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Marketing is a critical function of every business. In today’s digital age, the marketing function is more complex than ever.

why valve+meter
Graph showing our “Math Before Marketing” strategy. We combine what we've learned about your company with historical data to develop a marketing strategy that will achieve transformational results for your business.

Math Before Marketing

At Valve+Meter, we hold a core belief that your financial growth and goals should determine your marketing investment. That’s why we lead with a philosophy of “Math Before Marketing.” When you can determine your threshold on a per-customer acquisition cost, you can invest your dollars wisely to deliver leads at a cost that keeps you profitable. This philosophy transcends channels and creates leads at a cost that makes good financial sense for your business.

Traditionally, businesses view marketing spend as a percentage of revenue. Some marketing firms will perform transactional services, such as creating a website or delivering a direct mail program, then walk away. Our approach is rather different. We view marketing as a profit center. We believe any marketing channel has the ability to perform for you; however, we do not believe any channel will deliver results at your targeted acquisition cost.

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A lead is a direct result of your marketing efforts and occurs every time your phone rings or a customer engages with you via another channel, such as chat, email or social media. Our job is to deliver as many highly qualified leads to your business as possible. Some measure this as Cost Per Lead (CPL). We believe this is important but not a primary driver, as it doesn’t consider your ability to convert leads to customers, which is essentially what you are trying to achieve.

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We view conversion rate as the rate at which you convert a lead to a customer. This defines our Return on Marketing Spend (ROMS) strategy. This metric is measured by the number of leads delivered to you and your ability to convert those leads to a paying customer. It considers your total dollar spend, by channel, to deliver that result.

We are learning a lot about our business, which includes training our CSRs how to properly answer questions. This year our residential is stronger than it has ever been in our history, we are up overall 19%.

Bill Bell, CEO, Energy Savers of Georgia

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We partner with organizations who are operationally excellent and have an unlimited appetite for marketing that works. At Valve+Meter, we believe in accountable marketing and transformational results. Want to transform your marketing from a cost center to a revenue center?