Our Process

Business acumen guiding measurable, profitable results.

Picture of the inside of Valve+Meter Performance Marketing, a full-service marketing agency in Indianapolis, IN.
Timeline of what a prospect can expect along their journey with Valve+Meter Performance Marketing.
This image shows one of our lead generation specialists in Indianapolis, IN having an introductory call with a client looking for home services marketing solutions.

introductory Call

We’ll start with a 15-minute phone call to introduce ourselves and hear from you what challenges are keeping your business from growing.

Two Valve+Meter Performance Marketing employees working on their laptops as they perform a free marketing assessment for a client.


We begin with a free marketing assessment. This helps us make sure we can help you grow and gives you a chance to see how we think about marketing. We use the Discovery phase to help us better understand your goals and the current state of your business. We’ll ask questions like “Why did you create this business?” and “What are you hoping to achieve for yourself, your employees, and your community?” We’ll also get into the nitty gritty, discussing your competitors, your sales cycles, KPI’s, ThinkFirst strategy, research, analytics, and your current marketing efforts.

One of our data analytics specialists at his computer analyzing results for our SEO agency.

Marketing Assessment

Our Marketing Assessment is a free analysis we prepare and share with you. Here we’ll do a deeper dive into how your digital marketing presence compares to your competition. We use the Marketing Assessment to help find areas of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats within your business. This helps us get a clearer picture of the path forward and the likelihood of success.

One of our marketing experts working at his desk developing a marketing strategy for a B2B client.


ThinkFirst is where we put everything we’ve learned about you and your business, analyze the data, and provide a strategic marketing plan in support of your stated goals. We view your plan as a launching pad for future success in your industry. We prioritize your tactics by what is most likely to work, in the least amount of time with the least amount of risk. Steps for employing this plan are outlined for you, as are the performance indicators for defining the strategy’s success.

Inside the Valve+Meter Performance Marketing office, a professional marketing agency in Indianapolis, IN.


We pair you with an account manager on our client success team. Your account manager is your partner in delivering results. They engage our marketing subject matter experts to deliver on our ThinkFirst strategy.

One of our employees at her desk fulfilling our appointment setting services in Indianapolis, IN.


As we implement your strategic marketing plan, we’ll perform tests by isolating a singular variable and manipulating it alone to determine how that single change impacts results. Testing allows us to continuously refine your marketing efforts to ensure we are using the most effective strategies to drive leads and revenue.

Two employees developing the best lead management strategy for a client.

Repeat + Scale

After analyzing the data from our ongoing successful campaigns and tests, the next step is to repeat and scale the winning strategy to maximize results. This is where the “Valve” comes into play as we will manage the appropriate rate of new business for your operations capacity. A proper lead management strategy ensures you’ll never waste another marketing dollar again.

Why We ThinkFirst

A customer acquisition strategy is what you get when you align your business strategy with your marketing strategy. ThinkFirst is a multi-disciplinary approach that leverages your financials to determine your customer acquisition cost and growth targets. From there, we build the infrastructure and testing strategies to achieve those growth targets.