9 Signs It’s Time to Consider Sales Appointment Setting Services

Is your sales team continuously falling short of its meeting goals? Do you not see enough sales pipeline to help you reach your quarterly opportunity goals? You may need to start looking at sales appointment setting services.

Of the different components involved in marketing your business, generating leads and converting prospects into customers are major goals. Lead generation is the first part of this process and setting sales appointments ranks next in order of importance.

Once you have leads, it is time to figure out how to set appointments and take sales to the next level. Consider this: you may need extra time to devote to other areas of your marketing campaign, or other areas of your business.

Sales appointment setting services can make your job easier, freeing you up for other business tasks. Let’s take a look and determine if your business is a strong candidate for appointment setting services.

What Does Sales Appointment Setting Mean?

Setting an appointment is the first step to complete a sale for your business. What if we were to tell you two sales were in every one sale. The first sale is when our team sells the appointment with your next lead. By knowing who, why and what we are calling for, our team is able to earn their interest so you can begin your sales process.

The second part of the sale is when the sales team closes the deal through an actual deal between your business and the new client. They are now in the process of becoming a life-long partner of your brand and soon an advocate creating more referral business.  

Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not always so easy — sales appointment setting is one of the most time-consuming processes of making a sale and marketing your business. If your time is better spent elsewhere in your business, B2b appointment services are exactly what you need to move sales through the sales funnel.

Consider an average of eight contacts are needed per lead in order to close a sale — and yet most salespeople only contact leads twice.

Now — consider the amount of time and energy it takes to contact even one prospect eight times.

If this sounds overwhelming, it’s time to outsource your sales appointment setting services to a trusted marketing agency such as Valve+Meter. Setting B2B appointments is a duty shared by marketing and sales in most businesses, and leads must be nurtured before the sales team reaches out to clients. Here are nine signs it’s time to seriously consider B2B appointment setting services:

It’s Time to Consider Sales Appointment Setting Services When…

1. Your Customer Data is Messy or Inaccurate

If you use a customer relationship management tool like HubSpot, it can be messy or clean and your client’s information can become inaccurate over time. Properly maintaining your company’s CRM database includes having a strategy in place for monthly, quarterly and semi-annual maintenance.

Maintaining client and lead information reduces mistakes costing your company revenue — you need to know who you’re contacting, why you’re contacting them, and what your business can do to help them. Otherwise, time is wasted. B2B appointment setting services through a performance marketing firm lowers this possibility. Valve+Meter will comb through your CRM, verifying all data and increasing lead generation.

Setting sales meetings doesn’t need to be a struggle.



2. Using Too Much Time to Create a System to Nurture Leads

Knowledge of quality leads and the stages of those leads is key to closing sales with prospective clients. Leads of strong quality should be with your sales team, while leads at the top of the marketing funnel need a little nurturing to become stronger leads.

A cultivating system continually updates and tracks lead purchasing signals, pushing them through the funnel until they are taken up by your sales team. Without a nurturing system like this, your business is losing leads, clients, and revenue daily. Appointment setting services are an excellent way to grow these leads and turn them into sales.

3. Don’t Make Your Business Revenue Goals

As the owner of your business, revenue is one of your main concerns and areas of knowledge. However, you may not be clear on specific causes of dips and gains in revenue — outsourced sales appointment setting can increase your knowledge, and help explain why revenue goals are not being met by your company.

The metrics involved in outsourcing marketing performance and strategies increases the knowledge and ability of your business to drive more revenue, increase brand recognition in your target market, and enable hitting those goals consistently.

4. Your Marketing & Sales Teams Are Too Busy

Your marketing team is nurturing your leads, and they are busy with other tasks, like lead generation. Your sales team is darting from clients to quality leads trying to close those sales as rapidly and effectively as possible. In other words, neither has time for sales appointment setting.

Sales appointment setting is the best way to keep those sales and appointments rolling in to your business calendar.

5. You Need Faster and Better Results

If your business is successful, has under producing sales or has performance metrics to meet for stakeholder reports, performance marketing appointment setting can increase sales appointments and focus your sales team on closing deals.

Who are you calling? Why are you calling? Why should they listen? If you hesitate on any of these questions, outsourcing this type of work may be beneficial to your organization’s success when setting sales appointments.

How do you get there? Campaign development is a very large part in achieving the desired outcome. Companies must be able to handle script writing, handle objections from prospects and be willing to earn the right to ask for the appointment.

Knowing how to train your team, test strategies and implement new processes can be taxing and overwhelming on any company struggling with appointment setting for a sales team.  

An outsourced team like Valve+Meter will step in to assist in areas where improvement can be made as well as identifying where email marketing through workflow development can help increase appointment setting.

From strategy to execution, business can always be better; Valve+Meter is prepared to partner with you to achieve results.

6. You Need a Team, Not One Appointment Setter

Any business can hire an appointment setter, it’s training, experience and learning obstacles which make one person less than effective. In the meantime, time potentially spent setting appointments is wasted.

Sales appointment setting services from a team of trained, experienced marketers is working with your sales team constantly, gaining your business clients and increasing revenue and growth with every time slot.

7. You Need to Save Your Business Time, Money, and Resources

Sales appointment setting is an efficient way to save business resources — no searching, interviewing, hiring, or training is required to increased the number of appointments set, leads are not left wondering when your company will follow up, and your sales team is as busy as they can manage. All this adds up to considerable time and money savings for you, as your business continues to perform and meet its goals.

8. You Need Help Understanding How Meeting Success is Measured

Valve+Meter has multiple marketing success measurements in place to help your business determine its weak and strong marketing strategy points. After careful review, we will take your appointment setting strategy and revamp it to fit your business, your targeted market, your brand and your scale to ensure the best plan for you. Because our revenue and success depends on yours, accurate measurement is a prime part of our process. Those measurements are available to your business frequently and openly.

9. You Need to Start Appointments Up and Slow Them Down

Your business may be successful, just not at the scale you desire. Your sales team and marketing team may be doing so well, and your product or service may be in such great demand you want to slow appointments down for a few weeks so you can catch up.

Outbound sales appointment setting through a firm like Valve+Meter does just that: lets business flow in when you want, and holds off on new appointments when your goals are being met and you need to handle your current clients. Loads of leads are a liability if your operations aren’t prepared to service them with excellence.

How To Find The Right Sales Appointment Setting Company

The key to sales appointment setting is finding a reliable, experienced performance marketing organization to drive revenue and sales while your employees do what they do best. Let’s take a look at the best strategies for choosing an organization to help take your business to the next level.

Look for Expertise

This is the number one thing to look for in a company offering sales appointment setting services for your business. Expertise is visible on the firm’s website, and descriptions of its marketing team should contain this information. It should be easy to find and obvious.

Look for Brand Alignment

Take a close look at the branding of the prospective marketing firm — does it align with your type of branding? Does the brand alignment carry through everything the firm does? Make sure their branding methods fit with your own, to avoid disagreements or frustration down the line.

Look for Forward-thinking Strategies & Techniques

Marketing strategies are a constantly evolving aspect of owning a business. Client and target market tastes can change overnight, and any outsourced appointment setting you send to another firm should include the most cutting-edge techniques, carefully researched and delivered to your business appropriate for your brand.

At Valve+Meter, we use emerging and tested techniques together to gain your business advantages over others — we use SEO, PPC, geofencing, video storytelling and email and social media marketing along with content marketing and website design to ensure your business is marketed as effectively as possible.

Look for Aligned Incentives & Behaviors

An elite performance marketing organization will follow its own recommendations and incentives — in other words, the way it conducts its own business is a direct reflection of how it will conduct business with yours. Look at the marketing firm’s website, and talk to its team; compare the recommendations with the expected outcomes and success stories. If it all fits together, your team can rely on theirs for sales appointment setting services and other marketing needs.

Require Excellent Strategies

You know your business, and you know which marketing strategies have worked in the past, and which haven’t. Don’t let a marketing firm sell you on a strategy you know won’t work. Insist on going over the strategies with the firm before you are sold on them, and insist on seeing metrics and measurements proving past success with other businesses.

Recommendations are an excellent place to look for these strategies and their outcomes, as are past clients.

Look for Insight & Knowledge

Lead generation appointment setting services may be just the beginning of your business relationship or partnership with a performance marketing company; you need to make sure the company deserves your business in the same way your clients make sure your business does.

You can peruse the marketing firm’s website to observe their tone, their approach, and their knowledge level — does their website content come off as sophomoric or flippant? The first thing you want in a marketing firm is knowledge, and the last thing you want is ego.

What is a Client to Team Member Ratio?

A high-quality performance marketing firm has your best interests at heart, and as such will not have too many clients at a time. If you feel neglected, your business is being neglected, too.

Make sure up front the firm can handle your business needs, including scaling up the marketing as your business grows.

What is the Company Culture Like?

This sounds more like what a prospective employee is looking for in a workplace, and it applies just as equally to a B2B partnership, and a marketing firm (or any firm or partnership) your business is looking at for appointment setting companies or another business solution. When you visit their office, what is the atmosphere like — pleasant, stressed, relaxed? Now consider the company culture of your own business — if they conflict, you can expect problems down the line.

Be observant and just listen to the firm and their marketing team — this will determine whether the partnership will work.

Look for Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is an excellent indicator of a marketing firm’s overall performance, as well as a demonstration of their past success. Past success dictates future success, as you know. Five indicators your chosen marketing firm can deliver business value through appointment setting include:

Thought leadership means a marketing firm has tried-and-true strategies, and people believe in them. Content strategy and management are excellent places to find out if your affiliate has it.

Want more qualified meetings for your sales team?



Sales Appointment Setting Techniques That Generate Opportunities

Let’s look at sales appointment setting techniques at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing. From the first moment of lead generation to leveraging referrals and asking for meetings, Valve+Meter will cover every aspect of your outsourced appointment setting, making your job easier and keeping a steady flow of B2B appointments on your sales team’s calendar.

Account-based Marketing

Account-based marketing, or key account marketing increases the length of your business’ marketing reach by communicating in a way that appeals to individual marketing leads and existing customer accounts at the same time. It targets accounts within your designated market and then uses more personalized marketing campaigns to gain business and revenue.

Sales appointment setting is a part of this type of marketing, and Valve+Meter will use it to grow your business.

How to Improve Calls to Action

As part of our appointment setting service, Valve+Meter will include improved calls to action during our calls and appointment setting, as well. Calls to action, or CTAs, are tangible ways your leads and clients can interact with your business; the more effective and engaging they are, the more business your organization will get.

Better Research Techniques

When your business engages in appointment setting, you expect your marketing affiliate to know your business. This only happens through engagement; experience; personal conversations, observances, and meetings; and research.

Valve+Meter carefully researches your business and listens to your goals. Integrating the two determines our approach to sales appointment setting and any other marketing tasks we undertake for you.

Sales Call Preparation

Prior to appointment setting for your business, Valve+Meter and any good performance marketing partner will ensure preparation is complete. Knowledge about your business will be gained and noted, and when appointment setting begins knowledge will be available to increase the number of high-quality leads your business generates.

Leverage Referral Business

Business referrals are one of the most high-quality lead generators we know. We use referrals heavily in outsourced appointment setting services, and combine them with our other successful strategies to increase your business revenue and growth as often as possible.

Pursue Decision Makers

An experienced marketing firm knows which people in an organization are the decision-makers. If your appointment is not with a decision-maker, it may not lead to a sale. To ensure your appointment setting dollars are not wasted, the firm will set appointments with these decision-makers whenever possible.

As part of our process, Valve+Meter screens the employees in your target market to ensure they can make a sales decision.

Keep it Simple

All business people are busy people, and other businesses must see the value in yours right away. Don’t make it complicated — Valve+Meter won’t. We see the value in your time, our time, and the time of the businesses with which we set appointments. Showing a lead how you can save them time may trigger the sale immediately.

Ask for a Meeting

Last, and certainly not least — sales appointment setting services at Valve+Meter includes asking for meetings. This is the simplest, yet often overlooked portion of marketing — even salespeople sometimes overlook it, or put it off and then can’t make time to call and establish the appointment. Asking for what you want is the surest way to get it, after all. The appointment or business meeting will never happen unless this critical piece is in place, and enacted at the right time.

Setting B2B appointments for your business is one of the most crucial parts of branding and company strategy. We are committed to results, not tactics — we’ll help you drive your communication strategies to the next level through a free Gap Analysis and excellent, seasoned advice for your successful business.

Valve+Meter is focused on your business, with decades of marketing, business, finance and data analytics experience. We can’t wait to increase your sales appointment setting through marketing that works.

Get more meetings. Fill your sales pipeline.