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Written by Matthew Ludden / May 25, 2021 / 2 Minute Read
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Explore the benefits and strategies of using email marketing for home services businesses. From maintaining constant contact with customers to leveraging personalized messaging and data-driven insights, email marketing can enhance your business’s marketing performance and foster customer loyalty.

Email Marketing

Most home services companies know that you should have an email marketing campaign but are often unaware of what type of content to send. By following the best practices from the home service marketing professionals at Valve+Meter, your business can deliver helpful and informative content to your customers’ inboxes and keep their company in mind.

Email marketing for home services, including HVAC companies, plumbers, and electricians, is distinct. When our experts plan an email marketing strategy for home service companies, we consider critical points before sending messages.

Five Helpful Email Marketing Tips for the Home Services Industry

Provide Incentives to Sign Up

Let’s face it, most businesses get email wrong so you won’t convince new customers to join your email list unless you provide value.

Think about yourself as a consumer. You’re on the website of a business for the first time ever.

You’re navigating around the site, reading more about their products and services, when you scroll past an email sign-up form. Are you more likely to sign up for marketing emails if they provide an incentive, or if they don’t?

Visitors are far more likely to sign up for emails and become potential customers if they’ll immediately receive some sort of benefit for doing so.

Offering a 10% discount on their next service call, for example, would be enough to convince a large majority of your readers to sign up for your email newsletter.

When visitors perceive a tangible benefit or value in exchange for their email address, they are more inclined to take the intended action.

It not only captures their attention but also establishes a sense of trust and mutual exchange between the reader and your home services company.

Know How Often to Send Emails to Your Target List

Your subscribers signed up for your email newsletter because they have at least some form of interest in your products or services.

That doesn’t mean that you should send them an email every single day, though. Doing so can lead to brand fatigue and actually diminish the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Instead, it’s important to strike a balance and deliver content that is relevant, valuable, and personalized to your subscribers’ preferences.

As a rule of thumb, you should design a consistent email marketing campaign for prospective clients and potential customers who sign up for your newsletter.

The welcome email should introduce your company as an informative and friendly authority.

Subsequent emails should follow your buyer’s journey. With a powerful subject line, well-structured email, and informative content within your messages, prospects are more likely to engage with your content.

For existing customers, you should try to send emails two to four times per month. Not only will this not annoy your subscribers, but it will also increase the importance of each email and ensure that your previous emails don’t get drowned underneath the newer ones.

Supply Good, Helpful Information

Nobody likes receiving spam emails from companies, including HVAC and home service companies. You need to give clients and prospects a reason to subscribe and stay engaged.

Your subscribers likely won’t read emails that don’t contain valuable information or constant promotions. Send marketing emails that represent the value of your brand, and the culture of your company, and keep your home service company top of mind.

When you send an email, make sure that the information in the email is important and gives value to your customer.

By delivering relevant and meaningful content to your subscribers, you not only establish trust and credibility with your audience but also increase the chances of your emails being read and your readers converting.

Consider personalizing your messages based on your customer’s preferences and past interactions, as this demonstrates that you value their individual needs.

Providing exclusive discounts, helpful tips, or insights regarding new industry technology and strategies can make your emails stand out and become a valuable resource for your customers.

Make Your Content Interesting

When you create content for your email marketing campaign, think about your own personal inbox. You’re likely subscribed to the email marketing campaigns of countless companies.

That’s why you must ensure that your valuable content sticks out from the rest of the emails that your subscribers are receiving. Home services companies succeed by building relationships with homeowners.

Crafting a compelling subject line, for example, is a good way to make sure that your emails aren’t getting overlooked among the hundreds of emails your subscribers might be receiving. Put your best foot forward and customers are likely to reward you with time and consideration.

High-quality subject lines on your email campaigns will dramatically increase open rates. It should be concise, attention-grabbing, and accurately reflect the content of your email.

Additionally, incorporating personalization, urgency, or curiosity can pique the recipient’s interest and entice them to open your email. Your email’s content should be engaging, visually appealing, and easy to digest.

This will not only increase open rates but also lead to greater click-through rates and overall engagement with your email campaigns.

Effectively Segment Your Customers

Don’t send every email to your whole contact list. Not everyone needs every product or service.

It’s important that your customers receive informational emails that are relevant to the products or services that they’ve purchased in the past and will likely be interested in in the future.

Sending irrelevant email campaigns only damages your marketing efforts. Segmenting your audience ensures you send emails that are filled with helpful content.

The simplest segments when executing email marketing for home services include:

  • Past purchases
  • Location
  • Last service/purchase date
  • Age
  • Email engagement rates
  • Sales funnel position

Segmentation allows you to tailor your email content and offers to each specific group, increasing the chances of relevance and resonance.

For instance, a customer who just purchased a new air conditioner does not need promotions for a new air conditioning system. Unfortunately, this is all too common and gives email marketing a bit of a black eye.

Segmenting your customers effectively can enhance customer satisfaction, improve conversion rates, and ultimately drive more revenue for your business. With so many marketing automation options, optimizing email marketing campaigns has never been easier.

Why Should You Use Email as a Home Services Business?

Email marketing allows home service providers to maintain constant contact with existing and potential customers. It provides businesses with a direct line of communication to reach their target audience.

Creating an email list composed of website visitors, current clients, or interested prospects allows you to stay top-of-mind with your customers, keeping them informed about your services, special promotions, and updates.

Providing your reader list with regular newsletters and other helpful content, such as home maintenance tips, seasonal offers, or industry insights, helps establish your business as a trusted authority.

By consistently delivering relevant and helpful information, you position your business as an expert and build trust with your audience. This trust ultimately leads to increased customer loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Utilizing email marketing can provide your home services company with numerous benefits, including:

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Compared to traditional marketing methods like print advertisements or direct mail campaigns, email marketing is an inexpensive way to reach your target audience.

With email, you can reach a large number of recipients at a fraction of the cost, making it an ideal choice for businesses with limited marketing budgets.

The more data you capture during service appointments, the more relevant and valuable your marketing emails become.

Personalized Messaging

Email marketing tools allow you to segment your email list based on various criteria, such as location, preferences, or purchase history.

Segmentation lets you tailor your content to specific customer segments, increasing the relevance and overall effectiveness of your emails.

Personalized emails resonate better with their recipients, driving engagement and ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Measurable Results and Insights

Many traditional forms of marketing don’t let you track the results of the campaign, making it hard to know how effective the campaign was.

Through email analytics, you can track important metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. These insights help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize future email marketing efforts.

By continually refining your email strategies based on these metrics, you can enhance your overall marketing performance and generate better results for your home services business.

How Email and Other Digital Marketing Strategies Align

Utilizing a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that includes email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, and other strategies creates a cohesive and comprehensive marketing approach.

While email marketing focuses on direct communication with customers through personalized and targeted emails, for example, other digital marketing strategies complement and support these efforts.

Social media marketing can be used to build brand awareness, engage with customers, and promote email subscriptions. By integrating email signup forms on social media platforms, businesses can capture leads and expand their email list.

SEO, on the other hand, aligns with email marketing by optimizing website content and adding relevant keywords to landing pages that improve search engine rankings and help attract organic traffic.

By capturing visitor information through email signups, businesses can then nurture those leads through email marketing campaigns.

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The home services industry is crowded, and you need to stick out among your competitors. By using and optimizing an email campaign, you can ensure that your home services company stays relevant in the minds of your past, current, and future customers.


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