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Harnessing The Power of Data for Growth

Power your success in the solar industry with innovative solutions and cutting-edge digital technology.

Valve+Meter Performance Marketing designs marketing strategies that are measurable, profitable, and scale as your business grows.

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Transform Your Solar Marketing Strategy

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Solar Energy Companies Are Evolving

If your solar marketing strategy is still relying on basic search engine optimization and paid search ads, then it’s time to consider performance marketing.

Valve+Meter partners with businesses across a wide range of industries to build smarter, more agile, and sustainable campaigns to generate leads and reach your target audience more effectively.

Solar businesses are poised for growth, especially in the residential marketplace. As 39% of Americans have “given serious thought” to installing solar panels, the interest and demand for renewable energy is reaching a fever pitch.

Marketing strategies should be customized for your solar company to stay ahead of competitors and meet the curiosity of potential consumers with dynamic content, clear value propositions, and effective conversions.

Your solar company is unlike conventional construction, home services, and technology businesses. Solar marketing is a blend of demand generation, lead nurturing, and brand engagement.

When you collaborate with Valve+Meter, we apply both proven solar marketing strategies and customized activities to capture solar leads in your specific market.

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Solar Installations 3.6M
Residential solar installations surpassed 3.6 million in 2022. (Statista)
Growing Demand 39%
Thirty-nine percent of U.S. homeowners report having “given serious thought” to installing solar panels as of early 2023. (Pew Research Center)
A solar-powered 3D image of a computer screen with a grid of squares.

Why Is Solar Marketing Unique?

Generating Demand And Nurturing Leads For Your Sales

Your solar company offers a unique value proposition to homeowners and businesses. The solar market is not fully developed, which means solar providers should not rely on conventional strategies.

Traditional marketing envisions the buyer’s journey as a sales funnel. This model assumes consumers are searching for your products and services. Once you increase brand awareness, potential customers discover your website through organic search traffic, pay-per-click, social media, display ads, trade shows, and other event marketing. As leads are qualified, they become prospects and, eventually by nature of the funnel, become opportunities for your sales team.

Solar panels are not smartphones or even electric vehicles. While nearly four in ten homeowners have considered solar, only 8% of American households say they have installed solar panels. A solar marketing campaign must be more innovative because your target audience needs to be educated and nurtured. In many cases, your marketing will generate demand from prospective clients who may not have previously been considering solar options.

Successful Marketing Strategy For Solar Companies

To grow your solar business, solar marketing strategies focus on creating awareness and interest in solar energy solutions among target audiences. Generating demand involves educating the market about the benefits and viability of solar power, often through a variety of people-centric marketing and sales.

For your solar business, understanding how to reach potential customers and nurture long-term interest in the benefits of solar products leads to a steady flow of informed and engaged leads for your team.

Building A Better Solar Marketing Strategy

Crafting Digital Marketing Strategies As Unique As Your Brand

The present and future of solar panel installation and solar installers is bright. Solar accounted for 46% of the new electricity-generating capacity added to the U.S. grid in 2021. Growth in solar sales continues with a record 210,000 systems installed in the residential segment in Q3 of 2023.

This market outlook presents your business both with a unique opportunity and a distinct challenge. As more solar businesses enter the marketplace, effective digital marketing strategies must demonstrate why your brand is distinct from other businesses.

To find new customers, the best solar marketing tactics utilize data to blend proven solar marketing strategies with innovations. A custom approach helps in identifying and targeting the right audience for your specific business and choosing marketing channels that earn the greatest results and yield the best return on investment (ROI).

This specificity is vital in an industry experiencing exponential growth and unpredictable competition.

Math Before Marketing

At Valve+Meter, the philosophy of ‘Math Before Marketing’ is rooted in the belief that effective marketing strategies are built on a foundation of solid data and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Before we take any action with your marketing dollars, our experts analyze data to understand where and how your solar company can achieve the best results.

Collaborating with you during our ThinkFirst™ Discovery Workshop, we explore your current situation, and delve into market research, customer behavior patterns, and opportunities in your marketplace. This data-driven approach ensures that marketing efforts are not just shots in the dark but targeted initiatives with a higher probability of success.

Who are the potential customers?

What are their pain points and motivations?

How does solar technology fit into their lives?

What are your unique selling points?

This mindset ensures that strategies are not just reactive but proactive, aligning with the future trajectory of the solar industry and the evolving needs of solar customers.

By embracing these philosophies in your solar business, you can construct a marketing strategy that not only addresses the current landscape but is also agile enough to adapt to future changes.

Grow Your Solar Business

Let’s Build The Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Valve+Meter’s approach ensures that marketing efforts are efficient, effective, and, most importantly, aligned with your unique identity and objectives. Start with a free conversation with one of the solar strategists.

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Six Essential Elements of Successful Solar Marketing

Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Marketing

To create a steady flow of new leads, your marketing efforts must align in harmony.

Although every company, market, and target demographic is unique, there are six key elements all solar installers should evaluate when researching, planning, and implementing a solar marketing campaign.

Because Valve+Meter is a full-service performance agency, we understand how to generate leads, nurture prospects, and empower your sales through multifaceted strategies.

Website Design

A performance focused website is the anchor of your solar energy company.

Solar Website Design >
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Online solar ads reach prospective customers directly when they search for your products and services.

Solar PPC >
Search Engine Optimization

SEO ensures your solar energy company is discoverable online and ranks at the top of relevant searches.

Solar SEO >
Social Media Marketing

Connect your solar brand to potential customers and stay engaged with your core audience across social media platforms.

Social Media >
Email Marketing

Nurture leads and stay connected with your audience through email marketing automation and personalized materials.

Email Marketing >
Creative Services

As an emerging technology, solar energy companies need cutting-edge materials to connect with target audiences and stand out from competitors.

Creative Services >

The Importance of Adaptability in Marketing Solar Energy

When creating a solar marketing strategy, adaptability isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity.

Innovations in solar energy, the best solar digital marketing strategies must be robust, innovative, and adaptable. Valve+Meter’s approach to building sustainable solar marketing strategies is data-driven.

By constantly measuring results and testing new methods, you can save money on unnecessary marketing activities and scale the most effective efforts. Embracing adaptability means staying ahead in this ever-changing field.

Rapid Expansion 46%
Solar accounted for 46% of new electricty-generating capacity added to the U.S. grid in 2021. (SEIA)
Home Installations 210K
The residential solar segment installed a record 210,000 systems in Q3 of 2023.
Projected Growth 10M
By 2030, an estimated 10 million American homes will have solar power installed.

How To Earn More Solar Customers

Blending Proven Digital Marketing And Adaptation

Let’s explore the core features of great solar marketing and how our company can you grow.

When you adopt a growth mindset, all the elements of digital marketing for solar companies work cohesive toward a common target.

Math-Before-Marketing doesn’t just empower you with clear data. Valve+Meter helps align your marketing strategy with your business goals.

Performance-First Website Design And Development

Crafting Online Presence That Shines

Your website is the center of your digital universe.

It’s often the first point of contact between your solar company and potential customers, making its design crucial for initial impressions.

A website focused on lead generation and conversions must also be expertly developed.

Website design for solar companies must feature:

  • Sleek Design: Modern design showcases your brand as forward-thinking.
  • Engaging Content: Content marketing not only informs but engages and persuades with high-quality material.
  • Device Compatibility: Developed for all devices, ensuring easy navigation and user-friendly menus for desktop and mobile.
  • Clear Messaging: Convey the benefits of solar power with compelling calls-to-action that guide inquiries.

When you consider that 38% of people will leave a website that is poorly designed, the first step in Internet marketing is to ensure your business website is designed and developed to attract, engage, and delight potential clients.

Solar Web Design

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Amplifying Reach with Paid Search

No matter how well-designed your website, to reach beyond your satisfied customers, you need to be visible on Google and other search platforms. Homeowners spend time researching new home services companies including installing solar panels on Google as well as social media platforms.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for solar companies boosts your visibility quickly. More than 63% of users have clicked on a Google Ad. Paid marketing efforts include:

  • Budget Control: PPC allows you to set budgets, ensuring cost-effective spending on result-driven ads.
  • Analytics Advantage: Real-time analytics enable quick ad optimization and testing for improved ROI.
  • Geo-Targeting Power: Target specific locations to focus solar ads on high-demand markets for maximum impact.

Valve+Meter’s paid analysts research the keywords to target specific audiences who are searching for solar solutions in your market.

By building targeted ads backed by thoughtfully designed landing pages, paid advertising can be incredibly effective at building awareness, driving brand engagement, and ultimately boosting your sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Energizing Your Brand Visibility

While paid advertising can launch your brand to the top of search results quickly, every click comes at a price. Notably, one-third of Google users never click on a sponsored ad.

For nearly any solar business, SEO is the sunlight that nurtures organic growth. Considering as many as 96% of consumers find a business online, investing in organic SEO is essential to success.

Most businesses understand that written content helps solar customers find you online, but solar SEO with Valve+Meter also focuses on:

  • Engaging Content: Create high-quality content that not only ranks on Google but also converts visitors into leads.
  • Local SEO Focus: Solar SEO companies tailor efforts to specific geographic locations to boost visibility among local customers.
  • Technical SEO Improvements: Enhance technical SEO by optimizing website structure, speed, metadata, and earning inbound links.

The long-term benefits of consistent SEO marketing efforts is incalculable. One study estimates pages that rank in the top three positions of search engine results pages may account for 75% of all clicks. When you earn top results, the volume of leads can increase exponentially.

Solar SEO

Social Media Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness With Your Audience

Search engine rankings are vital to finding new customers, but in an industry where research, information, and referred customers can power growth.

Marketing is all about finding people where they spend time. Considering the average person uses social media for two hours and thirty-five minutes every day, social media is another key element for solar marketing.

Social media platforms offer a space not just for promotion, but for engagement and community building. For solar companies, this can mean sharing updates on solar technology, customer testimonials, or insights into the benefits of going solar.

Social media marketing includes:

  • Targeted Advertising: Social media platforms are rich with demographics that provide precise targeting options for paid ads.
  • Customer Feedback: Social media offers a direct channel for customers to provide feedback, leave reviews, and enhance your company’s public image.
  • Educational Content: Besides promotion, social media allows solar companies to educate their audience about environmental benefits, cost savings, and industry trends.

Valve+Meter helps you plan and execute paid and organic content strategies for the social platforms most likely to reach new leads.

Email Marketing

Fostering Relationships And Nurturing Leads

Email marketing remains a potent tool for establishing and maintaining relationships with both potential and existing customers. It offers a direct line for personalized and precisely targeted messaging.

Effective email marketing involves audience segmentation and tailoring content to meet the specific interests or needs of prospective solar buyers. Whether it’s delivering updates on new solar technologies, exclusive offers, or educational content about the benefits of solar energy, well-crafted email campaigns can maintain engagement and drive conversions.

Valve+Meter streamlines the process to automate lead nurturing, build your referral program, and follow up with satisfied customers regarding their solar installation projects.

Creative Marketing Strategies

Innovating Beyond the Spectrum

The solar industry is undergoing rapid transformation. From branding to graphic design, encompassing your business website, social media, emails, sales collateral, and even your vehicles, every element should make a bold statement.

Creative marketing extends to innovative approaches like video content, podcasts, logo design, and cutting-edge marketing techniques that don’t merely put your name in front of potential clients but make a lasting impression.

A memorable brand presence significantly expands your growth opportunities. As a full-service marketing agency, Valve+Meter functions as an extension of your business-a true partner in growth.

Internet Marketing 96%
96% of users find businesses online.
PPC 63%
Over 63% of consumers have clicked a Google Ad.
Embracing New Ideas in Digital Marketing

Take Your Solar Marketing To New Heights With Data-Driven Performance Marketing

Interested in using data to find more potential customers and increase your revenue growth? From solar installers to solar panel companies, Valve+Meter is a leader in performance marketing. Connect with our strategists for an in-depth conversation about how we can power results in your business.

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Market Potential 7.85 BN
About 7.85 billion individual solar panels, each providing about 350W per hour, are necessary to power the whole USA. (Atlantic Key Energy)
Current Marketing 8%
8% of US homeowners have installed solar panels (Pew Research Center).
Growing Opportunity 15.9%
Solar accounted for 15.9% of electricity generated by renewable sources in 2022, up from 13.5% in 2021. (EcoWatch)

Solar Marketing FAQs

Marketing in the solar business is fraught with complexities. Understanding the best strategies requires research and unrelenting curiosity.

If you aren’t ready for a conversation with our strategists, consider this FAQ to propel your research further.

Marketing for a solar business refers to the specialized strategies and tactics used to promote solar energy products and services.

This niche form of marketing focuses on highlighting the benefits of solar technology, such as its environmental friendliness and cost savings, to attract and educate potential customers.

It often involves a combination of demand generation, lead generation, digital marketing, community outreach, and educational campaigns, tailored to demystify solar technology and address common concerns or misconceptions about solar energy adoption.

To market yourself in the solar industry, it’s crucial to establish credibility and expertise in renewable energy.

This can be achieved by creating a website and powering it with informative content, like blogs or videos, that educate your audience about solar energy benefits and sustainability.

Networking on social media, at industry events, and engaging with online solar energy communities can also enhance your visibility and reputation.

A strong online presence, leveraging SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, can attract potential clients by showcasing your knowledge and commitment to renewable energy solutions.

An effective solar marketing strategy should focus on the marketing activities potential customers engage in. Depending on your target audience and marketplace, advertising your solar business may utilize any or all of the following:

  • Solar Business Website: A dynamic website is central to showcasing the products and services you offer.
  • Social Media: Utilize social media platforms for targeted ads and community engagement.
  • SEO: Create SEO-optimized content on your website to improve search engine visibility.
  • Paid Digital: PPC ads for search engines and social media can attract brand engagement.
  • Email: Develop email marketing campaigns and newsletters to nurture leads.
  • Networking: Collaborate with influencers or experts in the renewable energy sector.
  • Events: Offer educational webinars or workshops about solar energy benefits.