Email List Building Demystified

Email Marketing is still one of the most effective and affordable tools a marketer has in their toolbox. Statistics show around 74 trillion emails are sent each year with a year-over-year increase from 2015 to 2016 in the range of 28 percent.  In fact, the Radicati Group recently reported by the end of 2017, people will have sent and received 269 billion emails per day and there will be an expected 3.7 billion email users worldwide!

So, the case for paying attention to the email channel is built, next question: do you have an initiative in place for email list building? Whether you’re on top of it and want to confirm the steps you’re taking are spot on or if you’re in need of great tips for growing your email list, you should consider:

  • Social Advertising – Your strategy here may vary based on where your unique customers interact, but social media advertising tops the list as an effective way to gain more email subscribers. Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to target buyer groups and even drill down further to location, job title, income and more.  
  • Gated Content – Creating unique content that truly solves a pain point or provides answers to your prospects and their most pressing questions is a great incentive to release the email address. Requiring an email address to access the Whitepaper, PDF or eBook and then promoting on all channels can help with incremental growth of your email list. A landing page with a form can even help you capture a few more data points (but don’t ask for too many), remember your goal is an opted-in subscriber!
  • Email Sign-up Forms – The small lightboxes popping up when a new user arrives at your website can be annoying but sweeten the deal with an offer or access to your gated content, and you’ll probably find they actually work! Be sure the functionality works in mobile, don’t miss any chance to add an email.
  • Tap into the sales team – How synchronized is your sales and marketing pipeline? If it’s real-time you are probably well ahead of the game! Often, sales reps are attending events, fielding inquiries and working leads received via telephone that have never made it into your marketing database! Syncing in this area not only supports email list building but allows marketing efforts to further nurture the leads that sales is working.

While focusing on email list building initiatives, don’t forget to also nurture the one you have by providing targeted, relevant content that is optimized for any device your users view it on. Keeping a close eye on KPIs like click-through rates and unsubscribes will provide insight to the success or shortcomings of your email marketing campaigns. Email is a cost-effective, widely-used and easy to measure channel for list growth, if done correctly, it will eventually translate into overall growth for your company! If your company could use a partner who understands marketing strategy focused on results, not vanity metrics, explore how Valve+Meter can assist.

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Marcia Barnes
Marcia Barnes
CEO + Founder

Marcia has a rich history in leading and serving performance-based marketing organizations with nationwide impact. In addition to leading multiple marketing agencies, she has received notable recognition for her leadership as President and CEO at Indianapolis-based Defender Direct (now called DEFENDERS). Over the course of her 14-year tenure with the company, Defender Direct experienced exponential growth from $2MM in annual revenue to more than $400MM.