Cut Through the Noise with Traditional Media


Every type of marketing has its place under the right set of circumstances, and traditional advertising in the form of TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising is no exception. TV and radio are great ways to build brand awareness.  Print advertising in all of its many forms, from direct mail to classifieds, can be an effective customer acquisition strategy.  Outdoor advertising is great for targeted messaging that gets a lot of eyeballs on it.  The critical decision is knowing when and where to deploy each tactic.


Finding an experienced partner like Valve+Meter can be your key to finding success and avoiding costly mistakes. Whether the answer is television, radio, print or outdoors for the next campaign, the key is understanding the purpose of the tactic. Are you looking for awareness or are you trying to acquire a new customer?  Is it a complimentary tactic (hint: it should be) or a primary tactic?  Know what you want it to do before you do anything… and test, test, test.


Feeling overwhelmed at navigating a traditional advertising buy? We’ve got you covered. Our team of experienced strategists and media buyers can help create an integrated strategy that deploys the right tactics at the right time to the right targets.


Traditional Advertising - Complimentary or Primary Tactic?

In most circumstances, we consider traditional advertising to be a complimentary tactic.  It can be very effective for brand building, but less so for direct response.  Lead attribution can also be tricky — you might see a billboard along the highway but google the name to get to a phone number or lead form.  In that scenario, you’d likely give credit to your website when the initial attribution should go to the billboard.  Fortunately, our team of experts can help guide you through this tricky process.


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Traditional Media Strategy

Crafting your traditional advertising strategy requires looking at every single element in your marketing campaign. Each component of your marketing strategy should serve a specific purpose, with specific goals attached.  Traditional advertising is often used as a lift tactic, complimenting a multi-pronged strategy that layers one tactic on top of another to achieve maximum results.  Complicated? Yes. Worth your consideration? Yes.


Radio, TV, billboards and even newspapers can be effective when deployed correctly and for the right purpose.  As with all marketing, testing and iterating are essential to maximizing your yield and minimizing wasted dollars. We can help you develop a strategy that carefully considers mediums, messaging and targeting, all in lockstep with the rest of your marketing efforts to create lift in results.

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Traditional Advertising Channels

Broadcast Advertising

Use radio, cable, and network channels to create more conversions.

Print Advertising

Written messages in newspaper, magazines and mail can drive results.

Out of Home Advertising

Outdoor (billboard) advertising can increase brand awareness.

Traditional Media as a Test

When it comes to traditional advertising, testing small and iterating only after your campaign has been fully optimized is the best way to limit risks and create an effective campaign. The strategy and marketing teams at Valve+Meter will work with your team to create different tests for the design, delivery and analysis of your traditional advertising campaigns. A disciplined test strategy is the key to effective use of traditional advertising.

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Factors to Consider in Traditional Advertising

There are many factors that should be evaluated before spending on traditional advertising.  Is your market rural or suburban? Are your prospects primarily male or female? How long of a shelf-life does your message have? Are your competitors engaged in the same mediums? Does your offer compel your prospect to act? How quickly do you want them to respond? To make it even more challenging, not all of the questions are relevant all of the time. Through careful study of your current customers and market conditions, we can determine which questions to ask and 


At Valve+Meter, we begin with the end in mind. Starting with your goal outcome, we will work backward from there to determine if traditional advertising makes sense for you.  The effective use of data to understand your buyer’s persona is key to long-term success.

factors to consider in traditional media