How Effective is Cold Calling?

Written by Kyle Fellows / February 8, 2023 / 6 Minute Read
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Cold calling, often viewed with skepticism, remains a potent tool in the sales arsenal. This post explores its effectiveness, dispelling common myths and providing insights into best practices. Whether you’re a seasoned salesperson or new to the game, understanding the nuances of cold calling can significantly boost your outreach success.

Outbound Lead Generation

Cold calling still is a popular method of generating leads and making sales. With the rise of digital marketing and sales, cold calling remains an effective sales strategy, especially when executed correctly and using technology to re envision what the term cold call means . Valve + Meter Performance Marketing applies digital tools to cold call strategies to test and scale cold calling. When you examine how cold calling has evolved over the years, the businesses that benefit most from cold calling, and when to consider outsourcing your cold call emails and phone efforts, many business leaders are delighted to learn how cold calling still works.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling work describes all outbound marketing efforts to potential customers. This method of sales outreach involves contacting businesses or individuals that have yet to contact your brand. Modern cold calling works by using technology to pinpoint the ideal potential buyer and craft distinct messages about your product or service. Whereas inbound marketing is focused on new leads that have shown interest in your brand, outbound marketing is a solicitation from a business to the marketplace. Cold calling is incredibly effective at researching the most probable prospects and executing campaigns to convert individuals or businesses into new customers. The goal of cold calling is to generate leads, build relationships, and ultimately, close sales.

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Types of Businesses That Benefit The Most From Cold Calling Strategies

There are many businesses that claim cold calls and sales calls are the same. Cold calling dead methods include the call centers making calls en masse to a vast list of phone numbers. Cold calling success is far more effective when professional specialists apply research, planning, and creativity to find the exact audience for your brand. Research shows that taking advantage of data and metrics will improve your cold calling and sales prospecting. Still cold calling isn’t for every business. There are some specific types of businesses that see a much better cold-calling success rate than others.

B2B (Business-To-Business) Companies

Companies that sell products or services to other businesses, such as software, consulting, or industrial products. Especially when you are solving a specific pain point with a nascent product, cold calling helps to reach decision makers and fill your sales pipeline.

Lead Generation Services

In order to fill your sales pipeline, outbound marketing campaigns are effective at generating new leads. This is a key distinction between sales and marketing whereas sales reps focus on closing sales at the bottom of the funnel, business development representatives (BDRs) focus on finding highly qualified leads at the middle or top of the funnel to fill your sales pipeline.

High-Ticket Items

Sales teams offering business equipment, industrial goods, or other high priced services need specialized cold calling prospecting. Within complex sales cycles, cold calling specialists understand that qualified leads often need valuable information through highly customized marketing materials.

Emerging Or Niche Markets

Companies operating in a new or emerging market, or those offering unique or niche products and services often struggle to execute marketing campaigns through conventional outreach and inbound marketing is even less effective when there is not an established base of customers. Professionals skilled and trained in delivering branded messaging to decision makers empowers sales teams.

Highly specialized techniques and technologies mean cold calling still works for many businesses. A more direct and personalized approach to potential customers is key in many industries. This sort of personalized connection can get the buyer’s attention right away and can make it more likely to close a deal by offering a solution to a specific pain point within a business or industry.

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Benefits Of Cold Calling

Why should you choose a cold-calling strategy over other strategies? With the right techniques, you can create a relationship right from the first phone call or email marketing effort. Specifically, conventional marketing is fishing with a net whereas direct outreach is fishing with a spear. Cold-calling campaigns are richly researched with finely tuned language that decision makers prefer.

Some sales teams will attempt to execute campaigns and may be able to test what sales tactics work with immediate feedback. However sales prospecting specialists are keenly focused on the two sales that exist within each deal. A sales pitch that focused on persuading cold leads toward the bottom of the funnel will likely fail. The ideal sales technique first provides an informative message that clearly solves a business problem. The first sale is when decision makers agree to a follow up call or set a sales appointment.

Cold calling works so well because professional lead generation and sales prospecting professionals are skilled at personalizing the process and building a relationship from first contact. Customers enjoy talking to a real person so they can ask questions and learn more about their products and services. With a personal dialogue, the BDR is more likely to gauge the prospect’s interest, overcome objections and can offer expert insight into how your specific services address pain points of the business. Because of the personal relationship and the ability to follow up quickly, conversion rates are often very high as well as the amount the customer spends.

If a customer is unsure they want to invest, BDRs can follow up with calls, emails, and other interactions. Making these follow-up calls and emails is even more effective using research, data, and technology. Pinpointing precise messages, days of week, time of day, and even the iteration of how messages are offered is another unique benefit of BDRs.

Cold-calling statistics show that cold-calling prospects tend to spend more with the business and refer to other businesses more often. Cold calling is also very affordable to implement as a sales strategy because all you need is a phone and a list of contacts to get started.

How Cold Calling Has Evolved With Technology

Cold calling has changed significantly in the digital age, with technology and data playing a larger role in the process. As previously noted a cold call is far more than a phone call to an indiscriminate phone number. With the right tools, you can increase the likelihood of reaching top decision makers and converting cold leads into buyers. Technology has helped cold-calling success rates in the following ways:

Increased Data Availability

Powerful tools are available to capture vast amounts of data about your existing clients, competitors and industry marketplace. The work performed prior to executing any cold calling campaign is often more important than the actual outreach. BDRs understand who to target, what language to use, what objections to expect, and how to adapt to execute the most successful cold calls.


Automated tools like dialer software, email applications and computer learning are applied to the best cold calls. There are effective and time saving technologies that allow you to create scripted voicemails for your campaign. Whether you are making phone calls or meeting a lead in a virtual meeting, data empowers representatives.

Integration With Digital Channels

There are so many ways now to connect with a prospect. By using other channels, such as email and social media, a cold call may be followed up with an email or LinkedIn message, instead of a follow-up call, to further build the relationship with the potential customer.

Improved Customer Experience

Cold calling success rates increase when you meet a prospect at the preferred position. Companies can now use data to understand their customers’ needs and tailor efforts accordingly. BDRs are highly skilled in nurturing leads and guiding prospects through the sales cycle. A qualified lead is only turned over to sales reps when they are ready to close.

Increased Competition

There is a din of marketing that muddles the sales process. Cold calling still meets prospects with a concise solution to pain points. Especially in B2B marketing, outreach is a powerful tip of the spear to carry your brand message to the exact target audience.

Why You Should Outsource Your Cold Calls

Sales reps are not business development representatives. The skills to perform research, craft a cold calling script, plan for objections, and most importantly, work toward promoting interest in your brand are distinct.

You probably have a team of sales professionals already that are already bringing in some great deals to your team. While making cold calls is an effective strategy, the efforts of your sales reps might be better spent doing other things. Keep your sales team focused on their current strategies, and invest in a marketing agency that can make cold calls for your team. By outsourcing cold calls, you can make more deals than with your in-house sales team alone.

Valve + Meter Performance Marketing has a team of business development representatives that use proven techniques to increase cold calling success rates. We are driven by data and use state of the art technology and cutting edge techniques to increase efficiency. We don’t build sales calls and waste effort on cold calling dead methods. We execute powerful campaigns designed for your services. And our BDRs work as an extension of your business. We feed your sales reps the high quality leads they need. Here are some other benefits of working with an experienced marketing agency for cold-calling sales:

Cost Savings

Outsourcing cold calling to a marketing company can save a business money compared to hiring an in-house sales team, as it eliminates the need for new technologies, salaries, benefits, and training costs.

Access To Expertise

Since Valve + Meter has a deep understanding of the sales process and a proven track record of success, you won’t need to invest in additional training for your current team.

Increased Efficiency

The marketing company can handle the cold-calling process, which can help improve efficiency and productivity while the business can focus on its core competencies.

Improved Lead Generation

With the right tools and resources to generate high-quality leads, Valve + Meter helps businesses to achieve their sales goals more quickly and effectively.


Outsourcing cold calling to a marketing company allows businesses to scale up or down their sales efforts as needed, providing greater flexibility and adaptability to changing market conditions.

Access To Advanced Technology

Marketing companies have access to the latest sales and marketing technologies, including predictive dialing systems, lead generation tools, and customer relationship management (CRM) software, helping businesses to improve their cold calling process and maximize their results.

Why Work with Valve + Meter Performance Marketing

Growing your business can seem like a daunting task. You encourage your team to make cold calls, but they are often busy closing big leads already. By hiring dedicated cold-calling sales teams as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to grow much faster than you expected.

Marketing should be an important part of your business strategy, and which marketing channels you choose make all the difference. Valve + Meter specializes in digital marketing solutions as well as cold calling. Running a business is a cycle. You need customers to hire you for jobs, which will allow you to pay for your operations and employees, which increases the amount of money you make as a business. The cycle starts with customers, and if you don’t invest in marketing to find new customers, then you can’t get the cycle to move.

Investing in marketing is what makes the cycle spin, and as you gain more customers, you’ll be able to complete more jobs, which means you’ll be able to make more money. As you make more money, you’ll want to invest more into your marketing to keep the cycle spinning and growing. This is how businesses that start as good become great.

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Cold calling is still a valuable sales strategy in today’s digital age. When executed correctly, it can lead to high conversion rates, personal relationships, and cost-effectiveness.

So, if you’re looking for a way to increase your sales, consider cold calling as a part of your sales strategy and talk to Valve+Meter Performance Marketing. We have the tools and the BDRs to make phone calls for you so you can grow your business. Talk to us today to learn how we can develop a custom strategy fit for your business.