journey to produce customer revenue for our client’s businesses. The second step is to have your ad stand out from the competition when you are shown in the potential customer’s search results. Valve+Meter believes that ads should not only provide compelling ad copy related to the user’s query but also provide the user with a specific reason to click on your ad, specifically an offer that a customer searching for that specific good or service would find attractive enough to seek further information.

paid search keyword analysis

Realize Your Potential

Once a potential customer clicks on your ad, the next step is converting that potential customer into an actual customer by getting them to raise their hand and indicate that they are showing interest in your good or service. To do that, Valve+Meter focuses on website landing page design based not only in industry-standards but also through our previous in-house testing done on conversion rate optimization. These landing pages should specifically be pages that provide compelling text and offers and also are designed to clearly indicate to the potential customer what should be their next steps once arriving on your page. Those next steps could be to make a phone call to speak about your services or submit a form that would allow you to reach out to that customer to advance them deeper into your sales process.

PPC paid search conversion rates

Paid Search Strategy

Keyword Research

What are the right and wrong ways to find and reach your business?

Ad Copy

How do you want to present yourself and your products?


What is the right look and feel to get consumers to raise their hand?


What are the levers we should pull to drive leads?


What is working, why is it working and in what way is working?


How can we take what is working and drive more success?

Be the Best You Can Be

Keywords, ads, offers and landing pages are the foundations of developing an effective pay-per-click advertising campaign. To truly maximize your business’ potential, the final step to developing an effective campaign is to continuously test various variations and placements of those foundations. It’s important to note that what may be best for your business today is not always best for your business tomorrow, so Valve+Meter maintains this testing discipline throughout its relationship with its customers.

PPC paid search advertising optimization services

Pull the Right Levers

Our foundation is in testing. Some things will work and some will not. And everything can be improved. So, we continuously test keyword combinations, ad copy and offers and landing pages to determine the best combinations of variables that help your business hit its goals and generate the most positive results. This continuous testing and optimization allows both Valve+Meter and you to pull the right levers to generate the most profitable results for your business.

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