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Sales prospecting, also known as lead generation, is the sales process of identifying potential customers that might be interested in your company’s products or services. During sales prospecting, you actively reach out to a prospect directly and inform them about the wonderful products or services your company offers and why they could benefit your company. The end game, of course, is to convert the prospect into a customer.

Valve+Meter is a lead-generation marketing agency that works with B2B companies that are looking to scale their marketing efforts by focusing on lead-generation tactics. When you hire Valve+Meter, we do the heavy lifting for you. We create sales opportunities for your business and hand them off to your sales team.

What Are Different Types of Sales Prospecting Tactics?

There’s no shortage of tech tools to source the correct data: industry codes, technographic, titles, and a myriad of other criteria. The magic is in the people applying intuition honed through experience to sales prospecting tools to test and modify lists to achieve your sales meeting goals.

Just a few of the sales prospecting tactics marketing professionals perform include:

  • Phone calls initiate a discussion between your company and the prospect.
  • Automated voicemail messages persuade the prospect to visit your company’s website or get in touch directly with sales reps.
  • Direct mail whether it be a postcard or flyer, attempts to entice prospects to take an action and possibly consider purchasing a service or product from your company.
  • Emails also attempt to get a prospect interested in your services.
  • Networking (events) is a great avenue to find potential customers at events in your industry, increasing the likelihood that they may purchase from you.
  • Social media is another great means to advertise your products and services and potentially connect with the right people.
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Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques

Create an ideal prospect profile

Before you pick up the phone or fire off an email, spend some time finding out exactly who your ideal customer is. Once you developed your own list of best potential buyers, use it with the existing company list to find and contact companies that might be eager to do business with you.

Work on call lists

A call or prospect list isn’t just a list of a bunch of names and phone numbers to call. A properly maintained call list contains several questions to ask the prospect in order to create a healthy dialogue with them. This will help you discover their pain points and how your company can assist them, making your sales prospecting attempts much easier.

Send personalized emails

It’s easy for prospects to tell if your company just fired off the email they just received to hundreds of other people, too. When possible, send personalized emails to prospects by including their name several times, a compliment, and discuss mutual connections the two of you share.

Sales prospecting is an ongoing event

Be consistent and set aside time each day for sales prospecting. At the end of the day, it’s about keeping in touch with sales prospects. Contact them again every several weeks. Before long, you may turn that cold lead into a hot one!

Quality over quality (when it comes to leads)

A few high-quality leads are much more beneficial than several leads that don’t go anywhere. The business development representatives at Valve+Meter ensure the leads we hand over to your sales team are worth your time and have a high potential of converting. We spend the time to determine who is a good fit with your company’s profile.

Ask for referrals

If you’ve successfully converted a lead into a sale, don’t stop there! Ask the prospect or lead if there’s anyone in their network that might be worth connecting with. If a customer has already been onboarded, they’re probably happy with your service and will be more likely to provide you with contact information from others within their professional network.

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Let Valve+Meter do the Heavy Lifting for Your Company

Marketing campaigns and the sales prospecting process alike are tough to manage on your own. Valve+Meter is a lead-generation agency built to focus on prospects and outcomes that grow your sales pipeline. We work with B2B companies on creating qualified lead generation and sales prospecting campaigns to drive growth. If you’re ready for a new type of lead-generation partner that will help with all aspects of sales prospecting, request a free marketing analysis today.

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Valve+Meter is a Sales Prospecting Agency B2B companies rely on to deliver qualified meetings to your sales team. If you’re ready to close more qualified appointments, let’s get started on a conversation.