5 Ways To Achieve Marketing Goals During Your HVAC Business’ Slow Season

Most businesses have an ebb and flow in activity due to seasonality, and few seasonal peaks and valleys are as pronounced as in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. The exact dates of the seasonal downtimes HVAC companies experience will vary based on region and climate. Planning for and making the most out of these seasonal down periods can help your HVAC business thrive all year round. keep your HVAC business moving all year long while also helping to identify what marketing opportunities are available to properly prepare for the busy season ahead.

These HVAC marketing tips will help you get the most out of your slow season.

5 Key HVAC Marketing Tips To Optimize Your Business’s Off Season:

  1. SEO – Search engine optimization (SEO) takes time. You might compare it to planting seeds that bloom later in the season after being carefully nurtured. Contrary to some popular (yet false) SEO information, there is not a magic bullet or handful of hacks that exist to make SEO happen overnight. As a basic rule of thumb, it amounts to optimizing the technical side of your website, producing fresh, relevant content on a regular basis as well as other key opportunities like social media and link building. Your off-season provides a great opportunity to start cultivating your SEO initiatives and by the time peak season kicks off, you’re sure to reap the benefits in search.
  2. CRO – CRO or conversion rate optimization, simply put, is the concept of creating a website that converts visitors into an engaged lead. A conversion can amount to a few different actions on the part of your customers, such as a scheduled consultation, an executed maintenance contract or the purchase of equipment. The two most impactful components in impacting a website’s CRO are messaging and the user experience. It is also important to ensure that you have the measurement tools in place track site activity and gauge site engagement.  During your off-season, it’s a great time to review your website and ensure the call to action(s) is clear, the value proposition is not crowded and functionality across all devices drives toward the conversions you desire.
  3. Re-Engagement – HVAC marketing during the off-season should include a plan to maximize the lifetime value (LTV) of your current customers. This is the low-hanging fruit for your growth plans. Your current customers already have a relationship with you and hopefully, love the products and services you provide. Upselling or cross-selling this audience should be easier and less costly than looking for new prospects. From maintenance plans to upgrades to service reminders, HVAC marketing to current customers should be optimized to the fullest.
  4. New Customer Acquisition – While demand may not be at its peak, bringing new customers into the pipeline is essential to your HVAC marketing strategy. Using a combination of digital and traditional marketing efforts to attract new customers during your HVAC business’ slow period is an initiative that can increase your bottom line for years to come.
  5. Operations – The growth that results from your HVAC marketing efforts can be operationally challenging if you aren’t prepared for it.. Your operations must scale quickly to ensure your reputation for quality and customer service remains intact. An analysis of your operations and internal processes is key to mitigate against growing pains. You may need to tighten or automate manual processes, hire new people and provide training to existing personnel.

With businesses that are cyclical in nature, such as the HVAC industry, it may take some creativity and hard-work to keep business constant during the slow months, but by following some key strategic HVAC marketing tips, you can set yourself up for a great year overall.  

With businesses that are cyclical in nature, such as the HVAC industry, preemptively identifying marketing strategies and opportunities through creativity and hard-work will help keep businesses constant during the slow months. By following some key strategic HVAC marketing tips, you can set yourself up for a great year overall with continued business during the slower seasons.

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