How To Choose A Web Design Company: A Practical Guide For Businesses

Written by Matthew Ludden / February 1, 2024 / 8 Minute Read
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Knowing how to choose a web design company can be as challenging as building a new website for your business. Our guide helps you navigate the process of finding the best web services and what to look for in a long-term partner.


Is Your Website Working for You? How to Find the Right Web Design Agency

Your website’s success starts long before your new design goes live.

Finding the right web design agency is more important than any marketing or advertising campaign.

Valve+Meter Performance Marketing is a performance-focused web design agency that helps businesses achieve measurable results.

The best web design company focuses on building a meaningful connection with your audience.

Your website makes a powerful first impression, but it’s not just about looks!

Great web design must nail functionality, user experience, and represent your business.

With so many web design companies, how do you choose the right one?

This guide offers insights from the point-of-view of a web design agency on how to align your business goals with your online identity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Design your website with your business goals and target audience in mind.
  • Find a web design agency that aligns with your specific needs.
  • Know the right questions to ask potential web design partners.
  • Choose the right website platform for your business.
  • Partner with a web design agency that understands SEO and marketing.
  • Seek a web design partner offering ongoing support for your website’s growth.

How Not To Choose A Web Design Agency

Your Website Starts With Your Business

The skill and proven track record of a web design company are important.

A website that does not support your business is a failed design.

The team at Valve+Meter builds clients’ sites with a clear performance mindset.

Your website isn’t just a digital billboard; it’s a dynamic tool that should actively work towards achieving your business goals.

For some industries, your website is a lead generation tool. For e-commerce, your website functions as a direct revenue generator.

The right web design partner starts with questions about your business and your vision.

Building Your Internal Plan

Let’s talk about how to create the vision for your own website.

Asking yourself the right questions creates a clear purpose. The best website design agency will customize form and functionality to support that goal.

Defining the Role of Your Website


What Is the Job Of Your Website?

Just like hiring a new employee, every professional website has a role, from educating visitors about your brand to converting them into customers or leads.

Define this role early on to guide the website’s structure and features.

For example, a home services website’s design needs to demonstrate all the services your business provides. The same is true for law firm websites and SaaS website design.

In the case of an e-commerce site, beyond a robust product catalog with high-quality images, you need a secure system and order management system.

Manufacturer websites often need to reach multiple target audiences, including dealers, municipal and corporate buyers, and end users.

Why It Matters

Certain web design agencies specialize in distinct industries. Working with the wrong web designer or web developer may cause issues in the long-term success of your website and project management.

The best content management systems for home services and professional websites differ from e-commerce platforms.

Defining the role of your website helps you find the ideal web design agency for your project.

Understanding Your Target Audience


Who Is Your Website Designed To Serve?

For many web designers, defining the target audience is a crucial step in the web design process that can sometimes lead to friction. 

Based on your previous clients and competitor analysis, you should be able to create a persona of your ideal customer.

Top web design agencies can help you develop an ideal customer profile, which may include surveys and market research.

Why It Matters

A good web design company does not rely solely on templates and DIY website builders. In an era of AI tools, a well-designed website builds authenticity and trust with your target audience.

A website targeting homeowners should have a different look, feel, and functionality than one aimed at B2B clients in the manufacturing sector.

Your chosen web design team should understand consumer behaviors, preferences, and the devices they use.

This insight will direct your web design company to create a site that resonates with your intended users.

Aligning Your Website With Business Goals

How Can Your Website Drive The Success Of Your Business?

First, you need to identify your overarching business goals.

For service-oriented businesses focusing on lead generation, the design should facilitate easy contact, either through forms, chat, or direct calls.

If your aim is to enhance your reputation for professional services, your website’s design should prioritize showcasing your expertise, with easy navigation to thought leadership pages.

A well-designed website architecture aligns the goals of your business with best practices for user experience and search engines.

Why It Matters

The web design process should evolve with your business.

Choose a web design agency that understands both your current situation and where you want to grow.

Web designers and developers should create adaptability and versatility into your new website project to ensure your site works today and into the future.

Budget & ROI

What Is Your Budget For This Project?

Enterprise companies across multiple industries often set a predetermined figure to build websites based on marketing budgets.

For other businesses, a decent website hits a price point but may limit the return on investment (ROI).

A professional website is an investment that accrues in value over time.

Most designers can meet a price point, but that doesn’t mean you will get the website your company needs.

Researching and planning how to measure your website’s success helps you choose the right web design company.

How do you measure your website’s success?

Decide on key performance indicators (KPIs) early. Whether it’s lead generation, online sales, or customer engagement, these metrics will influence the site’s design and functionality.

Why It Matters

Choosing a web design partner based on a budget may compromise performance.

The right web design agency builds websites as revenue drivers for your business.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, websites are central to your marketing strategy.

A website with limited functions and features is like a restaurant only printing half a menu. How can people discover your business online and engage with your products and services?

A quotation on web design importance: "73.1% of web designers believe that a non-responsive design is the top reason why visitors leave a website." - From "How To Choose A Web Design

Content And Resources

Do you have existing content, or will this need to be created?

Many businesses design a new website without understanding how search engines work. Pre-existing website content influences how your new site will perform.

A good web design agency will conduct a content audit as part of a web design project.

High-quality, original content is crucial for engaging visitors and for search engine optimization. The availability of ready-to-use content also influences the project’s scope and timeline.

Who will be responsible for website updates?

Determine if your team has the capacity and skills to manage the site post-launch. This decision will affect how the site is built, particularly the complexity of the content management system (CMS).

If you need web maintenance and marketing, then you should look for these services in your prospective web design agency.

Why It Matters

Website architecture and content creation are key elements of SEO services.

A good web designer reviews your existing website to preserve your brand’s reputation and credibility across search engines and third-party websites. Sitemaps with redirects streamline the web design project, improve search engine visibility post-launch, and reduce the cost of your website.

Content creation is one of the primary reasons businesses struggle to reach potential customers.

If you have a strong brand identity, then collaborating with web design companies that specialize in assisting in-house marketing teams is beneficial.

For smaller teams, outsourcing your content creation to professional web designers with search engine optimization specialists is important.

Technical Considerations

Integrating CRM and analytics tools

Performance-focused website design integrates your CRM, analytics, and other tools into your website.

Professional web designers and developers help you get the most from your website. As technology advances, the right website design agency can deliver solutions to maximize the performance of your website.

Why It Matters

For nearly all businesses, your website is how people discover your business and interact with your brand.

Technically advanced websites increase the capability of your website as a marketing tool and revenue generator.

Knowing what you integrate into your website, such as review management, e-commerce functions, and secure forms, helps your web designer choose the right CMS platforms.

Beyond the Launch

What ongoing support do you need from the web design company?

Discuss your expectations for post-launch support, including website maintenance, troubleshooting, and updates.

A professional web design company may offer hosting services, web developer services, and digital marketing.

Why It Matters

By addressing these aspects before choosing a website design agency, you can lay a solid foundation for your website project.

When your team has a comprehensive vision for overall success, you can connect with potential web design companies that are qualified.

Finding the Right Web Design Company: What to Look For

You’ve done the groundwork – now it’s time to find the perfect web design partner.

There are many agencies with designers and web development skills. The key is finding a web design company that meets your business needs and your cultural values.

Here’s what matters most:

Scrutinize Their Portfolio

A company’s portfolio speaks volumes.

Does their style match your brand?

Do they have experience in your industry?

A diverse portfolio shows they can adapt, which is crucial as your business grows. For leading web design companies, agreements with previous clients may limit the number of websites featured on a portfolio site.

Industry Know-How is Key

Choosing a web design company that understands your industry helps in reaching potential customers and expediting your design project.

Every industry has its own language and challenges. Your web design team should be fluent in yours.

This ensures your site will speak directly to your ideal customers and set you apart from competitors.

Choosing the Right Website Platform

The platform you choose for your website significantly impacts functionality, user experience, and management.

Versatile and robust, platforms like WordPress and e-commerce solutions such as Shopify are widely used across various industries. These tools require technical know-how and developer assistance for advanced features, but internal teams can utilize primary features.

Choosing a web design company that can build and train your team gives you greater control over your website.

Content That Connects

Designing websites is only part of the role design companies fulfill.

Your website is your brand’s voice online. The right design agency offers talented content creators including writers, photographers, graphic designers, videographers, and other creatives.

These subject matter experts will help you craft a content strategy that reflects your personality.

Ditch the generic templates and choose a partner who can create content that truly engages your audience.

SEO and Digital Marketing Savvy

Imagine building a new showroom but connecting to a road.

A gorgeous website is useless if no one can discover it.

A strong web design company understands SEO and how your website fits into your overall marketing plan.

Designing websites that search engines can index and attract the right visitors helps your long-term growth.

User Preference 22%
22% of consumers visiting a website for the first time look for eye-catching colors.
Design Chocies 21%
However, 21% will leave a site if they find the color scheme too "outlandish". (Hubspot)

What Questions Should I Ask Prospective Web Design Companies?

Working with a web design agency should be an empowering experience.

For business owners and leaders, selecting qualified design teams is similar to interviewing a job candidate.

You need to know the right questions to determine both the capabilities and cultural fit of the candidates.

You want to ensure a positive working relationship with your chosen web design agency.

Let’s consider the following questions:

Communication and Collaboration

When choosing a web design agency, prioritize open communication and collaboration.

A good web design company will actively involve you in the design process, ensuring that your vision is accurately translated into the final product.

Ask about their communication channels and frequency of updates. You don’t want to risk a project falling behind schedule or missing key elements your business needs.


Key questions to ask include:

  • What is your process for designing a website?
  • How often will we communicate during the project?
  • How do you handle feedback and revisions?

The answers to these questions help you learn about the working relationship.

Top web design agencies have a process and structure that includes project managers and dedicated subject matter experts for quick review processes.

Assess Their Design Process

Understanding a company’s design process gives you insights into how they approach projects and tackle design challenges.

Ask about their steps from concept to launch, including how they prioritize user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.

Key questions to ask include:

  • Can you guide me through your design process?
  • How do you ensure the website is user-friendly and meets our business objectives?
  • How do you incorporate feedback and make revisions during the design process?

Focus on clear answers, not technical jargon. These questions will reveal the agency’s qualifications and approach.

For example, responsive design is essential for today’s mobile-first world. A good agency will have a deep understanding of user behavior and design with your industry in mind.

Check for Post-Launch Support

A website is not a set-it-and-forget-it asset. It requires ongoing maintenance and updates to stay secure and functional. Ensure the web design company offers post-launch support, including developer expertise, hosting if needed, and other assistance.

For businesses focused on growth, partnering with a web design company that’s part of a larger digital marketing agency can be beneficial. This ensures your website is built with marketing in mind for optimal results.

Key questions to ask include:

  • What post-launch support do you offer?
  • How are maintenance and updates handled?
  • What is the process for addressing issues that arise after the website goes live?

By prioritizing communication, understanding the design process, and ensuring post-launch support, you’ll find a web development company that’s the right long-term partner for your online success.

The Right Web Design Partner: A Catalyst for Growth

Choosing the right web design company is an investment that extends far beyond the initial launch. It’s about finding a partner who understands your vision, your industry and your audience’s unique needs.

A well-designed website becomes a powerful engine for generating leads, driving sales, and establishing your brand as a leader in your field.

Don’t settle for a website that merely looks good. Partner with an agency that understands the strategic role your website plays in achieving your larger business objectives.

With the practical insights from this guide, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision and find a web design agency that aligns with your goals and sets you up for long-term online success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a web design company can vary widely depending on the complexity of the website, the level of customization required.

A good web design agency provides a complete consultation and free quote small business websites.

For larger and more complex website projects like e-commerce or custom websites, a web designer may recommend an initial website audit for a flat-fee followed by a detailed proposal.

The timeline for completing a website varies depending on the project’s scope, complexity, and the web design company’s process.

Generally, a basic website might take 4-8 weeks, while more complex websites could take several months to complete.

During the vetting process, a project manager will work with your team to create a schedule with a series of benchmarks or checkpoints through the website build.

The choice between a local and remote web design company depends on your preferences and project needs.

A local web design firm can offer advantages such as face-to-face meetings and a better understanding of your local market.

Remote companies can provide access to a wider pool of talent and may offer more competitive pricing.

Yes, many web design companies offer content creation services as part of their web design packages.

Agencies help with writing copy, creating visual content, and developing a content strategy that aligns with your brand and SEO goals.

Remember, when determining how to choose a web design company, you should first determine your specific needs.