The Importance of Creating Scalable Systems in a Growing Company

There is nothing quite like experiencing extreme growth to expose the weaknesses in your company’s processes and systems.  Without effective systems, the same problem can be solved differently from week to week, leading to chaos, confusion and often costly mistakes.  

Communication gaps can cause disruption in the supply chain, and perhaps worst of all, company leaders are forced to oversee every aspect of a company’s operations in order to keep the organization moving forward.  This naturally leads to employee issues, as motivated employees become frustrated by perceived micro-management, or unmotivated employees fall back on poorly devised systems as an excuse for lack of performance.

The creation of systems and processes that can stand the test of time will help strengthen the operations of your company and create an efficient pathway to growth.

Management has an opportunity to codify business rules and preferred operating procedures

Guardrails can be established to allow employees the freedom to make decisions within the framework of the approved process

Robust documentation leads to consistency and accountability across all employees and provides ease of transfer in the event an employee leaves

Mistakes are reduced and processes can be refined over time in order to optimize results

Demonstrating mastery of systems and processes allows employees to show their readiness for more responsibility

In a company with high growth goals, systems become the ONLY way you can scale quickly while delivering on client promises.  A good process is:

One that contains all of the steps and expected outcomes of the process then is tested and iterated before it is documented

Should be crafted to support long-term growth goals (plan for the company you want to become as opposed to the company you are today)

Communicated and trained so all appropriate team members can become proficient

Supported by a management team who absolutely insists on utilization

Building a culture of standard systems and processes can be the difference in achieving your growth goals and winning with clients.  To hear how we use documented systems and processes to achieve growth for ourselves and our clients, give us a call.

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